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30 Best DIY Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween is one of the best days to bring out creativity, curiosity, and ingenuity among kids. You can work on some amazing Halloween craft ideas for kids and give them a sense of pride in making decorations that will be appreciated by their family and community.

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You can also teach them the importance of the festival and make them think about Halloween from different lenses. They can even make their own costumes to go along with their handmade crafts, which they can show their friends as they make their Trick-or-Treat rounds.

Let’s check out some of the best Halloween craft ideas for kids that involve simple everyday things and a hint of ingenuity & craftsmanship.

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31 Amazing At-Home Halloween DIY Crafts For Kids

Two kids making halloween DIY halloween crafts

1. DIY Haunted Houses

A spooky haunted birdhouse
Source:​ @thecountrychiccottage

Your kids can make their own haunted houses by decorating cardboard boxes with spooky exteriors and mirrored interiors. You can have them make an entrance, a lobby, some spooky stores, and other interesting sections.

Ideal Age Range: 6 years +

Things Needed: Paper, glue, paint colors, cardboard box and extra cardboard for accessories, scissors, tape, tissue paper, black sharpie

Steps to Make It: 

  • Make the house’s base depending on the shape of your cardboard box. 
  • Ask your child to plan where to put windows and doors in the house, and once they are done planning it out, slowly cut out the designs. 
  • This is the most fun part – Paint your haunted house & make it as spooky as you like. Add things like fake spider webs, tissue paper, or just some DIY halloween decorations to add to your house! 

2. Pumpkin Lanterns

Two DIY pumpkin lanterns
Source: @wall.alphacoders

The iconic Jack O’ Lantern is a classic Halloween craft which can be made by designing, cutting, and scooping out the insides of a small pumpkin. You can place a candle inside and close the top with the pumpkin head.   

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Pumpkin, carving tools, candle

Steps to Make It: 

  • Select the right kind of pumpkin that is firm, and with a small base. 
  • Ask kids to design on the pumpkin’s surface using a pen or marker. They can unleash their creativity and draw whatever designs they want 
  • Use pumpkin carving tools to create the lid. Cut a circular opening by the stem of the pumpkin. 
  • Carefully cut along your carved designs with a knife or carving tools
  • Place a candle or a battery operated light inside the pumpkin & light it up. Place the lid back.
  • Find a visible spot to show your spooky & glowy Jack-O-Lantern! 

3. Paper Plate Spiders

A DIY paper plate spider

By cutting a hole in the middle of a paper plate, you can place an ice-cream stick with a spider at the end of it. The spider can appear and disappear when you move the stick upwards and downwards in this cool Halloween DIY craft.

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Paper plate, spider toy, paint colors, googly eyes, glue, scissors, black pipe cleaners

Steps to Make It: 

  1. Color the paper plates with black paint and wait for them to dry 
  2. Bend four pipe cleaners in half and paste two bent pipe cleaners to each side of the paper plate. After gluing, you will have four spider legs sticking out on each side of the paper plate, making it eight legs in total
  3. Glue googly eyes to the front of the paper plate & your halloween spider is all ready! 

4. Hanging Bats

Multiple DIY spiders hanging
Source: @amazon 

Your kids can cut out similar sized bat designs and string them up to hang them off the roof. They can get creative with this DIY Halloween craft by using Origami to make them more 3-dimensional as well.  

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Colored paper, scissors, string, lights, googly eyes, glue, hole punch

Steps to Make It: 

  1. Use a pencil or pen to draw the bat design on the black colored paper 
  2. Cut out the bat shaped design 
  3. Attach googly eyes to the bat’s head with glue 
  4. Use the punch to create a hole at the bottom of the bat’s body for hanging 

5. Threaded Mummy

A DIY threaded mummy
Source: @whereimaginationgrows

Your kids can make a Mummy design out of black paper and give it googly eyes and a spooky face. They can wrap white thread around the cutout to turn it into a Mummy.

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: White thread, cardboard, googly eyes, glue, scissors 

Steps to Make a It:

  1. Draw a simple mummy shape on a piece of cardboard and cut it out using scissors or knife. 
  2. Tie a knot at one end of the white thread & glue it on the mummy cut out 
  3. Start wrapping the thread around the mummy cardboard cut out 
  4. Overlap the yarn to create a layered effect 
  5. Add googly eyes to the head where eyes should be 
  6. Add or red stains to create an eerie effect 

6. Sock Puppet Pumpkin Heads

You can teach your little one to make sock puppets that resemble pumpkin heads with this kids halloween craft. They can stuff socks together to create the rounded head, and add buttons and frills to give them distinctive features.

