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    10 Tips for Keeping Your iPad Safe

    We use iPads everyday- personally and professionally. It's a valuable device, not just price-wise, but also utility-wise. It stores a large amount of our personal information in the form of email messages, social networking...

    5 Ways to Avoid the Summer Slide

    School’s out for summer! Kids wait for summer break all year long to have fun. But, long break from school leads to children’s summer brain drain popularly known as "summer slide". The infographic below showcases...

    3 Ways to Multiply Numbers Just Over 100 in 3 Seconds

    How fast can you calculate 105 X 107? Ah! searching for your calculator? In part 1 of this series of posts, SplashLearn Wizard will let you in on a cool trick to perform such multiplications mentally!...

    Splash Math goes Blue for Autism Awareness

    From its inception, Splash Math has made a difference in the lives of more than 4 million children worldwide. This has been made possible with your support! During this journey, we have learnt that...

    7 Year Old Evan Having Fun With Splash Math!

    “I sincerely believe in Splash Math apps, they have an immense value to me and my family.” - Earl Rollins We thank Natalie Rollins, mother of Evan – an autistic child - for sharing this inspirational...

    “Splash Math Make Maths Fun for Kids” – SCMP

    Tan Ly-ann, Senior Education Apps Reviewer for South China Morning Post (SCMP) says that as a tutor, she is often in search for material that can help her students with math practice.  Her search...

    10 Things That Can Happen When You Give Your iPad to Your Kid

    According to a recent Common Sense Media report, 63% of families earning more than $75,000 a year have tablets in their home. Given those numbers, it’s no wonder that there are some mishaps that...

    Splash Math featured on TWA

    We're thrilled!! And why shouldn't we be? We've been written up and recommended in Teachers With Apps(TWA). TWA is a prominent name in the blogging community (especially teachers). There are thousands of educational apps on...

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