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    10 Things That Can Happen When You Give Your iPad to Your Kid

    According to a recent Common Sense Media report, 63% of families earning more than $75,000 a year have tablets in their home. Given those numbers, it’s no wonder that there are some mishaps that can happen when you hand over your iPad to your children.

    Here are the top 10 things that can happen when you give your iPad to your kid.

    Special thanks to our friends at Cult of Mac, Common Sense Media, Buzzfeed and many more publications for their help in contributing to this infographic.

    10 Things That Can Happen When You Give Your iPad to Your Kid

    #1: iPad becomes a tabletop for her snacks.

    Contributed by Cara Ong of Envisio.

    #2: Your TV is full of finger swipes.

    Contributed by Jessica Barkell of iBooks Author Templates.

    #3: You never get your iPad back.

    Contributed by Aly Walsh of Aly’s Books.

    #4: Your child Facetimes your coworker.

    Contributed by Brett Winterble of Brett Winterble Show.

    #5: Your Facebook profile is full of scores from children’s games.

    Contributed by Jennifer James McCollum.

    #6: Selfies… lots of selfies.

    Contributed by Slidely.

    #7: Hours spent watching Starwars Lego videos.

    Contributed by Beckie Mostello of Tech Talk for Moms.

    #8: They come across your old party photos.

    Contributed by Rob LeFebvre of Cult of Mac.

    #9: Your folders are rearranged with children games.

    Contributed by Amanda Bindel of Common Sense Media.

    #10: You get an email with a huge iTunes bill.

    Contributed by Cathy Tibbles of Pixelgems Creative Inc.

    Special thanks to Mike Spohr of Buzzfeed.

    Did we miss anything? Leave a comment below and let us know what your child has done to your iPad.

    Brian Lee
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