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    Splash Math is now SplashLearn!

    In 2011, we asked ourselves one simple question –

    Learning how to play the piano is fun, so is learning how to play basketball or how to swim. Then why isn’t learning math fun?

    Over the next 9 years, the answer to that question turned into the game-based learning program you know – Splash Math.

    Since then, we’ve evolved to meet your needs and wants – thanks to all the parents and teachers who reached out and gave us their frank feedback. It has grown to be loved by 33 million kids and their parents around 150+ countries.

    As we refined our program, we asked ourselves another question –

    Shouldn’t learning other subjects be fun too?

    That’s when we realized that we’ve grown beyond our name and our mission. We realized it was time to grow beyond math.

    We are SplashLearn!

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    As you must have already noticed, we have a new logo and a name that gives us space to grow. SplashLearn is on its way to becoming a learning experience like no other. While we’ll continue making math fun, we’re adding many more thrilling things in the mix – loads of new games, exciting new worlds and characters and, above all, a completely redesigned learning experience children will love.

    We’re growing bigger.

    This means more subjects – we love how so many of you have been writing to us asking for a Splash English!

    More grades – hello, PreKindergarten!

    More platforms where you’ll be able to find us – like Android.

    But, before we dive into this exciting phase, here are some wonderful milestones we can’t help but boast about.

    What does this change for me?

    If you’re a parent or teacher with an existing account on Splash Math, you can continue using your account just like before. You won’t need to download a new app, you can continue using the same app. The progress of your children or students will remain intact.

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    Teachers, you can continue to use SplashLearn in your class and set home assignments for your students in the same way. The change in name will not affect the parent’s experience or yours in any way.

    Even though you’ll automatically be redirected from the old site to the new one, we do recommend that you bookmark our new website URL for a more seamless experience –

    Follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to get updates about SplashLearn. Have a question? Contact us at


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