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11 Best Virtual Learning Tools for Distance Learning kids

In recent years, the popularity of online learning has surged, becoming a preferred method for students and teachers to engage in academic pursuits. This digital approach not only saves significant time but also enhances the dynamism of the learning process. A variety of innovative virtual learning tools have emerged, facilitating seamless connections between teachers and students while promoting a high degree of learning accuracy.

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These virtual learning platforms for teachers and kids have boosted the trend of distance learning. Students can manage their financial budgets, make online assignments, and enjoy virtual learning through them.

So let’s get down and learn more about these tools for virtual learning!

What Is Virtual Learning?

Virtual classrooms refer to the online learning hubs where students and teachers interact with each other for the sake of better effective learning.

Because of these online tools, everyone can enjoy the relish of the best education experience while staying at home or in a hostel. You do not have to go to the campuses, attend physical class sessions, and bear travel expenses. Everything is packed in the virtual learning world.

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Top 10 Virtual Learning Tools For Kids And Teachers

The following are the most trustworthy and reliable virtual classroom tools for teachers and scholars:

1. SplashLearn

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SplashLearn stands out as an exceptional online learning tool, offering a comprehensive framework that helps children become proficient in reading and math. Its user-friendly interface combines interactive games with educational activities, making learning both engaging and enjoyable. The platform’s flexibility is a key strength, accommodating a wide range of learning needs with diverse topics that align with various curricula.

SplashLearn particularly excels in creating customized learning paths tailored to each student’s individual strengths and challenges. Additionally, its progress monitoring tool is invaluable for parents and teachers, allowing them to track a child’s development and identify areas requiring further attention.

Why Choose SplashLearn?

  • Thorough instruction in reading and math
  • Interactive games on a fun UI
  • Tailored educational pathways for distinct learning
  • Monitoring student progress for parents and teachers

Discover the fun and effective way of learning with SplashLearn.

Easily navigable layout for self-directed learning


Calculatored banner image

Calculator emerges as a pioneering virtual learning platform, revolutionizing the approach to both basic and advanced mathematics. Regardless of the complexity of the problem at hand, this platform is designed to offer swift and effective solutions. More than just a problem-solving tool, it also serves as a learning aid, unveiling various skills and techniques through its step-by-step solutions. This feature not only aids in immediate problem resolution but also enhances your ability to tackle similar challenges independently in the future.

Coming to the categories it covers include:

  • Maths
  • Chemistry 
  • Physical sciences
  • Biology

Reasons To Shortlist This Virtual Learning Tool:

  • The site is loaded with more than 200 advanced calculators 
  • You can use any tool at any time and any place
  • You can share your findings in calculations with other students and teachers which boosts a positive learning environment


Calculator online banner image

Mathematics is an integral part of virtually every field of study, presenting challenges for many students who may not find it intuitive. However, the advent of this online calculator platform has significantly eased these challenges, offering instant solutions for a wide array of mathematical problems.

This website serves as a comprehensive resource for anyone in need of quick and precise calculations. Developed by experts in the field, it guarantees not only accuracy but also the most optimized results for your mathematical queries, consistently.

Subjects Covered On Site:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Health Sciences

Why Choose

  • Free online calculators (More than 800)
  • Step-by-step calculations available for any problem
  • No registration is required for usage
  • Easily downloadable PDF result file 
  • Also, students can share results just by copying the link into the virtual forums so that other students can learn as well 

4. Google Classroom

Google classroom banner image

Google Classroom stands out as one of the best remote learning tools, offering unparalleled flexibility in learning accessible from anywhere in the world. It streamlines the educational process for teachers, from crafting engaging lesson plans to monitoring student progress, all while infusing creativity into every lesson. An invaluable asset for any classroom, Google Classroom simplifies and enhances the teaching experience. Its versatility shines through its accessibility on both web and mobile applications, ensuring seamless integration into the modern educational environment.

Why Choose Google Classrooms?

  • Teachers can conduct online meetings anytime
  • They can easily create instant grades for students’ performances
  • Students can submit their assignments online without any hectic routine
  • They can share new ideas with hundreds of students via chat or online video meetings increasing their this platform, you can share only knowledge
  • Students can get direct feedback from teachers regarding their homework
  • Online presentations make students learn new ways to explain their ideologies

5. eduClipper

Edu clipper banner image

EduClipper stands out as a premier virtual learning tool, designed to foster intelligent and interactive learning experiences. This platform excels in promoting active engagement between students and teachers, making it a top choice for online education.

With EduClipper, students have the unique opportunity to showcase their creative assignments to their peers, enhancing collaboration and recognition in the classroom. This tool not only facilitates a deeper connection with fellow learners but also positions students to be favorably noticed by their teachers. Its user-friendly interface allows for efficient management of learning materials, contributing to a more effective and enriched educational journey.

Moreover, EduClipper enhances research skills and introduces innovative methods for comprehending complex concepts. For educators, it offers the added advantage of compiling comprehensive student portfolios, streamlining the tracking of academic progress and achievements

6. ClassDojo

Class dojo banner image

This platform stands as a premier choice among virtual learning environments, tailored for both teachers and children. It’s a treasure trove of informative content, fostering collaboration among classmates and establishing itself as a top-tier online educational tool.

