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    5 Best & Exciting Car Games for Kids

    Road trips are always fun experiences that can be made more exciting with car games for kids. You can get kids engaged and constantly thinking with the right type of game that gets them going. Kids of all ages can also participate in car games, making them inclusive and skill-based for hours of fun. 

    Let’s explore some of the best car games for kids and uncover which ones are educational and entertaining.

    Singing Car Games for Kids to Have Endless Fun

    Two children looking up inside a car games for kids

    Singing games are the best when the whole family is involved in the fun. They can be challenging, test vocal acumen, and be entertaining for all children.

    Musical Alphabets

    The goal of musical alphabets is to sing a song starting from each alphabet letter. Kids can take turns and recall songs starting with A, B, C, D, etc. Points are awarded to the team that gets the most songs correctly, while the other team must make it up by going backward in round 2.

    One Line at a Time

    In this car game for kids, you can start with any song and the first line. Teams need to go back and forth to sing subsequent lines from the lyrics of that song. Some of the most popular songs from movies, TV shows, and cartoons, can be sung alternatingly.

    Theme Song Quiz

    You can start by playing a few seconds of a famous TV show or movie theme song and have your kids guess the name of the media. You can even do this with sports teams, animated character intro music, etc., to keep things interesting. You can play a few seconds online and have kids guess the correct answer.

    Guess the Theme

    You can create groups of multiple songs and ask your kids to guess the common theme. Themes could be around famous artists, holidays, countries, or historical events, which kids in the car can guess. You can also ask kids to play theme songs if they have instruments. 

    Some Relaxation and Perspective Thinking with Silent Games

    Happy kids traveling in car playing car games for kids

    Thinking or silent games are best during mid-day when energy levels are low and you want some peace and quiet when on the road. You can also play these games with a few people when others sleep.

    Would you Rather?

    This fun-filled game keeps kids engaged with humorous situations and funny questions. You can frame a question as – “Would you rather give up your gaming console for a week or not eat pizza for a whole month?” These questions keep kids thinking and introspecting about their selections.

    A Secret Place

    You can highlight a few significant towns or cities on the way to your destination and ask kids to find them on the map. You can even do this digitally and ask your kids to calculate how long it will take to get there. This game can also be made more enjoyable with a physical map.

    Scavenger Hunt for the Road

    You can create a scavenger hunt by listing a few interesting and unique things that kids can look out for when on the road. Depending on the type of car journey and the destination, unique sights can be listed, such as a black cow, a purple sign, a group of bikes, etc.

    I Spy

    You can have endless fun with this car game for kids by making it even more challenging with rhyming riddles. Kids can decode these riddles to find the right answer and take pictures with their cameras or smartphones. 

    Online Educational Car Games for Kids

    Boy in blue crew neck shirt man taking photo inside car games for kids

    Some of the best games to play for kids are online educational games. They can be played with the whole family, with each child and parent taking turns to solve puzzles.

    Counting With Oolzoos

    With the help of friendly counting animals named Oolzoos, kids can learn the basics of counting on their smart devices. Multiple kids can participate in the quest to master counting by playing animated games and sequencing correctly.

    Find the Theme!

    In the find the theme game, kids can explore different science and biology-based elements, which they must group. They can find the underlying theme of prompts and have them resolved within a specific category. This is perfect for kids in the 3rd grade who want to refine pattern recognition and reading skills.

    Help the art collector sort their themes right now with your kids – Click here to play the game

    Identifying Digits

    With this online learning game, kids can place the right digits in the right spot for a range of questions. The game can be played by passing the smart device around, and kids can play multiple levels with supportive prompts and interactive animations.

    Play now at SplashLearn here

    Trivia Games for Quiz-Heads & Curious kids

    Family unloading things in the car games for kids

    Trivia questions can be inspiring, curiosity inducing, and fun for the whole family. You can make quizzes even more fun and exciting by having them be a part of a theme or a subject at school.

    Science trivia

    Two teams can guess science facts based on trivia questions. You can customize the questions based on their skill level and grade, while making questions challenging as they get more right answers. You can give out stars based on how many right answers each kid gets.

    Popcorn Trivia

    These trivia questions are all about movies, which is why they can be exciting to play individually. Kids can ask questions about their favorite movies and have you guess the right answer based on facts. You can even search online for fun facts, which strengthens kids’ research skills.

    On-Road Jeopardy

    The classic question-based game can be modified for on-road festivities, with jeopardy questions framed on a destination or event. You can provide a few categories of answers to them, and have them choose based on science, technology, math, ELA, etc.

    20 Questions

    You can start with a historical figure, a profession, or a subject, and ask your kids to guess what you’ve selected with only 20 questions. You can ask them to focus on specific themes, categories, or elements that they can reference to guess the right answer.

    SplashLearn makes learning fun, with dozens of animated games for vacations and car journeys

    The learning never stops with SplashLearn. You can plan your vacation by making your kids remain productive and engaged throughout the trip. They can optimize their time spent on smart devices by learning about counting, vocabulary, and phonetics on the way over. Our platform is perfect for kids between the grades of Pre-K and grade 5, with scientifically designed gaming experiences to improve scholastic performance.

    Explore more online educational resources and printable worksheets for kids that will aid in their learning experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why play car games for kids?

    Car games keep kids calm and optimistic about road trips, which can get long and monotonous for younger children. Games can also help keep their mood elevated if they feel anxious or stressed by being in a car for extended periods.   

    How can I make car games more fun?

    A. You can make car games more fun by incorporating online and offline strategies. You can include online learning platforms that drive fun learning experiences and traditional one-to-one games with classic, exciting engagement.  

    How can I make car games relevant for my kids?

    You can customize games towards what your child loves and have them play trivia quizzes based on their subjects at school. The underlying objective of these games can be to make learning fun again.   

    How should I prepare for car games with kids?

    You can leverage online educational gaming platforms, print out prompts, do online research on trivia quizzes, and install apps that can help with questions. You can print out gold stars and hand them out for the correct answers.

    How can I entertain my kids while driving?

    The best ways to keep your kids entertained and busy while driving is to play suitable games, engage them in meaningful conversations, and have them connect within the car. You can even plan rest stops strategically to ensure that they’re well-fed and entertained.

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