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20 Best English Learning Apps for Kids

With so many English learning apps for kids to choose from, it’s easy for parents and teachers to feel bogged down as they struggle to pick the most intuitive and effective one for their kids and students. Apps for learning English vary in features, strengths, and ease of use, so it’s important to understand these aspects before selecting the right one for young learners.

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Here is a list of the best English language learning apps that we have carefully evaluated and selected to ensure you select the most appropriate one for your child.

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20 Best English Language Learning Apps for Kids

A young girl uses a smartphone on the couch

1. SplashLearn

Who is it for: Ages 2-11
Area of focus: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary and Communication

With over 4M+ downloads, SplashLearn is one of the most downloaded english learning apps for kids. It offers a comprehensive and structured approach to English language arts. Whether attending school or homeschooling, SplashLearn is your one-stop solution for fun and easy English learning.

What English skills can my child learn on SplashLearn?

  • Phonics: Covering the alphabet, letter sounds, vowels, and more, SplashLearn’s phonics games are designed to build a solid foundation in reading. 
  • Blending: With over 800 blending activities, children learn to combine sounds and letters to form words, enhancing their decoding skills.
  • Reading Comprehension: Featuring over 200 activities, SplashLearn offers a variety of texts and exercises to help kids understand and analyze what they read.
  • Communication Skills: Through targeted activities, children practice effective communication, learning to express themselves clearly and confidently.
  • Writing: SplashLearn covers all aspects of writing, from handwriting, creative writing, to opinion writing and more. These activities encourage creativity and clarity in written expression.
  • Grammar: With over 400 grammmar worksheets, SplashLearn helps kids master grammar rules and usage, ensuring they can write and speak correctly.
  • Spelling: Helps children learn to spell words accurately, reinforcing their reading and writing skills.
  • Vocabulary: SplashLearn expands children’s word knowledge, helping them understand and use new words effectively.
  • Extensive Book Library: Offers hundreds of books, including read-alouds, leveled readers, decodable books, and bedtime stories, to foster a love for reading and enhance literacy skills.

Key Features:

  • Over 15,000 resources, including games and worksheets at your disposal.
  • Aligned with curriculum standards, yet offers the flexibility to pick and select specific skills to learn or teach.
  • Expert-led live classes
  • Personalized learning paths adapt to each child’s progress, ensuring they are always challenged at the right level. 
  • Includes progress tracking for parents and teachers.
  • Safe-ad free environment for kids.

Parents can download and sign up for a 7-day free trial to explore all the features and resources SplashLearn offers. See how it can enhance your child’s english learning journey. As for teachers, it’s absolutely free.

Download on: iOS  Download on Android

2. LingoKids

Lingo kid app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 2-8
Area of focus:
Vocabulary, communication, reading, and cognitive development

LingoKids is a good English learning app for kids, offering a wide range of interactive games and activities. It focuses on vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking skills, making language learning fun and engaging for young children.

Download Here: iOS and Android

3. Learn English Speak Language – LuvLingua

Learn english speak language app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 3 and up
Area of focus:
Pronunciation and vocabulary development

LuvLingua is one of the top apps to learn English for children, focusing on speaking and listening skills. It offers interactive lessons, games, and audio recordings to help kids practice pronunciation and improve their conversational abilities in English.

Download Here: iOS and Android

4. Mussila WordPlay

Mussila wordplay app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 4-6
Area of focus:
Reading, spelling, vocabulary, and speech development

With a strong focus on reading and spelling, Mussila WordPlay is one of the best English language learning apps for kids! Mussila WordPlay delivers inventive lessons in the format of colorful and creative games that are guaranteed to keep kids engaged!

Download Here: iOS and Android

5. Endless Alphabet

endless alphabet app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 3-6
Area of focus:
Spelling and vocabulary

Endless Alphabet is a fun and interactive kids English learning app that helps children build vocabulary and recognize letters. It uses engaging animations and puzzles to teach words and their meanings, making learning enjoyable and effective for young learners.

Download Here: iOS and Android

6. Speakia: Kids English Fun

Speakia kids english fun app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 3-10
Area of focus:
Pronunciation, vocabulary, and speaking

Designed for kids who speak English as a second language, Speakia drives learning by encouraging kids to listen and speak as part of their language lessons. It offers a comprehensive approach focusing on pronunciation, vocabulary, speaking, and sentence structure!

Download Here: iOS and Android

7. Learn English – Studycat

Who is it for: Ages 3-10
Area of focus:
Speaking, vocabulary, and pronunciation

One of the best apps for learning English, Studycat offers themed lessons with exciting visuals and original music to keep kids hooked! The app is designed to provide natural language acquisition, meaning that kids won’t realize they’re learning even through different play-based activities! 

Download Here: iOS and Android

8. Lingumi – Languages for Kids

Lingumi language for kids app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 2-6
Area of focus:
Speaking and communication

Developed by an English teacher, Lingumi offers various language lessons disguised as games for new and younger learners! The app focuses on grammar, vocabulary, and expressions and allows learners to decide what they want to focus on whenever they sit down to learn!

Download Here: iOS and Android

9. BOOKR Class – Learn English

Bookr class learn english app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 4-11
Area of focus:
Reading, listening, writing, and communication

A learning app that hosts a collection of games and animated books, BOOKR Class offers a little something different! From modern stories and literary classics to catchy songs, this app provides content that should help kids become more comfortable with an unfamiliar language. 

Download Here: iOS and Android

10. Homer

Homer app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 2-8
Area of focus:
Letters, words, phonetics, and reading

Homer Reading is a comprehensive kids English learning app designed to improve reading and literacy skills. It offers personalized lessons, stories, and activities tailored to each child’s reading level, fostering a love for reading while building essential language skills.

