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    20 Best Children’s Books to Stimulate Kids’ Imagination & Creativity

    Books are kids’ best friends. They can develop their vocabulary, stimulate their creativity and curiosity, and open their minds to new things. 

    Today, children’s books are not only for children anymore. From a 4th grader to a teenager, everyone can enjoy these books. 

    Parents can simply go online, and they will find several free books for kids that the entire family can read together. However, in the vast pool of popular children’s books and fairy tales, it’s hard to find the best ones for your child. 

    So, we have collated the best children’s books that can help in your child’s growth, emotionally and mentally.

    Best 20 Children’s Books of All Times 

    1. Winnie-The-Pooh by A. A. Milne

    Image of children's book -  Winnie-the-Pooh

    Winnie-The-Pooh is the perfect book to bring delight into your kid’s life. The chuckling bear meandering through the hundred acre wood farm with his friends – Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet can make anyone smile. No matter what your age is, Winnie-The-Pooh character will make you fall in love with him.

    Moral: Friends are important. With good friends, nothing in life ever becomes morbid.

    Age: 4-7 years

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    2. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

    Image of Children's Book - Where the wild things are

    This book walks kids through different generations of children and their inner monsters. The book shows how imagination can help escape from life’s doldrums. The book also talks about testament and family love and how young Max’s mother saves him a hot dinner when he returns from reverie.

    Moral: Never judge someone by their appearance. 

    Age: 4-10 years 

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    3. The Mitten by Jan Brett

    Image of Children's Book - The mitten

    The Mitten is a recreation of a popular Ukrainian folktale. This book will show kids the importance of a small comfort on a cold winter day. The storyline revolves around a mitten and how it ends up providing comfort to different creatures. 

    One day when Nichi drops a mitten while walking in the woods, a mole crawls into it to find warmth. After that, a rabbit and then a brown bear found refuge in the mitten on a cold winter day.

    Moral: Value things that life gives you as some people don’t even the bare minimum necessities to lead a comfortable life. 

    Age: 3-12 years 

    4. Mrs. Pepperpot Stories by Alf Proysen

    Image of Children's Book - Mrs Pepperpot strikes again

    If you are looking for a popular children’s book from your childhood to pass on to your kids, Mrs. Pepperpot is the perfect fit. 

    Mrs. Pepperpot Stories have been enchanting children for over 60 years and still holds the same charm. The stories have changed a lot with the passing generations, so you can read this book with your kids and tell your time’s version to them.

    Moral: Every Mrs. Pepperpot’s story has a different underlying message. But overall, the series tells children how to cope with tricky situations.

    Age: 5-15 years 

    5. The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

    Image of Children's Book - The snowy day

    Want to introduce your teenager to the journey of a black protagonist? The book “ The Snowy Day” illustrates the journey of Peter through a snowbound New York City. 

    If you want your kids to appreciate diversity, make sure they read this masterpiece by Jack Keats. 

    Moral: One should always appreciate diversity. 

    Age: 3-10 years

    6. Press Here by Hervé Tullet

    Image of Children's Book - Press here
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    Press Here is a great book to ignite your toddler’s imagination. As its description says, just press the yellow dot on the cover, follow the instructions and wait for the magic to unfold.

    In the story, multiple dots imply that expanding your vision can make you realise that imagination has no limits. This popular children’s book will help your child broaden their senses.

    Moral: Imagination is our greatest gift. If we can imagine it, we can achieve it. 

    Age: 3-6 years   

    7. Like Father, Like Son by James Patterson

    Image of Children's Book - Like father, like son

    While most children’s books are full of dinosaurs and fantasies, this book is different.

    It is a breath of fresh air with a gripping detective story. This book is a sequel to the popular James Patterson’s best-selling mystery series. Your teenager will enjoy reading Ali solving a crime while his father Alex warns him to stay away from the investigation.

    Moral: Kids should always obey their parents as parents always want the best for their kids. 

    Age: 8-16 years 

    8. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell 

    Image of Children's Book - Black beauty

    Black Beauty might be an old novel but it is timeless and loaded with life lessons.

    Walking through the journey of a black horse, your child will pick many valuable lessons on the way. This is a good book for teens to understand life from the eyes of a carefree horse to a retired old mare.

    Moral: One should always grow up to be gentle and good. 

    Age: 11-16 years 

    9. Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

    Image of Children's Book - Blueberries for Sal

    This book will show kids how all families are similar despite their differences.

    It is the story of a child Sal and a baby bear Maine who are on a blueberry hunt with their respective mothers. It is also an intrusive read for a kid who ever felt like a rebel or parents who felt like they were raising a rebel.

    Moral: We’re all the same, regardless of our color, race, ethnicity or geography. 

    Age: 3-12 years 

    10. The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery

    Image of Children's Book - The little prince

    The Little Prince is a timeless fable that narrates the beauty of life and relationships.

    The journey of a young prince in space will give many life lessons to your child. This children’s book unfolds several precious and existential lessons like love is important in life and that it’s essential to find beauty in things.

    Moral: Love always helps us see the goodness in other people.

    Age: 5-12 years 

    11. Snuggle Puppy! by Sandra Boynton

    Image of Children's Book - Snuggle Puppy!

    Sandra Boynton is a popular American cartoonist, so her whimsical creation will easily hold your toddler’s attention.

    In this book, the illustrator has explained a story of a mama dog telling her puppies how much she loves them. It’s a beautiful love letter from a parent to child that you must read out to your little person.

