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    Brian Lee is a writer and parent of 3 spirited children. He loves writing about his parenting experience, the lessons his kids teach him every day and parenting hacks and tricks he’s picked up along the way.
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    25 Best Science Activities for Curious Preschoolers

    Children enter preschool at the age of three or four, and they are expected to sit still for circle time, storytime, and other group activities. But for some kids, this can be a real...

    15 Best Empathy Activities for Kids to Foster Kindness

    Have you ever noticed how a kind word can change a child's entire day? That's the power of empathy at work. Empathy isn't just a nice-to-have; it's essential for our little ones as they...

    15 Best Literacy Strategies for Teachers to Use in the Classroom

    Today, literacy is not just about learning to read and write; it's a crucial tool that opens doors to a world of knowledge and opportunities. It's the foundation upon which we build our ability...

    20 Best Board Games for Preschoolers in 2024

    Finding the perfect board games for your preschoolers can be a game-changer for family fun and early learning. Whether it's during a quiet evening at home or a lively family gathering, introducing your little...

    20 Kindness Activities for Kids to Nurture Moral Values

    Developing the idea and expression of kindness in kids is vital for holistic development. Kindness activities for kids help demonstrate the concept of kindness through a hands-on and practical approach. Children can take away...

    5 Amazing Short Stories for Kids That Teach Moral Values

    Reading and listening is important for children and short stories for kids are full of fun characters, intuitive themes, and give valuable moral lessons. Start with these 5 short stories for your kids & find out what else interests them in!

    25 Best Books for 1st Graders: Opening Up New Worlds

    It is never too early to start reading to your children. Many experts believe the best time to start reading aloud to your child is during the 1st grade. Here is a list of...

    10 Best Educational Kids Shows to Watch in 2024

    Educational kids' shows continue to get children excited about learning about their world. Check out these top 10 educational kids shows!

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