Boasting an extensive collection of downloadable resources for both educators and young learners, it facilitates an interactive and enjoyable learning atmosphere. This platform not only enriches knowledge but also adds an element of fun to the digital educational experience.

Why Choose This Tool?

  • For teachers, they can manage their online classes without any trouble
  • They can also share students’ grades, data, and behavioural changes with their parents
  • They can even record students’ responses with a single tap which is a great feature for nominating a shining student
  • Students can interact with other fellows for a quick and better learning approach
  • They get virtual sessions of appreciation where they are encouraged for their grades and educational records

7. Khan Academy

Khan academy banner image

One excellent online learning platform that is well-known for its extensive educational materials is Khan Academy. It offers a wide range of disciplines, encompassing the humanities as well as science and math.

The platform’s strength is its vast library of video lectures, which simplify difficult ideas into smaller pieces and encourage comprehension. With a self-paced learning environment, students can go at their own pace and go over difficult material again.

Benefits of Using Khan Academy:

  • Broad coverage of disciplines, such as physics, math, and the humanities
  • Animated video lectures to help understand concepts
  • Self-directed education for personalized development
  • Exercises that adapt and provide rapid feedback
  • dependable progress monitoring for instructors and parents
  • Dedicated to promoting global diversity through open-access education
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8. Pear Deck

Pear deck banner image

Peer Deck ranks highly among virtual training tools, favored for its ability to enhance content creation and collaboration between teachers and students. This preference by the public and educational institutions stems from its facilitation of interactive learning experiences.

Teachers find Peer Deck particularly useful for swiftly and effortlessly crafting various assignments, exams, and quizzes. This functionality aids significantly in assessing student performance. As an add-on for Google Slides, Peer Deck enables educators to develop captivating presentations from the ground up or enrich existing ones with interactive elements.

Its user-friendly interface makes this distance learning tool accessible across multiple devices, enhancing its versatility. Additionally, students can inject humor and engagement into their presentations by adding amusing audio, which encourages active participation and attentiveness among their peers.

9. Kahoot

Kahoot banner image

If you want to enjoy online games and questions, this virtual learning platform stands out. With the help of this online learning platform, teachers can create different interesting quizzes, create discussion sessions, and give direct feedback on student’s performances.

These kinds of materials assist in creating an ecosystem in which teachers can better teach students about different concepts. And Kahoot promotes this feature. It helps to learn while playing. Students and teachers can give rise to a fun and learn scenario that boosts everyone’s performance in final examinations.

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10. Bloomz

Bloomz banner image

Bloomz allows students, teachers, and parents to connect and organize learning approaches better. Everyone enrolling on this platform must take his/her studies seriously as their parents directly notice performances. 

Why Bloomz?

  • Again, teachers can prepare assignments
  • They can easily set deadlines and reminders for the submission of learning tasks
  • Students can share different videos and images that add to the learning of all
  • Students get new ways to learn while staying at their residencies
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5 Importance of Virtual Learning Tools

1. Freedom of Learning

Virtual learning tools allow you to educate yourself with independence. With deadlines for online assignment submissions, students can become punctual in their academic approaches. Further, it assists in:

  • Posting homework
  • Discussing projects with students 
  • Watching presentations by teachers and other scholars

2. Combination of structure and freedom

Online degree programs are built on a structure of weekly assignments and due dates that you must meet, whether it’s taking an online test; posting homework, papers, and projects; watching a faculty presentation; or participating in a discussion with fellow classmates. However, within the program’s structure, you can choose the best times to participate that sync with your schedule.

3. Time management that works

For working adults juggling the responsibilities of returning to school with employment and family commitments, online education provides a conducive and flexible environment.

The elimination of the need to commute to and from campus classes alone saves several hours each week. This is just the beginning. Engaging in online education demands discipline and dedicated study time, which in turn enhances your skills in time management.

4. Expanded view of the educational world

Virtual learning platforms attract a large population of students from all across the globe. The students and teachers from different nations and countries share their ideas and get feedback from people from other lands. This helps students know what other students think of their work and efforts.

5. Scalability

It does not matter how less or small the number of your presentations and online tutorials is, just think that there is a large audience that might take advantage of your content. This creates a sense of positivity, belief, and self-confidence. So using virtual learning platforms, you must be proud of yourself and that people respect your work.


As per the changing methods of education from traditional ones to digital, students are at great ease of learning at the better pitch. The above-mentioned virtual learning platforms are continuously striving to educate you beyond your expectations. It is totally up to you how you are going to make your choice among these and start learning digitally.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the 4 tools of teaching?

It is the duty of a teacher to know the taste of the students he/she is teaching to. The following four tools might prove handy in this respect:

  • Adjustments
  • Demonstration
  • Observations
  • Proper instructions

Why Is remote learning beneficial?

As mentioned in the article above, remote learning can save you a lot of time, make you feel confident while presenting your work to the online community, and help others to understand things better. Even you can get assistance from anyone instead of going to campuses and asking for help. Everything is just a couple of taps away.

Who gains the most from learning online?

Students who are comfortable working remotely with their peers and who do not mind creating their own schedules for learning and tasks are likely to succeed in an online program.

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