    Moral: Mothers have an undying love for their children which is selfless and timeless. 

    Age: 3-10 years 

    12. The Napping House by Audrey and Don Wood 

    Image of Children's Book - The Napping House

    This is a perfect nap-time story for kids. The rhyming narrative, cute illustrations, and details of slumber happenings will help them sleep peacefully. Also, there’s a dog, cat, mouse, and flea in the story that will definitely bring a big smile to your toddler’s face.

    Moral: It’s important to share human experiences and not miss the beauty of life by indulging in too many activities at once. 

    Age: 2-5 years 

    13. Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

    Image of Children's Book - Owl Moon

    This children’s book will help you nurture a little bird watcher.

    The passionate story of a father-daughter duo taking a trip to find the elusive great horned owl will enchant your kids. Also, for dads, it is a great illustration to read with their darling daughters. 

    Moral: The story shows kids the importance of practising self-control.

    Age: 5-12 years 

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    14. My Truck Is Stuck! by Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk

    Image of Children's Book - My truck is stuck

    This story is about a truck that hits a pothole and gets stuck there. The people passing by then begin to help the truck. If your teenager loves automobiles, they will establish an instant connection with this beautiful Daniel Kirk creation.

    Moral: Kindness is a great virtue and helping others is an act of kindness. 

    Age: 7-12 years 

    15. Grimms’ Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm 

    Image of Children's Book -Brothers Grimm

    Grimms’ Fairy Tales is a reflection of different generations and their childhood. It is a pandora box of princesses, magic, and witches. The Brothers Grimm fairy tales contain several short stories with different messages. 

    You can get the whole Grimms’ Fairy Tales collection online or, you can get each story separately for your child.

    Moral: Every Grimm story has different morals, but the main message is that goodness always wins.

    Age: 5-13 years 

    16. Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley

    Image of Children's Book - Go away, big green monster

    If your toddler is afraid of monsters then this children’s book will make them see how all monsters aren’t scary. Once your kid sees there is nothing to be afraid of the Big Green Monster, they won’t call you in the middle of the night complaining that there’s a monster under their bed.

    Moral: Monsters aren’t scary and evil. This book mainly helps kids overcome bedtime frights. 

    Age: 3-8 years 

    17. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

    Image of Children's Book - The giving tree

    There’s surely not a better children’s book than The Giving Tree to emphasise the importance of generosity. It is the story of a tree that gives its life to save a boy. But in the end, the boy grows into a self-centred man who never gives anything. 

    Moral: This book shows kids the difference between being selfish and giving unconditionally, the good and bad sides of both. 

    Age: 5-12 years 

    18. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka

    Image of Children's Book - The true story of the 3 little pigs

    For your little ones, this witty book is a great way to learn how they should not trust anyone. It is a tale of three pigs and a big bad wolf. The story helps children understand that they should not trust anyone based on their appearance and that hard work always pays off. 

    Moral: Dedication is important and is a direct path to living a fulfilled life. 

    Age: 4-10 years 

    19. Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems 

    Image of Children's Book - Don't let the pigeon drive the bus

    This is a popular children’s book for preschoolers. It is a story of a pigeon who wants to drive the bus but it is forbidden for pigeons to drive the bus. So, how the pigeon manages to get behind the wheels is an inspirational tale for kids.

    This story will help your kids understand that they shouldn’t demand for unnecessary or forbidden things. 

    Moral: The story has different morals including responsibility, blame, persuasion, and even punishment.

    Age: 3-10 years 

    20. The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

    Image of Children's Book - The tiger who came to tea

    This story will send your kids on an imaginary tour of how they will act if unexpected guests like a Tiger knocks at the doorsteps.

    In this story, a young girl and her mother receive an unexpected house guest – the Tiger. So, they invite him for tea and watch him as he moves into their home with fascination.  

    Moral: Always be welcoming and friendly towards unexpected guests in your home.

    Age: 4-10 years 

    Children’s Books Make Childhood a Whole Lot Better!

    No matter what your child’s age is, reading books can bring warmth and happiness to their lives. Reading under the blanket with a torch or cuddling up together to read a book are few of the most cherished childhood memories. 

    Children’s books are also good to enhance literacy skills and spark creativity among children.

    Therefore, at SplashLearn, we bind our learning games with a storyline, characters and different hurdles. This helps students to better connect and understand complex math problems. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

    How are stories beneficial for children? 

    Reading stories can help kids learn new words, sounds, and languages. For the early development of a kid, children’s books that provide value are vital. These books can help to spark kids’ imagination and curiosity. 

    How do stories help children learn?

    A good story can create a sense of connection and build trust. Kids establish a connection with the characters. Thus, when they read their favourite story characters giving an important life lesson, they will definitely retain that information.  

    What can stories teach children? 

    The stories can unfold many important life lessons ahead of kids. Good books can help to develop an understanding and appreciation towards other cultures and people. Along with that, books always help children instil a positive attitude in themselves that can help them in the future when they face hardships.

    How can teachers use children's books in the classroom

    Children’s books are great tools for teachers to transmit academic knowledge in an emotional and effective manner. Teachers can use metaphors from popular children’s books to explain difficult concepts in the class. Further, they can create mental images of stories while teaching to young kids. 

    Can storytelling humanise learning? 

    Yes, storytelling can humanise the learning process. Further, it can also make emotional connections with the students. Many studies have concluded that stories are 22 times more memorable than facts. 

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