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Orange socks, buttons, frills

Steps to Make It: 

  1. Choose orange socks for pumpkin heads. 
  2. Cut out the pumpkin face shapes from the back of the sock 
  3. Paste googly eyes/buttons to make the pumpkin eyes & use markers to create a spooky mouth
  4. Stuff the socks with old socks to give pumpkin head its shape 
  5. Add frills for decorative purposes 

7. Pumpkin Cookies

A girl holding a halloween pumpkin themed cookie
Source: @amazon 

You can have your kids follow a cookie recipe but make it their own by creating tiny pumpkins, ghouls, spiders, and other spooky creatures. You can hand them out when they’re trick-or-treating.

Ideal Age Range: 8 years +

Things Needed: Food coloring, cookie dough, pumpkin shaped food cutter, sprinklers 

Steps to Make It: 

  1. Use pumpkin shaped cookie cutters to cut the cookie dough 
  2. After your pumpkin shaped cookies are baked and ready, make the icing with orange food coloring 
  3. Spread the icing over the pumpkin shaped cookies & add some sprinklers for fun 

8. Halloween Themed Paper Cutouts

Tying paper cutouts together is one of the easiest Halloween craft ideas for kids, involving folding a paper base multiple times and cutting out the frame. Halloween paper cutouts are a great option for age-appropriate creepy halloween crafts for kids. You can make it spooky by cutting out pumpkin heads, spider webs, goblins, etc.

Ideal Age Range: 5 years +

Things Needed: Construction paper, scissors, colored paper 

Steps to Make It: 

  1. After you have decided on the Halloween themes that you want for different paper cutouts (like pumpkins, ghosts, witches, bats, cats, or any other spooky or festive and classic Halloween elements), design your cutouts on colored or construction paper. You can also find many templates online
  2. Using scissors, cut out your halloween themed shapes
  3. Once you have the shapes, use markers or paint to add basic details like eyes and mouth to pumpkins or features to witches and ghosts. You can also make many different cutouts of a design and use glue to assemble them together

9. Paper Bag Pocket Monsters

A monster paper bag
Source @ Tammi Craft

DIY Halloween crafts like this paper based craft for kids are creatively liberating, giving children an easy medium to work on. You can reference movies and TV shows to make cartoon monsters with ribbons, button eyes, and colored paper.

Ideal Age Range: 5 years +

Things Needed: Paper bag, glue, buttons, ribbons, scissors 

Steps to Make It:

  1. Draw out eyes, mouths, noses on a piece of colored paper and cut them out with scissors 
  2. Glue them on a paper bag to ensure it looks like a face 
  3. Each monster should look different with creative or creepy expressions 
  4. Use decorative supplements like googly eyes, fur, frills, etc.

10. Paper Candy Pumpkins

Candies wrapped in pumpkin shaped cloth

An interesting way of giving out candy is to make mini pumpkin bags out of orange colored paper. These Halloween craft ideas for kids are super fun. Your children can arrange different types of candies as well in these paper-based bags. 

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Orange & green paper, candy, glue, scissors 

Steps to Make It: 

  1. Cut out identical pumpkin shapes on the orange paper. Each shape should consist of two pieces which are exactly the same. One piece is for the front and one is for the back of the bag
  2. Draw or cut facial features on one of the pumpkin shapes if you’d like to add a jack-o-lantern face. Green colored paper can be used to cut the stems for the pumpkin 
  3. Take either the front or back of the pumpkin shape & apply glue or double-sided tape around the edges. Make sure to leave the top open to put candies
  4. Paste the other identical pumpkin shape on top of the glued one & put pressure on the edges together to seal the bag. Make sure to seal it well to prevent candies from falling out 
  5. If you want to make a handle for the bags, punch two holes near the top edge on the opposite sides. Put it together through a ribbon or thread to string through the holes & there you have the handle.

11. Cardboard Zombies

You can have your kids make zombie heads out of cardboard boxes and decorate them with markers and colors. They can give them silly expressions to make it a spooky & goofy decorative head.

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Cardboard boxes, colors, scissors, glue 

Steps to Make Cardboard Zombies: 

  1. Cut a cardboard box open & lay it flat 
  2. Design the body shape of the zombie & cut it out using scissors. Make it simple or go completely creative
  3. Create the arms & legs of your zombies on the cardboard & cut it out to attach to the main body shape with glue 
  4. After the structure is ready, use paints to color the zombie
  5. Add elements like bloodstains using red paint. Use gray, black, and green to give a zombie characterization 

12. Toilet Roll Bats

The cardboard roll can become the body of the bat, when painted black and decorated with googly eyes and a spooky smile. You can add paper cutouts for the wings and feet & let your kids have a gala time with Halloween arts and crafts.

