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Represent 3 Digit Numbers

- Grade 2 Math

Represent 3 Digit Numbers Worksheet helps in building sound place value understanding. In the first grade, students learn that a 2 digit number is made up of tens and ones. Continuing further in this worksheet, students practice representing three digit numbers as bundles of hundreds, tens and ones. For example, 323 is the same as 3 hundreds 2 tens and 3 ones. As a special case, multiple of 100 are a number of bundles of 100. We start off by presenting this concept visually by using base-10 blocks and then move on towards textual representation.

Common Core Alignment

2.NBT.1Understand that the three digits of a three-digit number represent amounts of hundreds, tens, and ones; e.g., 706 equals 7 hundreds, 0 tens, and 6 ones. Understand the following as special cases: