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50 Best & Creative Journal Prompts for Kids

Writing is one of the most memorable experiences kids can have as they age, reminding them of their ability to create wondrous journeys on blank sheets of paper. They can pen down their thoughts with journal prompts for kids and their experiences and outlooks towards life and gain an accurate perspective drawn out through words. 

The right journaling prompt can help kids strengthen their comprehension and actualization abilities for tenses, verbs, phonetics, sight words, etc. You can leverage these journal prompts for kids to help them introspect their thoughts in a judgment-free and self-reflective mode.

10 Animal Prompts for Journaling for Kids

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Animal journal prompts for kids help them focus on a subject that is familiar to them. You can customize these prompts to help kids express themselves fully.

1) Why does an owl hoot at night?

2) My pets are like my family because

3) My dog is the best in the world. Why is that?

4) Imagine horse riding in the jungle. What do you think it would be like?

5) I love petting my cat. Why does my cat love petting?

6) Why does my hamster love running in their wheel?

7) I want to take a zebra for a walk.

8) Does my goldfish go to sleep at night? How does it sleep?

9) Can a frog jump higher than a rabbit?

10) What’s your favorite thing about having a pet?

10 Journal Prompts for Kids Based on Hobbies

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11) You want to learn a new instrument. How would you pursue it?

12) Do you love painting? Why do you love painting?

13) Write a story about hiking.

14) Do you love dancing? How would you perform on stage?

15) I love playing the guitar. What music do I like?

16) How would you teach knitting to a friend? What strategy would you use?

17) Why do you love poetry?

18) What inspired you to pursue your hobby?

19) What methods did you use to learn how to garden?

20) Do you love woodwork? How do you use tools for woodwork?

10 Prompts for Exploring Imaginary Scenarios

Kid writing in notebook journal prompts for kids

21) Imagine a world where you wake up one morning with a dog tail. What would you do?

22) What if you could climb on trees like a monkey – where would you go?

23) If you could travel anywhere in the universe, what would you see first?

24) Come up with a new flavor of ice cream. How would you sell it?

25) You are an inventor in the middle of the Sahara Desert. What inventions would you make to get out of there?

26) You are about to start an ice cream shop. What steps will you take to make it successful?

27) If you could come up with your language, how would it sound?

28) You are a doctor who needs to diagnose a patient. How would you do it?

29) If you could say anything to your past self, what would you say?

30) Write down a talent that you wish you could have. How would you pursue it?

10 Self-Reflective & Introspective Prompts

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31) What makes you happy? How do you feel when you are happy?

32) Is sharing important? Would you share your toy with someone new in class?

33) If I could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

34) If you were President for one day, what would you do?

35) You have reached a new planet and are asked to design its civilization. How would you do it?

36) You are tasked with teaching this class this year. What would be your way of teaching?

37) Who is someone you look up to and why?

38) What is a mistake you made today, and what did you learn from it?

39) What are you grateful for today?

40) What is a goal that you want to work towards? How will you do it?

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10 Science-Based Journaling Prompts for Kids

Schoolgirl writing in notebook sitting at table journal prompts for kids

41) Why is grass green? Can you think of other plants that are not green and wonder why?

42) When did the dinosaurs become extinct? Why did they become extinct?

43) What can be a good invention for solving water scarcity?

44) How has the internet changed the world? How has it impacted your life?

45) How does a paper airplane fly? What would happen if one wing wasn’t working?

46) Can you swim up a river? Why is that? How would you go up a river if you had to?

47) What are the best kinds of bugs? Why are bugs so cool?

48) Living in the sun. Can we live in the sun?

49) Why are trees so tall? What are the benefits of height when you’re a tree?

50) Can you stop aging? Why can’t you stop getting older?

You can encourage the ability to journal and prepare written works of art through journaling prompts. Journaling prompts help you align your teaching goals for the year while enabling students to focus on specific aspects of the curriculum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are good writing topics for kids?

There are several writing prompts and topics that you can leverage for kids based on their age, grade, and reading ability. You can provide writing topics around animals, arts, historical events, geography, etc.    

What should a 10-year-old write about?

A 10-year-old child can write about their favorite cartoons, their parents, their role models, and different subjects they love. They can also explore nuanced ideas, such as colors, weather patterns, and ancient history.

Why should teachers use journal prompts?

As a teacher, you can inspire your students to think from another person’s perspective, thereby enhancing empathy skills. You can even ask your students to consider starting an imaginary business and chart a strategy to make decisions. Role-playing is a crucial part of journaling with the proper prompts.    

What is bullet point journaling?

Bullet journaling allows kids to journal with specific objectives and tasks in mind. The strategy encourages kids to explore inherent organization skills and abilities to prioritize tasks.

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