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5 Best Workouts for Kids To Teach Them Discipline & Focus

The right types of workouts for kids can radically transform their feeling of well-being and their health outcomes. Kids can burn off excess energy, become more active, and get some needed outside time under the sun. The impact of exercise isn’t limited to health, as it can improve performance at school and in online learning activities.  

Top 5 Types of Workouts for Kids to Explore

Kids standing and balancing on one foot on a green carpet workout for kids

These workout types allow for freeform learning and structured pace-based skill acquisition to maximize development for your kids. You can perform some of these workouts at home through hybrid digital and offline learning, while the other forms of exercises require equipment.

1. Building Block Exercises

All kids can learn a thing or two from the basic exercises that everyone should perform. Squats, press-ups, pull-ups, and ab lifts, should be some of the first few exercises that kids should learn to build strength. They are also excellent for making a good foundation for other strenuous exercises and can help improve core strength for football, yoga, karate, and different programs.

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You can also make these exercises appealing to kids through role playing, toys, videos, and other fun integrations. By tracking their performance on an app or smartwatch, you can gradually encourage them to improve their output. This can help keep kids motivated to do more and explore their physical selves further.

2. Coordination Based Workouts

This is a crucial workout type that is elemental for kids that love sports, ballet, gymnastics, and other balance-based exercises. Coordination exercises are also helpful for young athletes that want to perform better at football, basketball, soccer, etc. You can start a great coordination-based workout routine by combining different exercises into one program.

A great example of this can be – rolls, jumping jacks, squats, and one-leg hops – x4. 

You can encourage your child to speed up based on how comfortable they feel. You can even start slower with some preliminary coordination activities, such as bouncing a ball and switching hands to catch them.

Check out the Michigan Medicine YouTube page for more coordination improving exercises.

3. Balance Based Exercises for Kids

It is crucial to optimize effort and balance when it comes to physical exertion. You can strengthen your kids’ core muscle groups while improving their sense of balance and stability. Kids can explore various yoga and Pilates exercises in a class or at-home setting and benefit from the strengthening effects of balancing workouts.

Balancing exercises also improve flexibility, joint mobility, and strengthen the weaker muscles that aren’t targeted through other workouts. You can also make the exercise a fun-filled experience with different props and themes.

This excellent balancing-based workout by MVMT with Cailin is a good place to start learning. 

4. Stretching and flexibility workouts

Stretching-based workouts target the agility of muscles to perform more output while remaining nimble through a yoga workout. You can encourage kids to hold certain poses, practice their breathing, and engage in flexibility-based exercises through mindfulness. Your kids can also transform a stretching routine into an aerobic based one by performing multiple repetitions in quick succession.

Kids can also perform flexibility exercises in a group setting, which improves their social confidence and creates a community-based environment for them to flourish in. Kids can also improve their performance outside of sports and athletics and give their bodies a chance to recover and rest naturally.

If you’re looking to become more flexible with your kids, check out the video by Alo.

5. Spot cardio workouts

With spot cardio workouts, your kids can also practice jogging, burpees, jumping jacks, and skipping. This is a perfect workout option for kids of all ages, with minimal equipment, allowing for a scheduled sweaty session. Kids can participate in groups and include dance moves to keep things interesting.

Spot cardio sessions can be done by kids of all ages, making them inclusive and engaging. Spot cardio also improves agility, muscle activation, and strength for an all-around transformative experience. Your kids can also practice spot cardio anywhere, making it one of the best types of workouts for kids.

The FitBit page has some fun-filled activities that energize kids with cardio workouts.

What are the Best Workouts for Kids These Days? 

Kids standing and balancing on one foot on a green carpet workouts for kids

The best workouts are the ones that your kids will perform whole heartedly. Whether that’s yoga or gymnastics, the most effective form of exercise is what is done regularly. You should also focus on workout programs that maximize social time spent with other kids and exercises that deliver a sense of accomplishment and learning.

Exercises also improve circulation in the body while preparing systems for a long active day. Kids can also remain injury-free for the rest of their lives if they follow a workout routine that is designed to target different areas. Kids can burn off excess energy and shift their attention towards academic activities with ease, making them more productive and focused for the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good workout for a kid?

A good kids’ workout is one that excites them to exercise daily and improves their strength, flexibility, and wellbeing. They should feel empowered after each workout and have enough energy to focus on learning.     

What workouts can a 5-year-old do?

Kids that are ages 5 and older can perform several exercises to improve their balance, flexibility, and strength. They can do yoga, gymnastics, jumping jacks, and other easy-to-learn exercises.

What exercises are okay for kids?

Exercises that aren’t strenuous, involving heavy lifting or long hour routines, are okay for kids. It is important to gradually increase the intensity or duration of a workout based on how your kids react.

What are fun at home workouts for kids?

Yoga, stretching, sports-themed, coordination-based, and cone jumps are fun exercises that kids can participate in at home.      

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