Learning Strategies

    4 Learning Styles That Make Learning Easy-Peasy For Kids

    The term "Learning Styles" indicate that every kid learns differently. It's important to identify which learning style would suit a kid the best and tailor the instruction accordingly. Read this blog to find out about the VARK model of learning and how to identify which type of learner your child/student is.

    How Is Negative Reinforcement for Kids a Great Strategy When Used Right

    For decades, parents and teachers have unknowingly used positive and negative reinforcement strategies, to bring out the best in children. But how do we differentiated between negative reinforcement and punishment? Read this blog to find out!

    5 Benefits of Differentiated Instruction in Kids Learning

    Each child has a unique learning style. Each child is special in their own way. With differentiated instruction, you can now help your learner excel in education and teach different life skills. Read this perfect guide on differentiated instruction to know how to make this practice a part of your classroom and home!