Ideal Age Range: 3 years +

Things Needed: Toilet rolls, colors, paint, googly eyes, scissors, colored sheets

Steps to Make It: 

  1. Color a toilet paper roll in black to make it look like the body of a bat
  2. Cut two identical bat wings after drawing them on a black colored sheet 
  3. Paste the two wings on the edge of two sides of the toilet paper roll 
  4. To create the bat’s eyes, paste googly eyes on the top of the roll
  5. You can also make ears and mouth with cutouts 

13. Halloween Candy Box

A candy box wth halloweened themed candies in it

The best Halloween crafts for kids involve jars and boxes, giving kids a solid medium to work on. You can have them make candy boxes with a spooky theme, and embellish the box with stickers, emblems, ghoulish eyes, etc.  

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Cookie box, emblems, stickers, Halloween themed wrapping or craft paper 

Steps to Make It:

  1. Apply glue or double-sided tape to the back of the Halloween-themed craft paper
  2. Wrap the paper around the cookie box, making sure it is free of wrinkles & you’re able to run your hand smoothly on it. You can also trim any excess paper
  3. Decorate your candy box with stickers or use markers to draw any designs. Your kids can also add a halloween message to wish others! 

14. Stick Ghosts

Stick ghosts

A great outdoor Halloween crafts activity for kids is making ghosts out of stick figures. A T-shaped stick figure can be made with twine or rope, and a sheet can be wrapped over it to turn it into a ghost.

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Sticks, white sheet, tissue paper, scissors, glue, thread, black marker 

Steps to Make Stick Ghosts: 

  1. Trim the sticks if they have any rough edges or bark
  2. Cut squares or circles from white sheet or tissue paper. They should smoothly wrap around the top of the sticks 
  3. Tie the tissue paper around the next of the stick using a piece of thread
  4. Use black markers to create the ghost’s expression

15. Ice-cream Stick Monster Babies

An ice cream stick monster
Source: @

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Toilet rolls, colors, paint Ice-cream sticks, painting colors, markers, colored sheets, scissors, glue 

Steps to Make Ice-cream Stick Monster Babies:

  1. Paint the ice-cream sticks with the desired colors as per your halloween theme, whether it’s cute or spooky 
  2. Use colored paper to cut out various shapes for monster babies like eyes, ears & mouth. They can also draw the factual features with markers 
  3. Paste the facial elements on the ice-cream sticks 
  4. Encourage your child to get creative with the stick designs & add various halloween symbols with decoration 

16. Orange Peel Pumpkin Heads

Father and daughter peeling and painting pumpkins
Source: @thestartupsquad

You can make pumpkin heads out of orange peels by cutting them whole and persevering them. They can be stuffed or strengthened with glue, and painted on to make them look like cute tiny pumpkins.

Ideal Age Range:  4 years +

Things Needed: Oranges, knife

Steps to Make It: 

  1. Cut off the top of an orange carefully using a knife. This will make the lid of your pumpkin head 
  2. Scoop out the flesh & pulp from inside the orange 
  3. Give a spooky or funny look to your pumpkins by carving eyes, nose & mouth into the orange peel. Make sure to supervise kids if they are the ones using the knife to carve.

16. Glass Jar Mummies

mummies made out of glass jars
Source @

This is one of the best Halloween crafts ideas when you’re starting out your decorative planning. You can add eyes on a glass mason jar and wrap thread around it to turn it into a Mummy. You can add a candle in it and watch it glow at night.

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Jar, thread, googly eyes, glue, battery operated lights or fairy lights, cotton gauze 

Steps to Make Glass Jar Mummies:

  1. Glue the loose end of your cotton gauze to the jar 
  2. Wrap the jar with the cotton gauze till it’s completely covered. Trim the cloth that is left and & glue the other end to the jar
  3. Tape or glue two googly eyes to the front of each jar
  4. Add battery operated lights or fairy lights inside to make the jar mummies have a scary glow at night! 

17. Milk Jug lanterns

You can turn an empty milk jug into a Jack O’ Lantern, with some orange paper, ribbons, and some innovative coloring. You can have multiples of them around the backyard and add candles to them as well.

