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    Announcing SplashLearn Summer Program 2022

    This June, SplashLearn launched the Summer Program 2018 with an expanded array of features – personalized math practice, weekly skill enrichment packs, interactive games, weekly reports, and a detailed diagnostics assessment – packaged into one program!

    Splash Math Summer Program 2018

    Programmed to help eliminate the strain of fast classroom learning, the summer lessons in SplashLearn progress at a pace your child is comfortable with. Concepts are repeated and relayed several times, using different practice scenarios. This minimizes learning fatigue and keeps your child engaged in math for hours.

    The program is going to be super light on your wallet, yet deliver results that help build long-term STEM capability of young kids. Our program algorithms are developed for the mobile-first world, providing enhanced personalization to the kids.

    A 2016 study on elementary students by a research firm in the US revealed following outcomes with consistent 8-week SplashLearn usage:

    • 85% developed stronger problem-solving skills
    • 77% became more confident in math

    The results above have motivated SplashLearn to produce newer versions of Summer Program every year with more interactivity, gamification, and math personalization.

    Web users can enroll in the SplashLearn Summer Program 2018 by clicking here.

    You can also download the SplashLearn app from the Apple App Store, and enroll directly in the Summer Program.

    Kids can start the Summer Program anytime, and finish at their own pace.SplashLearn’s K-5 Summer Program offers:

    Summer Program 2018 Benefits

    Going away for summer break? Worry not, SplashLearn can travel with you. Access the SplashLearn App on the iPad or iPhone, even without the internet!

    Don’t be surprised if, by the end of summer, your child declares his lifelong love for math!


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