In 3rd grade, teachers focus on reading comprehension, writing, and math. Here is what is taught to kids in 3rd grade and everything to know about their syllabus!

    How to Build a Healthy Student-Centered Learning Environment and Why it’s Important?

    A healthy student-centered learning environment is designed to increase students' comprehension in class. Use these tips to create a student-centered learning environment, today!

    Top 10 Reading Apps for Kids: How to Use Screens For Stories

    Reading apps can help kids learn AND moderates the time they spend with screens. When they read, kids are engrossed & engaged. Here are the 10 best reading apps!

    Child Struggling in School? Tips on How to Help Your Kids

    How to know is your child struggling in school? Well, there are a number of indicators and the sooner you can intervene, the better. Here is you can know if your child is struggling in school and how you can help.

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