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99 Funny Words for Kids to Tickle the Funny Bone

Are you tired of the same old vocabulary? Do you want to introduce your kids to a world of laughter and linguistic delight? Well, we bring you a list of funny words that your kids probably don’t know yet! From giggle-inducing jargon to whimsical wordplay, this compilation of funny sounding words will have your little ones rolling with laughter while expanding their linguistic horizons. So let’s dive into the fun adventure!

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List of 99 Funny Words That Kids Probably Don’t Know

Mother and daughter laughing

As Milton Berle said, ‘Laughter is an instant vacation. So, here is the silly words list that will have your kids laughing and learning at the same time:

1. Bumfuzzle – to confuse or perplex

Example: The complex instructions for assembling the furniture bumfuzzled me completely.

2.  Fiddle-dee-dee – an expression of mock surprise or disapproval

Example: ‘Oh, fiddle-dee-dee!’ exclaimed Mary when she realized she had left her lunch at home.

3. Blunderbuss – a clumsy or inept person

Example: The blunderbuss at the office always manages to mess things up with his clumsiness.

4. Gobbledygook – language that is meaningless or hard to understand

Example: The homework was filled with gobbledygook, making it difficult to understand its meaning.

5. Kerfuffle – a commotion or fuss

Example: The argument between the siblings caused a kerfuffle that echoed throughout the house.

6. Gobsmacked – utterly astonished or amazed

Example: When she saw the surprise party waiting for her, she was completely gobsmacked.

7. Waddle – to walk with short, awkward steps, like a duck

Example: The toddler took his first waddling steps, resembling a little duckling.

8. Malarkey – nonsense or foolishness

Example: His explanation for being late was pure malarkey, as it contradicted all common sense.

9. Brouhaha – a noisy and overexcited reaction or response

Example: The controversial decision sparked a brouhaha among the fans, with heated arguments erupting on social media.

10. Nincompoop – a foolish or silly person

Example: Sarah couldn’t help but giggle at her little brother, who often acted like a nincompoop when trying to do simple tasks.

11. Balderdash – senseless talk or writing; nonsense

Example: The self-proclaimed expert’s explanation turned out to be nothing more than balderdash, leaving everyone even more confused.

12. Doozy – something outstanding or remarkable

Example: The fireworks display on the Fourth of July was a real doozy, with bright colors and loud explosions lighting up the night sky.

13. Gadzooks – an exclamation of surprise or annoyance

Example: Gadzooks!” exclaimed Tom as he accidentally spilled his juice all over the table.

14. Flibbertigibbet – a frivolous or flighty person

Example: Jenny’s constantly changing interests earned her a reputation as a flibbertigibbet among her classmates.

15. Codswallop – nonsense or rubbish

Example: The politician’s promises turned out to be nothing but a codswallop, leaving the voters feeling deceived.

16. Hullabaloo – a loud and confused noise or uproar

Example: The children’s game of tag quickly turned into a hullabaloo as they ran and shouted through the backyard.

17. Bumbershoot – an umbrella

Example: Don’t forget to bring your bumbershoot; it looks like rain today!

18. Fiddlesticks – an expression of annoyance or disbelief

Example: Fiddlesticks!” exclaimed Grandma when she realized she had forgotten her glasses again.

19. Rambunctious – boisterous and uncontrollable

Example: The rambunctious puppy bounced around the room, knocking over everything in its path.

20. Dunderhead – a stupid or slow-witted person

Example: The teacher called Billy a dunderhead after he struggled to solve a simple math problem.

21. Snollygoster – a shrewd or unprincipled person, especially in politics

Example: A snollygoster is like a sneaky fox in the world of politics.

22. Doodlebug – a colloquial term for a small insect or a type of missile

Example: Look, there’s a doodlebug crawling on the ground!

23. Flummoxed – bewildered or perplexed

Example: The challenging riddles left me flummoxed and scratching my head.

24. Skedaddle – to run away hurriedly or quickly

Example: When they heard the thunder, the kids decided to skedaddle back home.

25. Razzmatazz – elaborate or showy activity or display designed to attract attention

Example: The circus performance was filled with razzmatazz, dazzling the audience with its colorful acts.