Ideal Age Range: 5 years +

Things Needed: Milk jug, ribbons, marker, lights

Steps to Make Milk Jug Lanterns: 

  1. Cut a hole in the back of a milk jug in whatever shape you want
  2. Draw faces in the milk jug with a marker 
  3. String the lights through the back of the jugs and this simple DIY craft is ready. Your kids can also put ribbons for decoration. 

18. Spooky Stones

spooky paintings on stones

Simple Halloween arts and crafts for kids are best to start your day of decorating for the festival. You can paint rocks in the form of spirits, pumpkins, ghouls, spiders, etc.

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Rocks, paint

Steps to Make Spooky Stones: 

  1. Make sure the stones are clean without any traces of dirt 
  2. For the base coating, choose a halloween themed color like green, gray, orange or black. Apply a double coat for better coverage
  3. Paint various designs like jack-o’-lantern faces, ghosts, bats, spiders, witches, or any other Halloween-themed designs. 

19. Paper Cup Monsters

You can decorate paper cups and turn them into vampires, zombies, witches, ghosts, and a range of Halloween creatures with these paper halloween crafts. Adding some glow in the dark slime to them will make them pop-out.

Ideal Age Range: 3 years +

Things Needed: Paper cups, paint colors, marker, yarn, sticks, colored sheets

Steps to Make Paper Cup Monsters:

  1. Paint a paper cup with an orange or black paint. Decide on a theme for the monster and paint the cup according to that
  2. Turn the paper cup around and use yarn to make the monster’s fur. Glue the fur around the paper cup’s base. Keep adding the yarn till you reach the top of the cup
  3. The next step is only for adults. Cut two short slits at the base of the cup & insert popsicle or ice-cream sticks into it
  4. Glue plastic/googly eyes at the end of the stick to make the monster’s eyes
  5. Next, cut a mouth & some white teeth on it from colored sheets & paste them towards the open end of the cup to make it look like a monster face
  6. Have a roaring halloween with your little monsters! 

20. Ghostly Donuts

Halloween themed donuts

You can make different types of foods with halloween food crafts, but only with the right types of edible paint, fondant, and food coloring. You can make Halloween donuts with your kids as a cool food-based crafts idea for the season.

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Donut, fondant, edible paint, food coloring, powdered sugar, eyes 

Steps to Make Ghostly Donuts: 

  1. Use edible paint or food coloring to color your donuts in halloween colors. You can also use powdered sugar to give it a cold & eerie effect 
  2. Place two eyeballs on top of each donut with icing to make it look like that it’s a screaming ghost
  3. You can also use sprinklers in a different way to give it a halloween look

21. Balloon Monsters

Balloons are always adored by kids and they can be easily made into halloween crafts for kids to have a gala time with. These monsters will give a happy time to your kids & will be the perfect DIY craft addition to your halloween decorations! 

Ideal Age Range: 6 years +

Things Needed: Balloons, LED lights, markers 

Steps to Make It: 

  1. Put an LED light in each balloon and blow them up. Make sure the balloons are of different colors
  2. Use markers & colors to paint them into monsters with different expressions which are a mix of silly & spooky
  3. Hang them up or leave them floating around the house 

22. Mini Pumpkin Outdoor Crafts

Two pumpkin on the foot of tree with witch hats

Your kids can decorate mini pumpkins in different shapes and forms, and give them hats, eyes, and different expressions as outdoor decorations. They can make pumpkin witches, place them on trees, and call it their spooky corner.

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Rocks, paint, thick green paper, super glue, paint brush 

Steps to Make Mini Pumpkin Outdoor Crafts: 

  1. Paint the rocks with orange paint to make them look like mini pumpkins 
  2. Once the paint is dry, use black to paint to make spooky eyes, jack-o-lantern or just some silly expressions 
  3. Create stems with a thick green colored sheet & attach it to the top of the rock 
  4. Place them outside your house or in the garden and let them add on to your halloween set-up

23. Fruits & Veggies Monsters

Kids can paint scary monsters by coloring over fruits and vegetables. It’s a simple Halloween DIY craft idea that can be done within minutes.

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Fruits, vegetables, paint

Steps to Make Fruits & Veggies Monsters: 

  1. For a banana monster, peel some bananas and cut them in half. With mini chocolate chips, create eyes and a mouth on the half bananas to make them look like friendly ghosts.
  2. To make a witch’s broomstick, cut celery stalks into 4-inch pieces. Make small cuts at one end of each celery piece to give an appearance of broom bristles. Insert a pretzel stick into the uncut end to complete the broomstick.
  3. Similarly, using edible coloring options, you can make other food & vegetables into halloween themed eatables.

