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  • Case study
    Tanya class

    Tanya Jurado, 3rd Grade Teacher,

    Washington Elementary School, San Gabriel, CA

    Practice Makes Perfect: SplashLearn practice reinforces math concepts

    Tanya shares how for her and her colleagues, math practice is made perfect with SplashLearn. They save the effort of handling worksheets, and students now love doing math. As a result, teachers are able to focus on how each student is doing.

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  • Case study
    Jamie class

    Jamie Wolfe, Lead Elementary Teacher,

    ACVS in Nampa, ID

    Charter School classes adopt SplashLearn for Individualized Learning

    Another Choice Virtual Charter School (ACVS) in Nampa, ID, seeks to provide individualized standards based education for Idaho’s students, K through 12, to enable them to meet their full potential.

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  • Case study
    Tiffany class

    Tiffany Taylor, 3rd Grade Teacher,

    Ruth Powell Elementary School, Safford, AZ

    When Doing Math is Reward in Itself: SplashLearn is Loved So Much, it is “Earned” by Students!

    Tiffany Taylor likes to keep her class of twentyfive 3rd graders excited and motivated to learn through the school day, every day. Her main go-to tool for this is SplashLearn. She talks to us about her experience with SplashLearn through the school year where she uses it as a core component of the math learning program.

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  • Video

    Karyn Warner, Second Grade Teacher, Orion Elementary, CA

    Perfect Program for 1:1 iPad deployment

    SplashLearn helps my students put words to math and identify the math vocabulary. It is easy to see how kids are progressing and helps decide who she needs to monitor closely and give feedback.

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    Chris Acton, Teacher, Phillips Elementary, CA

    SplashLearn helps kids do well in standardised tests.

    Chris uses SplashLearn as a warm up to build upon what they are currently working on in the class. It keeps kids engaged with rewards.

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    Kelly Kautz, Special Ed Teacher, Groveland Elementary, MN

    Differentiated Practice for Special Ed Classrooms

    Kelly Kautz uses SplashLearn in a special Ed Class. She loves the curriculum and knows her students are getting the right thing and can work independently on it.

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  • Case study
    Ruth howell thumbnail

    Ruth Howell, 3rd Grade Teacher,

    Lyman Elementary School, SC

    Ms. Howell's 3rd grade on Top of the Leaderboard Thanks to SplashLearn Hippo!

    Ms. Howell’s 3rd grade classroom is abuzz with (math) activity these days. Sixteen students, eight laptops, two iPads, an encouraging teacher, and a ton of math confidence: that’s what it took for this class to get to the top of the SplashLearn SpringBoard Leaderboard at the end of Week One!

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  • Case study
    Joan blese thumbnail

    Joan Biese, 2nd Grade Teacher,

    Rock Ledge Primary Center, WI.

    Transforming Students from Tentative to Confident with SplashLearn

    There’s never been as much math talk in this 2nd grade classroom, ever. The students have changed from being unsure about math, to confident, interested and motivated students of the subject, having many “Aha” and “Eureka” math moments! All thanks to SplashLearn, says their teacher Mrs. Joan Biese. We spoke with her to understand this change better.

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  • Case study
    Emily thumbnail 03

    Emily Starkey, 3rd Grade Teacher,

    Lyman Elementary School.

    Gifted and Talented 3rd Grade Classroom Uses SplashLearn

    District Five Schools of Spartanburg County, SC, has a formal program for gifted and talented students providing programs and services which match their unique characteristics and learning needs. Through this district level initiative, schools serve eligible students in grades 3 and above in a gifted and talented classroom model. In grades 3-6, the content focus areas of the program are math and ELA.

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  • Case study
    Julie thumbnail

    Mrs. Julie DeFelice, 1st Grade Teacher,

    Barksdale Elementary School, GA.

    SplashLearn Perfect for Test Preparation: SpringBoard Lead Teacher Shares

    It’s the season for standardized tests and end-of-year assessments. Teachers and students are gearing up for these tests by finishing up curriculum and reviewing concepts. First Grade teacher Mrs. Julie DeFelice shares with us how she is using SplashLearn, very effectively, to prepare her students for their end of year standardized test coming up soon. Her class is currently Number 1 on the SpringBoard K-2 leaderboard.

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  • Case study
    Monica thumbnail

    Sister Monica Martin,

    St. Theresa School, Kauai, HI.

    SplashLearn Levels Math Learning for Boys and Girls: SpringBoard Lead Showcase

    Research shows that with no cultural influences, there are negligible gender differences in math learning, with girls doing as well as boys right through the school years. If anything, in the early years of education girls tend to do somewhat better.

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More Testimonials
  • Using SplashLearn From Day 1 of School

    My first graders love this app and so do I. I love the skills and concepts that are taught in this app. I also love the fact that I can put parent's emails into it, so that they can receive weekly updates. I've been using it since the first week of school! Great app!

    - 1st grade Teacher
  • Easy to Track Performance of All Students With SplashLearn

    I am a special education teacher in middle school. This app is wonderful, as I can track the progress of 5 students on each iPad. I receive an email each week, summarizing each student’s progress. It's a great way to monitor and collect data points for IEP's

    - cezannec
  • Perfect for Common Core Aligned Schools

    SplashLearn is quick, fun and effective! I am a teacher and mom and this app is by far the best app for getting your kids to master the common core.