26. Hornswoggle – to deceive or trick

Example: The mischievous fox tried to hornswoggle the other animals with his clever tricks.

27. Ragamuffin – a child in ragged clothing; a scruffy or disheveled person

Example: The ragamuffin boy played happily in the park, his clothes patched and tattered.

28. Doodad – a small decorative object or gadget

Example: She collected various doodads like colorful buttons and shiny keychains.

29. Skullduggery – underhanded or deceitful behavior

Example: The detective uncovered a web of skullduggery as he solved the mystery.

30. Wobble – to move unsteadily from side to side

Example: The wobbly table made the tower of blocks wobble and tumble down.

31. Baloney – nonsense or foolishness

Example: Don’t listen to his baloney; he’s just making up silly stories.

32. Fuddy-duddy – an old-fashioned or conservative person

Example: Grandpa is a fuddy-duddy who prefers traditional things over modern gadgets.

33. Goofball – a silly or foolish person

Example: The class clown always made everyone laugh with his goofball antics.

34. Fiddle-faddle – trivial or unimportant matters

Example: Stop wasting time on fiddle-faddle and focus on the important tasks.

35. Dillydally – to waste time by being indecisive or hesitant

Example: Quit dillydallying and make a decision; we don’t have all day!

36. Goober – a foolish or clumsy person

Example: Watch out; that goober might trip over his own feet with his clumsiness.

37. Higgledy-piggledy – in a disorganized or chaotic manner

Example: The books were piled higgledy-piggledy on the messy shelf, making it hard to find anything.

38. Ballyhoo – extravagant or sensational promotion or publicity

Example: The magician’s ballyhoo drew a large crowd eager to witness his amazing tricks.

39. Blubber – to cry noisily and uncontrollably

Example: The sad movie made her blubber, tears streaming down her face.

Woman with her baby girl laughing

40. Hodgepodge – a confused or disorderly mixture

Example: The craft table was a hodgepodge of glitter, markers, and stickers, all mixed together in a colorful mess.

41. Snickerdoodle – a type of cookie with cinnamon and sugar

Example: I baked a batch of delicious Snickerdoodle cookies for the party.

42. Doozy – something outstanding or remarkable

Example: That car crash was a doozy; it caused a huge traffic jam.

43. Dingleberry – a small piece of dried feces stuck to the hair around the anus of an animal

Example: The dog’s grooming session revealed a dingleberry that needed to be removed.

44. Giggly – prone to or easily amused by giggling

Example: The children were feeling giggly after watching a funny cartoon.

45. Noodle – to think or ponder in a relaxed or aimless manner

Example: I like to sit by the window and noodle about life’s mysteries.

46. Natter – to talk casually or idly, to chatter

Example: The friends gathered around the table to natter about their day.

47. Wobbly – shaky or unsteady

Example: The table leg was loose, making the whole surface wobbly.

48. Piddly – insignificant or of little importance

Example: Don’t worry about those piddly details; let’s focus on the big picture.

49. Bling-bling – flashy and ostentatious jewelry or other decorations

Example: She walked into the party wearing bling-bling earrings and a sparkling necklace.

50. Whippersnapper – a young and inexperienced person who is presumptuous or cheeky

Example: The old man scolded the whippersnapper for disrespecting his elders.

51. Jitterbug – a lively and energetic dance style popular in the mid-20th century

Example: The couple took the dance floor and impressed everyone with their jitterbug moves.

52. Noodge – to annoy or pester someone persistently

Example: When your little sister keeps asking you to play with her toys even though you’re busy, she’s trying to noodge you!

53. Lickety-split – at great speed or quickly

Example: When the ice cream truck arrives, all the kids run lickety-split to get their favorite treats before they’re sold out.

54. Flapdoodle – nonsense or foolish talk

Example: Don’t listen to Tommy’s silly flapdoodle about aliens living in his backyard – it’s just make-believe!

55. Whatchamacallit – a term used when one cannot remember or does not know the name of something

Example: I can’t remember the name of that thing you use to measure ingredients in the kitchen… you know, the whatchamacallit!

