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2 March – 11 May

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SpringBoard is an annual math challenge that turns year-end math practice into a fun competition that any class can participate in. Your students get to work together as a class and compete against other classes around the country.

Springboard 2020

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If you missed the starting date, don’t worry!

You can sign up and participate in SpringBoard 2020 anytime between 2 March - 4 May.

Participating is as easy as 123

  • 1Enroll

    If you’re a new teacher, create a free SplashLearn account and set up your class. Existing SplashLearn teachers can just enroll and start playing.

  • 2Start playing

    Once you have your teacher account set up, your students can log into SplashLearn and start working on their math skills.

  • 3Earn points

    All points your students earn (in class and at home) during the contest period will count toward your total class score.

  • Win!

    The best performing classes win weekly prizes. The grand winners will be announced at the end of SpringBoard and get prizes worth $20,000.

Why do 35,000+ classrooms participate in SpringBoard?

  • Year-end practice

    SpringBoard is designed to help your students master their current grade skills and prepare for end-of-year tests. During this 10-week challenge, they have fun and also end up mastering math skills in the process.

  • Prizes

    Weekly prizes will be given to the best performing classes, both at the state and national level. At the end of 10 weeks, the top three classes with the most points will win the grand prize.

  • Bragging rights

    Winning SpringBoard will make your class the national champions aka the best math class in the US. This gets not only your class but your school nationwide recognition through our PR and social channels.

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Contest Rules
  • SplashLearn SpringBoard 2020 will run for 10 weeks from 2 March – 11 May.

  • SpringBoard is open to all K-5 school teachers across the US and Canada. Teachers just need to sign up for a free SplashLearn teacher account prior to entering the contest.

  • In your classroom. Along with thousands of other classrooms. All you need is a SplashLearn teacher account and an enthusiastic class ready to make a splash.

  • You can use computers, tablets, or mobile devices to access SplashLearn.

  • Points are calculated at the student and class level, which means each student’s progress (in class and at home) contributes to the total class score. Each correct answer fetches 10 points. A streak of 5 correct answers earns a student 25 points, while a streak of 10 correct answers gets them 60 points.

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