    - Educating Mom
  • Case study
    Ha tran1

    Ha Tran

    Parent, 2nd grader

    My child is becoming more confident with his knowledge of math

    My child and I found SplashLearn when we were searching for an advanced program of math to engage with, instead of doing boring and unnecessarily complicated math homework in our country - a developing one in the Southeast Asia. Since we found SplashLearn, my child has been always excited over all things provided by the website.

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  • Testimonial

    Alex Culp

    SplashLearn has accelerated my son's math learning

    This application is an answered prayer! My son was born premature (weighed only 14 oz when he was born) and has Autism. I work with him for about an hour a day on this application, and in the last month he has learned as much as he did in an entire year in public school. I am so grateful that you guys developed this!

  • Testimonial

    Glenndel Prochnow

    Learning Math is so much easier with SplashLearn

    As you can see, she's really into it and she told me many times that learning math is much easier with this SplashLearn. She's having fun playing as well as learning math. I highly recommend these apps for all mothers out there who have a kindergartener or preschooler.

  • Testimonial

    Stacie Lewin

    Math is now fun for my child

    I just want to say that we bought the SplashLearn Kindergarten and my daughter absolutely loves it. She wants to keep going and going when she plays it. I love the dancing animals too!

  • Testimonial

    Stephanie Barnes DeYoung

    Perfect for reinforcement

    SplashLearn is the best Math app out there!! I have students who are not strong in math nor use technology. Now, I have them all excited that they're doing SplashLearn. Nothing speaks louder of it's excellence!!

  • Testimonial

    Marita Lightbody

    Now I can track my kids' progress

    Just tried out the kindergarten math app, love it!! I like how it doesn't progress if they get the answer wrong, clearly because they don't know the answer yet, so SplashLearn tests them again. And I love how you can change all the settings as to what you want the kids to focus on.

  • Testimonial

    Karen M Farr

    We love this app!

    We love this app! We are English Teachers in China who homeschool our two children. This app makes it easy and fun to take the children's work with them where ever in the world we go.

More Testimonials
  • Great game

    I love it. It's very intelligent and a bit difficult unlike other grade 1 games. It challenges my kid Maya and she really has fun playing it. Great game, me and my baby just love it.

    - Maya_Ahmed
  • SplashLearn is helping my son.

    Thanks! My son enjoys this app without feeling like it's extra homework.

    - MomWho'sTrying
  • A Great Study and Practice WorkBook

    I love this app because it works like a workbook. There are many different concepts of Math to work on - Time, Money, Addition, Subtraction, 2 digit, graph, Place Value Etc. It allows you to customize and also emails you the results in details. This app adjusts to the needs of the child. There is no time limit to complete a question, so the children can do it at their own pace. There is a lot covered in this app and hence the child will not get bored. This app is designed for practice and follow ups.

    - AppDicTive Mommy Dee
  • Love SplashLearn

    Love the app, I have a 7 yr old who is a bit behind, but he loves playing this game, he's happy, I'm happy he's learning, and showing progress!! I Also love getting the weekly progress reports...bought this app for each stage!

    - Frymom3
  • Great Variety

    It has many ways of asking the same thing, which helps in better overall understanding. Tracks progress and sends weekly reports with areas that need work. My kid had fun playing and didn't realize that she's been learning!

    - bbstiers
  • Great Variety

    Teacher and mom! - I am a second grade teacher and a mom...this app is amazing! I highly recommend it to parents who want to give their kids some extra math practice...best part? Kids don't even realize it's practicing math because it is fun! My 6, almost 7 year old asks to play daily!

    - Colemanz12
  • Fun and Engaging!

    My daughter really likes this app. It is fun and engaging. She actually *asks* me if she can do some math each night!

    - Ginabobina73
  • Great App

    Great way to do extra math at home. Originally I felt the cost was a little high but it keeps my sons attn & he wants to play the app.

    - Zaneangryboy
  • Best app for math

    My son had to repeat first grade :(Now that I found this app he is much more confident and is able to add and subtract without even thinking about it. Not only do I see a BIG improvement but so does his teachers. I feel great about the money I spent for this. GIVE IT A GO!!

    - Quisha88
  • Great app

    Great app for two reasons. 1: it presents math concepts in a consistent manner with the classroom and academic standards--that was the teacher's opinion; and 2: my first grader loves to play it. Win, win.

    - Sodak mom
  • Fantastic App!

    I originally purchased this app for my son who was entering 1st grade. He is now in 2nd Grade and consistently scores at the lowest 90 but more often 100 on all his math tests. His younger sister just turned four a week ago. She started using the app after watching her older brother 'playing the math game'. Last evening she went through 7 rounds of 1st grade math without any incorrect answers. Apps like this + iPad are solid reasons why this technology MUST be integrated into classrooms.

    - 2HappyParents
  • Excellent program

    I got the grade 1 and 3 for my sons and they are fantastic! Both boys not only improved their math skills, but they love doing the work! They even 'play' on the game without being asked to! Thanks so much!

    - Teachin'mom
  • Awesome first grade math program

    Our son has really enjoyed using the first grade math program to teach himself math concepts. He is able to choose the topic he is interested in and enjoys the positive feedback which keeps him coming back for more. As parents we like the email reports of his progress.

    - Hawks5999
  • Better math program

    We've been using SplashLearn since my 2nd grader was in kindergarten. I'm pretty confident he's one of the better math students in his class.

    - Whoa Dare