56. Hootenanny – an informal gathering with folk music and sometimes dancing

Example: We had a hootenanny in the park, with people singing, playing guitars, and dancing to folk music.

57. Skiddly-boop – a whimsical or playful phrase used to describe something fun or lighthearted

Example: Let’s have a skiddly-boop day at the amusement park, full of fun rides and delicious cotton candy!

58. Nudnik – a person who is annoying or bothersome

Example: Jack can be such a nudnik when he keeps bothering us with his endless questions during class.

59. Blatherskite – a person who talks at length without making much sense

Example: The teacher was tired of listening to the blatherskite in the back of the class, who rambled on without making any sense.

60. Hoopla – exaggerated or excessive excitement or commotion

Example: The circus brought so much hoopla to town, with colorful tents, acrobats, and clowns everywhere!

61. Snafu – a chaotic or confused situation

Example: The playground became a snafu when everyone tried to play on the same swing set at once and got tangled up.

62. Hocus-pocus – trickery or deception

Example: With a wave of his wand, the magician performed amazing hocus-pocus tricks that left the audience in awe.

63. Flibberjibber – to talk rapidly and incoherently

Example: Sarah was so excited about her birthday party that she started to flibberjibber about all the presents she wanted.

64. Snickerpuff – a light and fluffy laugh

Example: When the clown made a funny face, the children couldn’t help but let out a snickerpuff of laughter.

65. Gobbledygiggle – a nonsensical or laughable statement

Example: Tommy tried to tell a joke, but it turned into a gobbledygiggle that made everyone burst out laughing.

66. Lollygag – To spend time aimlessly or to dawdle

Example: Instead of doing his chores, Tim preferred to lollygag around the park, enjoying the sunny day.

67. Widdershins – Moving in a counterclockwise direction

Example: The little witch twirled around Widdershins three times, hoping to cast a spell to make her broomstick fly.

68. Bazinga – A term used to indicate that someone has been tricked or pranked

Example: When Max pulled a fake spider out of his backpack, his friends shouted ‘Bazinga!’ to tease him for the prank.

69. Hubba-hubba – An exclamation of admiration or attraction

Example: The kids couldn’t help but say, ‘Hubba-hubba!’ when they saw the giant, colorful carnival ride for the first time.

70. Razzle-dazzle – Exciting or showy activity or display

Example: The cheerleaders performed an impressive razzle-dazzle routine during halftime, with flips, jumps, and pom-poms flying.

71. Nudiustertian – the day before yesterday

Example: I went to the zoo nudiustertian and saw the monkeys playing in the trees.

72. Batrachomyomachy – a humorous or absurd conflict

Example: The toy frogs and toy mice had a silly batrachomyomachy battle in the pretend jungle.

73. Cattywampus – crooked, askew, or in a state of disorder

Example: After the windstorm, the tree was left-leaning cattywampus, its branches tangled and leaves scattered.

74. Taradiddle – a trivial or insignificant lie

Example: Don’t believe Jimmy’s taradiddle about seeing a dinosaur in the backyard – he’s just making up a silly story!

75. Fartlek – a training method that involves alternating periods of intense and relaxed activity

Example: The coach incorporated fartlek training into our soccer practice, where we sprinted and then jogged to improve our endurance.

76. Quire – a unit of measurement for paper

Example: Sarah needed a whole quire of paper to complete her art project because she loved drawing on every page.

77. Friendlily – an adverb derived from the word ‘friendly’

Example: Emily greeted her new neighbor friendlily, with a warm smile and a wave.

78. Erf – a plot of land

Example: Grandpa planted vegetables in his erf, carefully tending to each plant to make sure they grew healthy and strong.

79. Absquatulate – to leave abruptly

Example: When the dog heard the vacuum cleaner, it quickly absquatulated from the room, seeking refuge under the bed.

80. Macaronic – a style of language that combines different languages

Example: The bilingual book had a macaronic style, with English and Spanish words woven together in the story to help readers learn both languages.

