Why Parents Trust SplashLearn for Their Homeschoolers?
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Common Core aligned curriculum flexible enough to fit your unique lesson plans
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Adaptive algorithm that ensures the learner is adequately challenged
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Advanced weekly progress reports highlighting areas of strength and improvements

What Do Parents Say About SplashLearn?

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My child is now more confident in Math

My child is becoming more confident with his knowledge of math after using SplashLearn. He is no longer afraid of math. Last year, he won a District level competition. It's beyond our expectations given the fact that he hated math.

- Ha Tran, Parent of 2nd grader

We love SplashLearn

We love SplashLearn! We are English teachers in China who homeschool our two children. This app makes it easy and fun to take the children's work with them wherever in the world we go.

- Parent of two Homeschoolers
Testimonial 2

Learning Math is so much easier with SplashLearn

As you can see, my daughter is really into it and has told me many times that learning math is much easier with SplashLearn. She's having fun and learning. Highly recommended for all mothers out there who have a kindergartener or preschooler.

- Glenndel P, Mom of Kindergartener
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    Karyn Warner, Second Grade Teacher, Orion Elementary, CA

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    Chris Acton, Teacher, Phillips Elementary, CA

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    Kelly Kautz, Special Ed Teacher, Groveland Elementary, MN