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    Splash Math featured on TWA

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    We’re thrilled!! And why shouldn’t we be? We’ve been written up and recommended in Teachers With Apps(TWA).

    TWA is a prominent name in the blogging community (especially teachers). There are thousands of educational apps on the App stores and hundreds of them are added everyday. TWA painstakingly picks the best from these and provides unbiased reviews. This helps teachers, tutors, parents, students and other educators to make a more informed choice when it comes to buying/evaluating apps.

    In the article “Splash Math Apps, Grades K – 5, by StudyPad”, TWA has highly appreciated Splash Math for its interactive and engaging display of problems and making math practice fun. TWA has reviewed each of our grade apps and identified their key features.

    Splash Math thanks TWA for throwing light on our apps!

    Click here to read the full post.


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