• Thumb logo prweb, Thursday, Jun 12
    StudyPad, Inc., a leading ed-tech company with 10 of the Top 200 apps in Apple’s Educational Apps category, today announced the launch of the Splash Math™ Summer Skills program, an 8-week program that has been purpose-built for grades 1-5 students to maintain their Math skills between grades. Read More
  • Thumb lifehack, Wednesday, Mar 05
    Splash Math focuses on interactive practice. Kids can drag-drop shapes, popup bubbles, rotate clock-hands and more to solve different problems. The user interface is simple and clear with lots of pictures so that problem solving is fun.
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  • Thumb commonsensemedia, Friday, Feb 28
    Common Sense Media writes that the app gives, ‘a school years’ worth of solid math practice aligned with the Common Core standards. The visuals and characters are fun, and the dancing animals give kids motivation to finish their 10 questions. Read More
  • Thumb pr mac, Friday, Dec 20
    StudyPad, an award-winning creator of over a dozen educational mobile apps for children, drops the price of its popular Splash Math - Grades 1-5 iPad app to a one-time fee of $9.99 for one grade level or $29.99 for all five grade levels. Read More
  • Thumb ctr, Tuesday, Dec 17
    Splash Math Kindergarten app, prequel to Splash Math series (Grades 1 to 5), is honored with the Editor’s Choice Award 2013 from Children’s Technology Review (CTR). Read More
  • Thumb pr mac, Tuesday, Nov 12
    StudyPad today introduces Splash Math - Grades 1 to 5, their new educational title for iPad. Splash Math - Grades 1 to 5 provides personalized learning for children grades 1-5, so each child can learn at his/her pace. Children love Splash Math because it makes learning fun through games and rewards. Parents love Splash Math because it is aligned to the Common Core curriculum and provides insightful reports. Over 4 million children are using Splash Math for iOS to improve their math skills. Read More
  • Thumb twa 1, Tuesday, Sep 10
    Splash Math apps, Grades K – 5, by StudyPad, have been getting lots of attention in the app world recently, and for good reason. They have come up with a winning formula which is far from skill & drill, they have all of their questions aligned to the common core and they appear in a completely engaging display of question type.
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  • Thumb pr web, Thursday, Sep 05
    StudyPad, a pioneer in curriculum aligned educational apps on iPad, is launching Splash Math on web, a first-of-its-kind online math practice program, which brings the engagement and interactivity of iPad apps, to the PCs and Macs. For parents who do not have iPads, this is a blessing. Get the iPad experience on your PC! Read More
  • Thumb apple, Friday, Aug 30
    Apple has just featured Splash Math in an article- “How Kristi Meeuwse teaches with iPad” as a part of the Apple and education series. It’s an accomplishment by itself to be recommended by an educator as a “great kindergarten mathematics app” that allows students to go beyond their grade level.

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  • Thumb pr mac, Thursday, Oct 04
    Splash Math apps cross 1 Million downloads on the App Store. Used in over 6,000 schools and 15,000 teachers, Splash Math apps have been rated very highly for their common core alignment and comprehensiveness. Splash Math users solve 1.2 Million questions daily and have shown increase in Math accuracy, making Splash Math apps popular among homeschoolers, regular parents and teachers alike. Read More
  • Thumb pr mac, Thursday, Aug 30
    Paper workbooks are costly, wasteful, boring and time-consuming to grade. With 1.5 million iPads in schools, Splash Math Worksheet apps for Grade 1 to 5 make the perfect replacement for the cumbersome paper workbooks. 900,000 users and 2,000 elementary school teachers using Splash Math apps are a testimony to Splash Math being the perfect math practice solution on iPad. As the new school session begins, it is the perfect time to begin with Splash Math apps at home and school. Read More
  • Thumb pr mac, Wednesday, Apr 11
    Remember the time when you as a child, had to sit with those boring math workbooks doing homework? Workbooks laden with dull math questions on streams of white paper - what a drudgery that was! But, ever since the iPad stepped into classrooms all that has changed. Those long, tedious and uninteresting sheets have now transformed into animated, colourful and interactive digital pages, all on exciting touch-screens with amazing activities thrown in. That's the power of the iPad in education, where children are learning and having fun too! Read More
  • Thumb pr mac, Monday, Aug 29
    StudyPad today is happy to announce the launch of Splash Math Grade 1, their comprehensive math worksheets in the iTunes App Store. Splash Math Grade 1 is a much awaited addition to the already available Grade 2 and Grade 3 apps on the app store. Compared to the traditional method of practicing on paper worksheets, Splash Math provides a fun and engaging way to practice math. Splash Math can be downloaded for Grade 1-3 and can be used as worksheets for daily school class work and homework. Read More