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    10 Easy Halloween Party Ideas for Kids to Throw a Spooky Soiree

    Halloween is forthcoming and we’re sure your kids already have their spooky on! With some preparations and these Halloween party ideas, you can throw your kids and their friends a super chilling party. 

    We have listed some easy-peasy Halloween party ideas for kids to help you throw an eerie & enjoyable Halloween party that involves a theme, music, food, DIY Halloween games and a lot more! 

    Theme it out

    Picking the perfect Halloween theme can be complicated. There are so many factors to consider like location, space size, kid-friendliness, etc.

    Whichever theme you choose, make sure that you stick with it for other elements as well like food, music, and decorations. Make sure to go all-in with the theme. 

    Some of the best Halloween theme ideas are: 

    • Murder Mystery Party
    • Scavenger Hunt 
    • Horror Movie Night 
    • House Decorating Party 
    • Candy Making Party 
    • Halloween Dance Party 
    • Zombie Prom 
    • Haunted House Party 
    • Hocus Pocus Night 

    Get creative with the invites

    Image showing halloween party invites
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    The invites for your Halloween party will set the tone for your theme. So, make sure to get them right! 

    You can take inspiration for your invitation design and re-create it on simple designing tools like Canva or Powerpoint. Make sure to include important details in your invite like who, when, where, how, etc. 

    Ghoulish-ing the decorations

    Fake blood, cobwebs, cut-out pumpkins, & bubbling cauldrons. Halloween decorations are sure fun and involve kids and parents together in the holiday activities. Decorating the house together is sure to ensure some serious bonding time!

    Image showing halloween party decorations
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    There are plenty of ideas that you can take inspiration from and do some kid-friendly decorations. Involve your kids in your Halloween decorations, whether you’re doing the party outdoors or indoors. 

    Some easy Halloween decoration ideas: 

    • Spooky Tattered Curtains 
    • Spiderweb or Blood Bath Cake 
    • Silhouette Decor 
    • Giant Paper or Balloon Spiders 
    • White Eerie Living Room 
    • The Broomstick Door 

    DIY halloween party games 

    DIY Halloween games are a super way to get kids excited! They are budget-friendly and are a great way for parents to bond with their children. Make sure to include games that suit your theme. And, make sure to have a gala time! 

    Make some delish food & drinks

    Try to keep Halloween snacks and drinks tasty and simple! Make a tangy punch that kids will enjoy with some cheese sandwiches to go along with. 

    You can make snacks that are relevant to your theme. 

    Image showing mummy dogs a halloween food
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    Here are some easy food and drink options that you can make in just a short span of time: 

    Melody of the wicked  

    Start your party with some spine-chilling music that gets kids into the Halloween spirit. 

    Check out this playlist for some uncanny Halloween tunes! 

    Get some cutesy gift bags 

    Create small and cute gift bags to be given to your kids’ friends at the end of the party. Think of this as something that the kids will take home and remember the Halloween party by. 

    You don’t need some fancy gift bags as homemade paper bags would do. The key is to get creative and write interesting Halloween stuff on the bags.  

    Image showing halloween party gift bags
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    Tricks & treats

    Image showing halloween brownies
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    Halloween is all about candy and sweets! Decorate your food table with some spooky-looking candies and don’t forget to put them in the gift bags as well. Pumpkin-shaped cookies and cupcakes are very common and you’d be able to get them at any store. 

    If you’re not able to find any store treats, just get plain donuts or cupcakes and decorate them with icing! 

    Check this out for some innovative Halloween treat ideas! 

    Halloween is great fun but don’t forget that the core purpose behind each holiday is to get in some family time. Do some activities that involve you and your kids together. Help your kids enjoy themselves to the fullest by enjoying with them!

    SplashLearn wishes you a Halloween full of togetherness and love!

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