SplashLearn is great for practise and supplement traditional school or home lessons


Parent, K & 5th grader

Time Spent: 34 Hours

Problems Answered: 10,727

Earned Coins: 6250

Characters Unlocked: 190

How often do you use SplashLearn for your kids? What do your kids love most about SplashLearn?
We used SplashLearn for around 30 minutes every day. Consistency is very important for kids, and doing math daily allowed Mariam to grow her skills in math in no time.What Mariam likes most in SplashLearn is that she can choose the skills that she will practise, and do them at her own pace. If she got bored or stuck from one skill, she can move to the next.
What were you using before starting with SplashLearn?
We were using math workbooks mostly for practise, and we used to print some math drills for the math facts from the internet.
How do you see SplashLearn fitting together with other learning methods?
SplashLearn is great for practise and supplements traditional school or home lessons, although my daughter was able to find some patterns in multiple choice questions to "guess" the answer, I was happy about the way she thinks :-)
We used other apps to improve timing as well, like quick math, but for the real practise with levels, SplashLearn was our go to app. SplashLearn doesn't provide an explanation for how to solve the problem, so we still have to use other sources and books for the explanation part.
One of the biggest advantages of SplashLearn over another learning method is the fact it works offline, so we can use it for road trips or even on our way to school while I'm driving.
Did you see improvement in scores for your kids after using SplashLearn?
Yes, we saw noticeable improvement.
What is your advice for other parents just getting started with using SplashLearn?
1. Consistency
2. Patience
Kids must practise math regularly so if SplashLearn works for them, then try to be consistent with using it. Practise makes perfect.