BlogAllSplashLearn SpringBoard 2016 Contest Winners Announced!

    SplashLearn SpringBoard 2016 Contest Winners Announced!


    Mary Pat Yaun’s class at Gloverville Elementary School (Division A: Grades K-2) and Stephanie Sharrer’s class at Crystal Lake Elementary School (Division B: Grades 3-5) have won the first prize in SplashLearn SpringBoard 2016! Over the past 7 weeks, the students in these classes solved 94,700 and 194,600 math problems respectively – that’s stupendous work, congratulations!

    Big congratulations to all our Grand Prize winners, leaderboards below:

    Division A
    Rank Teacher Name School Name
    1st Mary Pat Yaun Gloverville Elementary School
    2nd Denise Wilson Winchester Elementary School
    3rd Janice Davis Clark Elementary School


    Division B
    Rank Teacher Name School Name
    1st Stephanie Sharrer Crystal Lake Elementary School
    2nd Janette Fernandez Conchita Espinosa Academy
    3rd Mike Wrathall Crystal Lake Elementary School

    There were several other classrooms who showed tremendous enthusiasm throughout the competition and we applaud them even if they missed out on the grand prizes.

    We are also delighted to share that 182 classrooms won the Challenge Yourself prizes! That is, all these classrooms reached their weekly math challenge targets, achieving the objective of doing more than ever before.

    All the Challenge Yourself prizes winners will be contacted via email by the end of this week along with the links to download class certificate, student certificates, and banner.

    Thank you, teachers and students, for the amazing participation. And wish you a great end of school year and summer ahead. 



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