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SplashLearn is the world's first game-based learning curriculum that aims to transform students into fearless learners and empowers teachers to truly take control of teaching

Loved by over 40 million learners and 750k teachers

Sign up as a teacher

Step-by-step tutorial on how to sign up for SplashLearn as a teacher

Import your Google Classroom

See how you can get started in seconds by syncing your Google Classroom with SplashLearn

Set up your class

Follow these steps to set up your classroom and get your class splashing

Get students started

See how can students log in and start playing on SplashLearn

All about the student dashboard

Take a peek into the student dashboard

Set up home access for remote learning

Follow these steps to enable home access for students using parent emails

Create assignments

Get students to practice in-class or at-home with customizable assignments

Read assignment reports

See how you can track student progress with detailed performance reports

Assess your class

See how you can identify skill gaps using short diagnostic assessments

Read assessment reports

See how each student has progressed over a period of time and set them up on a personalized learning path for them

Use the teaching tools

Find out all about the different SplashLearn teaching tools on your dashboard and how you can use them in your class

Log in using Class Code

See this quick guide on how students can log in using the Class Code

Access teacher-assigned activities

See exactly where can students see all activities assigned by their teacher

Use practice cards and Redo Box

Find out how and where your students can work on a skill they need extra practice with

Use Math Facts

Find out all about this exciting fluency booster called Math Facts