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    Amy Paige has been teaching for the last 12 years. She’s a late tech convert who loves to utilize technology in her classroom to motivate students and prepare them for the 21st century.
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    How to Teach Reading to Kids: 10 Best Strategies for Parents

    Learning is challenging for kids and to form a strong and comprehensive early reading base, it's necessary to follow some strategies. Read this blog "How to teach reading: Best strategies" and help your kids step into the world of communication with confidence!

    90+ Best Kids Jokes for Kids of All Age Groups

    Kids jokes are important in building a good sense of humour and shaping kids' understanding of sarcasm and irony. Share these 90+ kids jokes with your little munchkins and share a laugh with them!

    How Phonological Awareness Helps Kids Develop Early Reading & Writing Skills

    Phonological awareness is the ability to distinguish between different sounds in a word. It is an essential concept that forms the base for early reading skills. Read this blog to know all about phonological awareness!

    How To Use Verbal Irony To Enhance Our Vocabulary

    Verbal irony can be explained as a situation wherein the literal meaning of what someone says is different from, and often opposite to, what they actually mean. Incorporating verbal irony in day-to-day life can elevate vocabulary and speech levels. Read this blog to know all about verbal irony, including examples and tips for children.

    60 Best Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids to Tickle the Turkey

    Thanksgiving is here and your well planned dinners need some rib-cracking jokes. Check out these 50 Thanksgiving jokes for kids and adults to tell this year and bring in some laughs!

    101 Best Riddles for Kids (With Explanation)

    Young minds need to be challenged. They need to be fostered with opportunities that get them to flow their creative juices. They need to be given some field days when they can enhance their critical and problem-solving skills. And Riddles will help you do exactly that!  Read and have fun with your kids with these best riddles!

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