Happy family sitting and laughing

81. Serendipity – the occurrence of fortunate or unexpected events by chance

Example: When Jane lost her favorite toy and found it in the park while searching for her missing shoe, it was a serendipitous moment.

82. Mellifluous – pleasing to the ear; smooth and sweet-sounding

Example: The singer’s mellifluous voice filled the room, captivating everyone with its smooth and beautiful tones.

83. Quibble – to argue or raise objections over minor or trivial matters

Example:  Instead of enjoying the game, Jane would often quibble about the referee’s decisions.

84. Flummery – empty compliments or insincere talk

Example: The politician’s speech was filled with flummery, as he showered empty compliments on the audience without addressing their concerns.

85. Pandemonium – wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar

Example: When the clown accidentally let go of the balloon bouquet, pandemonium erupted as kids scrambled to catch them.

86. Mumbo jumbo – language or ritual that is meaningless or difficult to understand

Example: The instructions for assembling the toy were filled with mumbo jumbo, leaving the parents scratching their heads in confusion.

87. Rigmarole – a lengthy and complicated procedure or set of instructions

Example: The process of getting a driver’s license involved a rigmarole of paperwork, tests, and waiting in long lines.

88. Shenanigans – playful or mischievous activity; trickery

Example: The children giggled as they plotted their playful shenanigans, like hiding behind furniture to surprise their parents.

89. Capricious – unpredictable or impulsive; subject to the whim

Example: The weather was capricious, with the sun shining one moment and heavy rain pouring the next, making it difficult to plan outdoor activities.

90. Tomfoolery – foolish or silly behavior

Example: The friends engaged in tomfoolery, pulling silly pranks on each other and laughing hysterically.

91. Hubbub – a loud and chaotic noise or commotion

Example: The school cafeteria was filled with the hubbub of excited students chatting, trays clattering, and the sound of laughter.

92. Billingsgate – abusive or vulgar language

Example: The argument between the two neighbors escalated into a shouting match filled with billingsgate, each hurling insults at the other.

93. Dongle – a small device that is connected to a computer

Example: The computer technician plugged in a dongle to connect the wireless keyboard, allowing it to communicate with the desktop.

94. Widdershins – Moving in a counterclockwise direction

Example: The dancers spun widdershins in a mesmerizing counterclockwise motion, creating a visually stunning performance.

95. Flapjack – a pancake

Example: Mom cooked delicious flapjacks for breakfast!

96. Bumbersnatch – a clumsy or awkward person

Example: Henry, with his clumsy nature, often knocked things over, earning the nickname ‘Bumbersnatch’ among his friends.

97. Poppity-pop – the sound of something bursting or popping

Example: The children jumped on the bubble wrap, causing it to go poppity-pop as each bubble burst beneath their feet.

98. Doohickey – a small, unnamed object or gadget

Example: Mom asked Rose to hand her the doohickey from the toolbox!

99. Obelus –  a symbol (÷)

Example: The obelus symbol (÷) is commonly used in math to represent division.

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Let’s Get Your Kids to Laugh Out Loud!

Start your kids’ laughter journey with this saying by Walt Disney: ‘Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.’ These goofy words will surely add a splash of whimsy and laughter to your kids’ vocabulary. 

Encourage them to use these funny words in their conversations and see how they bring joy and amusement to their interactions. Remember, language is not just about communication but also about having fun with words and exploring the delightful intricacies of language.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these funny words suitable for kids of all ages?

Yes, these funny English words can be enjoyed by kids of various ages. However, it’s always a good idea to consider the age appropriateness and context when introducing new vocabulary to children.

Can these random funny words help improve my child's language skills?

Yes, introducing new and unique vocabulary like these funny-sounding words can contribute to your child’s language development. It helps expand their vocabulary, enhances their understanding of word meanings, and encourages creativity in language use. It also adds an element of fun and humor to their communication, making language learning more engaging and enjoyable.

How can I incorporate these funny words into my child's learning routine?

You can incorporate these fun words to say into your child’s learning routine by using them in everyday situations. Encourage your child to use these words when describing things, expressing emotions, or sharing stories. You can also create word lists or flashcards with fun word of the day to make it more engaging.

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