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    How to Read a Ruler?

    Familiarity with the non-standard units of measurement makes understanding standard units of measurement easier. In grade 1, the students explore the concept of measurement with non-standard units which involve measuring objects using blocks, clips, hand...

    SplashLearn – Easy Access for Schools

    Always searching for the URL to access SplashLearn? No more. Ask your webmaster to embed the HTML code on your school website and access SplashLearn anytime. Just make sure, that the code is placed on pages...

    Stop Summer Slide, Get Math-Ready for Next Grade

    Summer’s almost here! While you plan family time, beach trips and lemonade stands, don’t forget summer slide - the learning loss in kids in the summer that typically needs 2-3 months of re-teaching when...

    Splash Math Levels Math Learning for Boys and Girls

    Research shows that with no cultural influences, there are negligible gender differences in math learning, with girls doing as well as boys right through the school years. If anything, in the early years of...

    Splash Math Perfect for Test Preparation

    It’s the season for standardized tests and end-of-year assessments. Teachers and students are gearing up for these tests by finishing up curriculum and reviewing concepts. First Grade teacher Mrs. Julie DeFelice shares with us...

    Gifted and Talented 3rd Grade Classroom Uses Splash Math

    District Five Schools of Spartanburg County, SC, has a formal program for gifted and talented students providing programs and services which match their unique characteristics and learning needs. Through this district level initiative, schools...

    Transforming Students From Tentative to Confident With Splashlearn

    There’s never been as much math talk in this 2nd grade classroom, ever. The students have changed from being unsure about math, to confident, interested and motivated students of the subject, having many “Aha”...

    Top of the Leaderboard: Ms. Howell’s 3rd Graders Confidently Get There Thanks to Splash Math Hippo!

    Ms. Howell’s 3rd grade classroom is abuzz with (math) activity these days. Sixteen students, eight laptops, two iPads, an encouraging teacher, and a ton of math confidence: that’s what it took for this class...

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