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    Ursula Cruz writes on the subject of integration of technology in classrooms and the intersection of education and child development. In her free time, she likes going on hikes with her dog, Lucy.
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    Learning Experiences: Types, Benefits, Techniques

    Insipire students to achieve a lot more than they can with learning experiences that ensure classroom success & develops a love for different subjects. Read this blog on learning experiences & know why they are important for your students!

    How to Choose a Homeschooling Curriculum: 5 Simple Ways

    Homeschooling has become widely popular in the states, especially after the pandemic. Are you a parent who is trying to make an effective & progressive homeschooling curriculum for your child. This blog will act as a complete guide and tell you some popular homeschooling resources!

    Learning Disabilities in Children: Types, Symptoms & How to Help

    Learning disabilities make it difficult for kids to experience life and school like their peers. It alters their confidence and require support of parents in more ways than one. Read this blog to know all about different learning abilities, and how to help if your child has one.

    Empathy vs Sympathy: How to Raise an Empathetic Child

    Simply put, empathy means putting yourself in someone else's shoes and understanding their emotions. Parents often face problems in trying to help their kids understand the difference between sympathy and empathy. We have tried to make the concepts easier through this blog by listing out ways of fostering empathy in kids of different age groups.

    4 Learning Styles That Make Learning Easy-Peasy For Kids

    The term "Learning Styles" indicate that every kid learns differently. It's important to identify which learning style would suit a kid the best and tailor the instruction accordingly. Read this blog to find out about the VARK model of learning and how to identify which type of learner your child/student is.

    6 Best Positive Reinforcement Tips For Teachers & Parents

    Positive Reinforcement is a behavior management strategy that focuses on changing current behaviors or creating new behaviors which carry the desired effect through a stimulus like a reward. Read on to know all about positive reinforcement, including specific tips for parents and teachers

    Scaffolding in Education: Proven Tips to Uplift Kids’ Academia

    If done strategically, scaffolding can help learners go from “what can I do” to “what more can I do”. It helps students explore a world full of possibilities and make way for a brighter future!  Read on to find out all about scaffolding.

    Why First Grade Is Important?

    Entering the first grade is a milestone in your kid's life. Are you excited to see your kid array into a world of learnings and hold their hand whilst they embrace their adventures? Read this blog to find out everything about first grade learning!

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