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Round Decimals to Nearest Tenth

- Grade 5 Math

Familiar with decimals and the skill of rounding numbers, fifth graders are ready to apply this knowledge to rounding decimal numbers. This fun game lets your fifth grader practice rounding decimals to the nearest tenth using number lines and visual models.

What’s inside?

- Use number lines and visual models to round numbers to the nearest tenth.

- Round decimals to the nearest tenth without the help of visual models.

Real-World Application

Rounding numbers is a skill that has enough applications outside your math worksheets. To quickly estimate the amount you need to buy eggs priced at $3.59, a loaf of bread priced at $0.95 and a carton of milk priced at $1.12, you can round these prices to $3.6, $1.0 and $1.1 and then add them up. Similarly, to figure out the length of cloth needed to make a dress that requires 2.47 yards of fabric precisely, it’s safe to buy about 2.5 yards of the fabric.   

What’s next?

With children now being able to round numbers to the nearest tenth, they can easily progress to round numbers to the nearest hundredth.

Common Core Alignment

5.NBT.4Use place value understanding to round decimals to any place.