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    Say Goodbye to Zoom Blues with These Creative Backgrounds

    Your class will love these backgrounds and they’ll also help you keep your students motivated!

    Collaborate, Play & Bridge Learning Gaps with SpringBoard 2021

    SplashLearn is back with the 7th edition of SpringBoard - the biggest math challenge in the country. It's a fun math competition that can help your students practice what they’ve learned this school year...

    Grab These Festive Templates for Santa Letter Week

    Every year, the second week of November is celebrated as Dear Santa Letter Week. It's the time when children around the world begin writing their letters to Santa to ensure their letter makes it...

    Add a Pinch of Halloween to Your Online Classes & Meetings!

    What's scarier than Halloween? A long meeting with no end in sight 😱Let's add some Halloween fun to the place you've been spending most of your time these days - online calls. It's time...

    Make This Halloween Extra Spooky With These Printable Masks!

    This year Halloween is going to be quite different - social distancing, virtual costume parties, and candy being handed out through chutes. But that doesn't mean that the costumes have to be any less...

    Join SpringBoard 2020: The Biggest Math Challenge in the Country

    We’re back with the 6th edition of SpringBoard! SpringBoard is an annual math challenge that turns year-end math practice into a fun competition that any class can participate in. Your students get to work...

    Splash Math is now SplashLearn!

    In 2011, we asked ourselves one simple question - Learning how to play the piano is fun, so is learning how to play basketball or how to swim. Then why isn’t learning math fun?...

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