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    Make This Halloween Extra Spooky With These Printable Masks!

    This year Halloween is going to be quite different – social distancing, virtual costume parties, and candy being handed out through chutes. But that doesn’t mean that the costumes have to be any less epic. That’s why we’ve created printable masks of your child’s favorite SplashLearn characters!

    Just download, print, and cut to create the most adorable costumes ever.


    Oolzoos like to eat, sleep or lay around when free. However, if you wake them up, they’re always ready to play. They love helping others and never shy away from sharing anything.

    Fun fact: They love eating red chilies because it makes them super strong.


    Click to download this Chi mask

    Chi is a curious explorer, always trying to discover new things. He’s very polite and always speaks the truth.

    Fun Fact: He can be forgetful sometimes but only because he’s often lost in his own world.


    Click to download this Blu mask

    Blu is a playful wizard who loves to travel far and wide on his magical broom. He loves to help other creatures of Splashverse and is a friend to all.

    Fun Fact: He never takes off his wizard hat.

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