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Contest Dates: Mar 4 – May 12, 2024

We're back with the 10th edition of SpringBoard!

SpringBoard is an annual math challenge that turns year-end math practice into a fun competition that any class can participate in.

SpringBoard helps your students collaborate and learn in out-of-the-box ways, which helps you make math fun for your class. And the fact they get to compete against other classes around the country? That’s just the cherry on top.

Participating is as easy as 123



If you’re a new teacher, create a free SplashLearn account and set up your class. Existing SplashLearn teachers can just login to access the contest.


Start Playing

Yes, just start playing when the contest starts and every problem your students answer will automatically begin counting toward your SpringBoard score.


Earn Points

All points your students earn (in-class
and at-home) during the contest period will count toward your total
class score.



With weekly and monthly winners, every class now has a real chance to win something. The grand winners will be announced at the end of SpringBoard.

We're back with the 7th edition of SpringBoard!

This year's challenge is unique—while there are no year-end assessments to prepare for, SpringBoard will help students collaborate, bridge learning gaps and help educators draw insights to inform their formative assessments.

What is SpringBoard?

SpringBoard is an annual math challenge that turns year-end math practice into a fun competition that any class can participate in. Your students get to work together as a class and compete against other classes around the country.

Develop a Habit for Learning in 10 Weeks!

✔️ Build a learning habit 🙌

This exciting 10-week contest ensures your students not just prepare for year-end tests but also pick crucial life skills. In chasing a common goal, they build a daily learning habit for life.

✔️ Make math a team sport 😎

As students band together to practice math and climb to the top of the leaderboard, they get a real chance to learn from each other and build on each other’s strengths.

✔️ Win exciting prizes 🥳

Along with a consistent learning habit, an infinite perk, the best performing classes will win exciting subscriptions, vouchers, and more. At the end of 10 weeks, the top three classes will win the grand prize - Amazon gift vouchers worth up to $1000 each.

Why teachers love SpringBoard

Find out why teachers around the world are super excited for this 10-week practice fest.

You can sign up and participate in SpringBoard 2022 any time between 1 March - 8 May.

Have a question?

Write to us here with all your questions, concerns and feedback.

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When is SpringBoard 2024?

SplashLearn SpringBoard 2024 will run for 10 weeks from March 4 to May 12.

How can I enroll in SpringBoard 2024?

To participate in SpringBoard, teachers just need to ensure they have a class in SY 2023-24 with Math subject. All classes with a class-size of 5 and above are automatically enrolled in SpringBoard.

Who can participate in SpringBoard?

SpringBoard is open to all K-5 school teachers across the US & Canada. If you don't already have a SplashLearn teacher account, just sign up and start playing. There's no fee involved whatsoever!

Where does SpringBoard take place?

Online or in your classroom. Along with thousands of other classrooms. All you need is a SplashLearn teacher account and an enthusiastic class ready to make a splash.

What devices can I use to access SplashLearn content?

You can use computers, tablets, or mobile devices to access SplashLearn.

How do students and classrooms earn points?

Points are calculated at the student and class level, which means each student’s progress (in-class and at-home) contributes to the total class score. Each correct answer fetches 10 points. A streak of 5 correct answers earns a student 25 points, while a streak of 10 correct answers gets them 60 points.

Joan Biese, 2nd Grade Teacher
"We have had enormous learning in these three or four weeks, we feel great about math – a confidence that will never leave us, and each of us is more than ready to go confidently into 3rd grade."
Sr Monica Martin, 2nd & 3rd Grade Teacher
“Not that they needed any carrots for doing math on SplashLearn, but the fact that we got to the leaderboard was certainly a big motivation. My students love to check the class points and standing on the leaderboard every day, but most importantly (and whether they eventually win or not), they feel immense pride in their work.”
Julie DeFelice, 1st Grade Teacher
“There’s something about the program that really inspires them to try harder – so my entire class, with no exception, loves math now. Parents of my students are very impressed with the interest and love for math their kids show, even at home.”

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