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What is Summative Assesment? Examples, Importance & More

Summative assessment is conducted towards the end of a school year when students' performance levels are evlauated before moving into a new academic year. In this blog post, we have covered everything about summative assessment - examples, benefits, importance in classroom, creative ways to use summative assessments & differences between formative & summative assessments. You can also know which assessment is better!

How to Use Formative Assessment in Your Classroom: 5 Ways

Formative assessments focus on improving students' learnings throughout the year. They help teachers check students' progress at regular intervals & make changes to better learning outcomes. Read all about formative assessments here, including types, examples, evaluation modes, classroom strategies, etc.

How to Create A Lesson Plan Template That Engages Students

Teaching is the one profession that makes every other profession. Students need to be taught effectively and concisely and for that, teachers can refer to this blog to know how to create a lesson plan template. Lesson plans list dow everything that happens in a lesson and with lesson plan templates, you can easily maximize students' learnings!

7 Colors of the Rainbow and Their Meanings

ROYGBIV or Roy.G.Biv is an acronym describing the colors of a rainbow. Are you excited to teach your child all about the rainbow colors? Look no more because this blog has all that you need to know about rainbows!

What Are Common Core Standards and What Do They Mean to Apps?

Schools, teachers and publishers in over 40 states are busy training and preparing for full implementation of the Common Core State Standards. The...