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    Ursula Cruz writes on the subject of integration of technology in classrooms and the intersection of education and child development. In her free time, she likes going on hikes with her dog, Lucy.
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    How to Discipline a Child With Best Actionable Strategies

    When looking for the best ways on how to discipline a child, it is important to consider various parameters. The child’s age, level of interest, cognitive development, and sense of right and wrong will...

    How to Learn English: 10 Tips for Children to help them Master English

    Learning a new language can be a daunting experience that doesn’t come easy for many people. Children, in particular, can feel demotivated without appropriate support, learning resources, and feedback. Figuring out how to learn...

    15 Signs of Childhood Emotional Neglect and How to Deal With It

    Childhood emotional neglect is a critical developmental impairment as it tells kids that their voices and feelings are invalid. Kids may often come up to their parents and share stories or express themselves, only...

    30 Best STEAM Activities to Make Learning Fun for Kids of All Ages

    STEM is a critical part of education that teaches kids about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEAM activities include arts and literature to make it more well-rounded so children can understand how the world...

    15 Best & Important Character Traits for Kids That All Parents Must Instill inTheir Kids

    By giving our children the right moral compass and accompanying character traits, we can set them up for a lifetime of success and happiness. You can transform the way a child interacts with the...

    10 Strategies for Implementing Scaffold Learning in the Classroom

    Scaffolding allows students to have greater control over their learning. Teachers can use these learning strategies to optimize classroom learning, as well. Learn to use Scaffolding Strategies in the classroom today!

    5 Signs That Your Child is Struggling in School

    How to know is your child struggling in school? Well, there are a number of indicators and the sooner you can intervene, the better. Here is you can know if your child is struggling in school and how you can help.

    8 Easy Yoga Poses for Kids & Their Importance

    Yoga is beneficial for kids in many ways and is sure to take away from their constant screen time. These 8 yoga poses for kids are easy to start with. Check them out!

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