Download Here: iOS and Android

11. Reading Eggs

Reading eggs app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 2-13
Area of focus:
Early literacy, spelling, reading, and writing

If you’re looking for an app to learn English that combines songs, rhymes, and alliteration to deliver musical fun as language lessons, then this is the best English learning app you’ll find! It features hundreds of activities, lessons, and games that target early literacy. 

Download Here: iOS and Android

12. LetterSchool

Letter school app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 3-7
Area of focus:
Handwriting, letter recognition, and writing

An English language app targeted towards younger learners, Letter School is the perfect companion for observational learners! Focusing on handwriting, it has games and activities that make learning English more accessible for observational learners.

Download Here: iOS and Android

13. Accomplish Reading

Accomplish reading app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 4-10
Area of focus:
Reading comprehension

Designed to help learners improve their reading comprehension, Accomplish Reading is the perfect English learning app for intermediate and advanced learners. Featuring a simple format, it contains sentences of varying complexities that readers must read before answering multiple-choice-based comprehension questions. 

Download Here: iOS 

14. Monkey Jr.

Monkey jr app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 2-7
Area of focus:
Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Sentence Structure

Monkey Jr. is a kids English learning app that helps young children develop reading and vocabulary skills. It offers interactive lessons, phonics activities, and engaging games, making learning fun and effective for early learners.

Download Here: iOS and Android

15. LingoDeer

Lingodeer app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 6 and up
Area of focus:
Reading and writing

LingoDeer emerges as the perfect companion for independent learners who enjoy learning independently. The app delivers a linear and structured curriculum for advanced and intermediate learners to allow them to learn independently. 

Download Here: iOS and Android

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16. Duolingo

Duolingo app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 7 and up
Area of focus:
Early Language Proficiency, Vocabulary Development

Duolingo is a popular English app for kids that offers interactive lessons to teach vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Its game-like format makes learning fun and engaging, helping kids practice and improve their English skills effectively.

Download Here: iOS and Android

17. English for Kids

English for kids app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 3-10
Area of focus:
Vocabulary Development, Reading, Speaking

English for Kids is a kids English learning app that teaches basic language skills through fun games and activities. The app includes lessons on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, making it an effective tool for young learners.

Download Here: iOS and Android

18. Fun English

Fun english app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 3-10
Area of focus: Speaking, Pronunciation

If your kids enjoy speaking as they learn, Fun English may be the perfect app for them! It offers topic-based games and, unlike other apps, even has an option for multiplayer gaming, which should excite young learners who enjoy playing games online!

Download Here: iOS 

19. Epic!

Epic app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 2-12 
Area of Focus: Reading and comprehension

Epic! is a digital library for kids, offering a wide range of books, audiobooks, and educational videos. It provides personalized recommendations and reading quizzes, making it an excellent app for kids to learn English while fostering a love for reading.

Download Here: iOS and Android

20.ABC Kids Spelling City Games

ABC kids spelling city games app screenshot

Who is it for: Ages 6-12
Area of focus:
Vocabulary and Spelling

Vocabulary Spelling City offers interactive games and activities to help kids learn vocabulary and spelling. The app features customizable word lists, engaging exercises, and progress tracking. It’s a great tool among apps for kids to learn English, making learning fun and effective.
Download Here:

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3 Benefits of Fun English Learning Language Apps for Kids

Language learning apps on mobile devices are characterized by a range of qualities that make them great tools to aid language learning! Here are some of the reasons why language apps make excellent learning aides: 

1. They are usually immersive: Learning apps typically feature intuitive dashboards and menus that make them easy to navigate, using catchy visuals and captivating audio effects. These features combine to create an experience that is immersive and memorable.

2. They combine learning with fun: Unlike traditional school classes or regular language lessons, learning apps typically deliver different kinds of games as practice and a way to assess student learning! Sometimes, kids may even have difficulty distinguishing the learning from the fun.

3. They are flexible: Good learning apps allow students to learn at their own pace and at convenient hours. They allow students to match the nature of their learning content to proficiency levels, learning styles, and other individual preferences.

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How to Choose the Best English Learning Apps for Kids

A young girl using a phone sitting on a desk

With so many great English learning apps for kids, deciding the right one for your child may be daunting. However, there are some things you should remember that can make your search easier.

1. Learning styles: While some kids may enjoy the bright animations and sound-driven interactive games disguised as learning lessons, others may prefer simpler approaches, such as flashcards, linear curriculums, or one-on-one tutoring. Before purchasing any of the listed apps, it may help to determine your child’s learning style

2. Parental supervision: While some apps allow parents to monitor their kids’ progress, others do not. If accessing information about the progress your child is making is an important determinant in deciding on an appropriate app, you may want to consider apps that offer that feature. SplashLearn, LingoDeer, and SAT Vocab by Mindsnacks are three apps that offer this feature. 

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What are you waiting for if you’ve settled on an app to aid your child’s English language learning? Help your child install and set up the app on their learning device to get them started on their language learning journey today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are in-app purchases?

You make In-app purchases within an application to unlock paid features. Many free applications don’t allow users to offer their best features without making in-app purchases. Some of the best free English learning apps also offer in-app purchases but generally provide excellent usability and feature sets even within their free versions.

How long should my child spend on their English language learning every day?

This completely depends on your child and how long they can enjoy language learning. For most kids, this should vary between 20 to 40 minutes. Their mileage for learning, however, should grow as they get accustomed to a new application and discover the learning awards, points, and badges they can earn.

Which is the best English learning app for iOS users?

One of the best English learning apps for iOS users is SplashLearn. It is easy to use and very intuitive for kids.

Andrew Scholl
Andrew Scholl is an educational expert with over 15 years of teaching experience in elementary and middle school classrooms. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.