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15 Best Spring Activities for Kids [Updated List]

Spring is a fun time for kids to learn and play outside. In this blog, we share simple and exciting spring activities for kids to enjoy during spring. From gardening to making art and learning about nature, these activities are perfect for little ones to discover new things about the world around them.

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Each activity is designed to be fun and teaches something interesting, like patience, creativity, and love for the environment. Let’s make this spring memorable for kids with these playful and educational activities!

15 Spring Fun Ideas for Kids

1. Spring-Themed Worksheets

Adding an activity focused on spring-themed worksheets offers a quiet, engaging way for kids to learn while celebrating the season. These worksheets can include puzzles, word searches, coloring pages, and matching games about spring – think flowers, insects, weather patterns, and more.

Here are some fun printable spring themed worksheets to start with:

2. Rock Painting

Bug painted rocks
Source @bbcgoodfood

Rock painting is one of the most fun spring activities for kids that combines creativity with nature. Kids can express themselves by painting rocks found during nature walks with bright colors and designs.

Materials Required: Smooth rocks, paint (preferably waterproof), brushes, water, and a clear sealant to protect the artwork.

How to Do It: Collect smooth rocks, clean them, and let them dry. Paint the rocks with your favorite designs or messages. Once dry, apply a clear sealant to protect the paint. These can decorate your garden or be given as gifts.

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3. Make a Wind Chime

Spring themed wind chimes
Source @econocrafts

Creating a wind chime is one of the most creative spring activities for toddlers that helps them explore sounds and work with different materials. The chime produces soothing sounds that bring a sense of calm.

Materials Required: Old keys, beads, strings, a stick or a metal hanger.

How to Do It: Tie strings to the old keys and beads, ensuring they are secure. Attach these strings to a stick or metal hanger. Hang your wind chime outside where it can catch the breeze.

4. Spring-Themed Baking

Spring themed baked goods
Source @betterhomes&gardens

If you are looking for cooking related activities, baking with a spring theme is one of the most fun cooking-related spring activities for kindergarten. It’s fun to introduce kids to baking using spring-inspired shapes like flowers and butterflies.

Materials Required: Baking ingredients (flour, sugar, eggs, butter), cookie cutters (spring shapes), icing, food coloring, and decorations.

How to Do It: Prepare your cookie or cupcake batter. Use spring-themed cutters for shapes. After baking, let the kids decorate with icing and colorful decorations. This activity is great for developing fine motor skills and creativity.

5. Build a Miniature Windmill

Paper made windmill
Source @youtube 

Discover how wind power works by building a miniature windmill, a perfect project for kids‘ spring activities that teach about renewable energy and engineering principles.

Materials Required: Paper, straws, a pin, a pencil with an eraser, and recycled materials (like a small milk carton for the base).

How to Do It: Cut out a square from the paper and fold it diagonally to make cuts towards the center, but not all the way through. Attach the corners to the straw’s end using a pin. Insert the pin into the pencil’s eraser to stand. Use the milk carton as a base. Watch the windmill spin in the wind, showing how wind energy works.

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6. DIY Rain Gauge

DIY rain gauge
Source @mombrite

Measure how much rain falls with your homemade rain gauge. This activity combines outdoor spring activities with a bit of science and teaches about weather patterns.

Materials Required: A clear plastic bottle, scissors, a ruler, and a waterproof marker.

How to Do It: Cut the top off the plastic bottle. Use the ruler to mark off inches or centimeters on the side with the marker. Place the bottle outside in an open area. After it rains, check how much water is collected to learn about precipitation.

7. Cloud Identification and Journaling

Painting of clouds

Become a young meteorologist by observing and documenting different types of clouds. This is one of the spring activities for kids that enhance observation and research skills.

Materials Required: Notebook, pencils, and a cloud identification guide (can be found online or in a book).

How to Do It: Spend time outside looking at the sky. Use the guide to identify different cloud types and draw them in the notebook. Note the weather conditions associated with each type of cloud.

