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    10 Tips for Keeping Your iPad Safe

    We use iPads everyday- personally and professionally. It’s a valuable device, not just price-wise, but also utility-wise. It stores a large amount of our personal information in the form of email messages, social networking apps, photos, browsing history etc. Not surprisingly, it’s also highly theft-prone and susceptible to abuse of your personal data.

    We’ve a few simple tips which you can use to keep your iPad safe, secure and functioning properly.

    1. Keep it covered – Screen protectors are a must. A clear film over the screen will prevent it from scratches. Zagg, ArmorSuit, etc. are some good options available on Amazon.
    2. Keep it clean – Keep your iPad free of the dust and oils that will get on them during normal use. Use lint-free cloth to wipe. Microfiber screen cleaner is also a good fabric for the same.
    3. Use a case – A simple drop could crack the screen and possibly dent your iPad. Your insurance here is a good iPad case. Apple’s Smart Case, ArmorBox OtterBox etc. are some good options.
    4. Back up your data – Backup your data at least once a month on iTunes. Backups also help ensure seamless transition between your old iPad and your new one.
    5. Enable Auto-Lock – This is a must. Your iPad should auto-lock itself when not in use. This feature is handy as at times you can forget to lock the device.
    6. Set a passcode – The passcode blocks unauthorized users from accessing your apps and information, especially from nosy parkers or sneaks.
    7. Install software updates – Keeping iOS updated will make sure you have the latest security updates and patches installed against hackers and viruses. Also, your iPad will run smoother.
    8. Be a battery life saver – Adjust your iPad’s settings for better battery life including turning off apps when you are not using it and turning down the brightness on your display.
    9. Use common sense – Always connect to secure and trusted Wi-Fi networks, surf and click wisely, do not tinker with your iPad’s OS etc. unless you are an app developer 🙂
    10. Keep it private – Deleting Safari’s web history, cookies and cache regularly and disabling auto-fill of browser fields is a good idea if your device is going to be shared by many. 

    10 Tips for Keeping Your iPad Safe - Infographic


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