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8. Plant a Butterfly Garden

Kid making a butterfly garden

Attract butterflies by planting a garden. This spring activity for kids teaches about ecosystems and the importance of pollinators in nature.

Materials Required: Seeds or plants of butterfly-attracting flowers (like milkweed, lavender, and marigold), gardening tools, soil, and a sunny garden spot.

How to Do It: Choose a sunny spot in the garden. Plant the seeds or plants in the soil, and water them regularly. Watch as butterflies begin to visit your garden, and learn about the different species.

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9. Spring Equinox Egg Balancing

Balanced eggs

Try balancing an egg on the spring equinox. This quirky experiment introduces kids to the concept of equinoxes in a fun way.

Materials Required: An egg.

How to Do It: On the spring equinox, try to balance the egg on its end on a flat surface. Discuss how the equinox affects day and night lengths, leading to equal day and night.

10. Bird Watching

Kid bird watching with binoculars
Source @backyardbirdwatchers

Bird watching is a delightful way for kids to connect with nature during spring, ideal for spring activities for preschoolers. This activity sharpens their observation skills and introduces them to the diverse world of birds.

Materials Required: Binoculars, bird guidebook.

How to Do It: Equip kids with binoculars and a bird guidebook. Head outside to a park or your backyard. Encourage them to spot and identify different bird species using the guidebook, making it an enriching part of spring activities for kids.

11. Butterfly Lifecycle Art

A butterfly lifecycle craft
Source @pinterest

Creating art based on the butterfly lifecycle is an educational and fun project. It offers a hands-on way to learn about metamorphosis.

Materials Required: Caterpillar larvae, butterfly habitat kit, art supplies.

How to Do It: Place caterpillar larvae in the habitat and observe their transformation stages. Kids can draw or paint each phase, learning about the butterfly lifecycle in a creative context.

12. Recycling and Upcycling Projects

Recycled spring themed art

Recycling and upcycling projects teach kids the importance of environmental stewardship. These projects are creative spring activities for kids, turning old items into new treasures.

Materials Required: Recyclable materials (e.g., paper, plastic bottles), craft supplies.

How to Do It: Collect various recyclable items. Together with the kids, come up with ideas to repurpose these items into art or useful objects, such as turning jars into lanterns or creating collages from scraps.

13. Insect Safari

Kid looking at a bug

An insect safari adventure is an exciting way to explore nature’s smaller inhabitants. This is one of the spring activities for kids that promotes curiosity and respect for the environment.

Materials Required: Magnifying glasses, notebooks, pencils.

How to Do It: With magnifying glasses in hand, guide the kids through your garden or a park, searching for insects. They can observe, draw, and learn about each insect’s role in the ecosystem.

14. Spring Sensory Bin

A spring sensory bin

A spring sensory bin filled with season-specific items offers tactile and visual stimulation for preschoolers, ranking high among spring sensory bin ideas for exploratory play and discovery.

Materials Required: A large container, natural items (soil, leaves, flowers), small gardening tools, plastic insects.

How to Do It: Fill the bin with spring-themed items. Allow children to dig, pour, and explore the contents with their hands, describing their sensory experiences and learning about spring’s characteristics.

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15. Nature Sound Map

A nature sound map

Making a nature sound map encourages kids to listen closely to the sounds around them, fostering mindfulness and a deep appreciation for the natural world as part of spring mindfulness activities.

Materials Required: Paper, crayons or markers.

How to Do It: Sit quietly with the kids in a natural setting. Have them draw a map of their surroundings and mark the sources of different sounds they hear, such as birds chirping or leaves rustling, enriching their auditory awareness.

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Spring is a great time for kids to play, learn, and explore outdoors. These activities help them learn about nature, be creative, and have fun. Let’s enjoy the beautiful spring season with these fun ideas!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most common spring outdoor activity for kids?

The most common spring outdoor activity for kids is gardening, where they can plant seeds and watch them grow.

What can we teach children about spring?

We can teach children about the importance of nature, growth, and new beginnings during spring.

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