24. Paper Mache Tombstones

Tombstones made out of paper

You can teach the art of Paper Mache to your kids by making tombstones for your outdoor decorations. This is one of the most visually stunning and easy DIY Halloween crafts for kids that also teaches patience and precision.

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Paper Mache, paint, markers   

Steps to Make Paper Mache Tombstones: 

  1. Draw tombstones on your paper mache mold and cut them out 
  2. Use paint & markers to make them look spooky. Do add the gray color element to give it a realistic look. 

25. Wooden Spoon Dracula

The head of the cardboard or wooden spoon can be the head of the vampire, and you can add a cape and some googly eyes to complete the look. These are some of the most fun Halloween crafts for kids and are a great addition to any Halloween crafts table.

Ideal Age Range: 3 years +

Things Needed: Spoon, colors, chart paper, googly eyes

Steps to Make a Wooden Spoon Dracula: 

  1. Paste googly eyes to the back of the spoon. 
  2. Use permanent pens to draw scary faces
  3. For Dracula, cut a cape shape out of black chart paper 
  4. From an orange paper, cut out a small bow-tie. 
  5. Paste both around Dracula’s neck on the wooden spoon 

26. Newspaper Witch’s Hat

A witch hat made out of newspapers

You can turn a newspaper into a witch’s hat with some simple folding, cutting, and hot glue. You can add some stickers and patches to bring out the Halloween theme further in these spooky drawing ideas

Ideal Age Range: 5 years +

Things Needed: Newspaper, paint, ribbons, glue, scissors

Steps to Make a Newspaper Witch’s Hat: 

  1. Take one sheet of a newspaper and fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle
  2. Roll the triangle firmly from the folded end towards the point to create a cone shape. Ensure the pointy end of the triangle forms the tip of the cone.
  3. Use glue to paste to the edge of the cone so it doesn’t open suddenly. Make sure the base of the cone is wide enough to fit the witch’s head.
  4. To make it look like a witch’s hat, flatten the cone gently. The top of the cone will be the pointy part of the hat
  5. Trim the bottom edge of the cone with scissors to create the hat’s brim. The brim’s size is usually a few inches wide. You can add another layer of folded newspaper around the existing brim to make it sturdier
  6. Add feathers, spiders, paint, ribbon to give it a cool scary look. 
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27. Handprint Banner

Handprint banners
Source @

In this easy Halloween craft, You can cut out handprints of every member in the family and tie them up in a banner form as a cool Halloween craft idea. Kids can also customize their handprints to make them spookier.

Ideal Age Range: 4 years +

Things Needed: Chart paper, colors, ribbons, decorative halloween items

Steps to Make a Handprint Banner: 

  1. After you have decided the number of handprints you want to use, (depends on what you want the final design – the word “Boo” or making shapes like pumpkin, spiders, etc. is an easy idea) trace the handprints on a chart paper of your choice. Use different colors for variety, you can also decide on a colorful or Halloween-Y theme
  2. Now, carefully cut out the handprints. One handprint will be needed for each letter or each shape of your design 
  3. Write your different letters on each handprint after you have used halloween items to decorate them 
  4. Lay out the handprints in the desired order to make the banner. Use glue to put together the handprints at the length of a ribbon. Make sure to leave some gap between each handprint 
  5. If you want to hang the banner, punch holes on each end of the ribbon

28. Owl Pumpkins

A halloween themed owl made out of pumpkin
Source: @diy-enthusiasts

Ideal Age Range: 3 years +
Things Needed: Small pumpkin, painting colors, tissue papers, chalks, cardstock paper, googly eyes, glue 

Steps to Make Owl Pumpkins:  

  1. Paint your pumpkin black and once it’s dry, draw scallop shaped lines across the front of the pumpkin to look like owl feathers
  2. Cut four circles from the tissue paper and cut small slices off each circle to make straight edges 
  3. Put glue on the straight edges and paste them on the side of the pumpkins. Layer two circular tissues on each side to make the owl wings
  4. Put googly eyes and a beak from the orange cardstock paper to finish the owl 

29. Pumpkins from Apple Stamps

Apple stamp craft

This is a super simple halloween craft which requires little or no time. Pro tip, ask your kids to use half an apple for this activity and eat the other half. Fun & nutrition go hand-in-hand for this craft! 

Ideal Age Range: 3 years +
Things Needed: Apples, plastic eyes, glue, brown & green pipe cleaners 

Steps to Pumpkin Apple Stamp:  

  1. Cut the apple in half
  2. Put orange paint on one half of the apple & press it down on a white paper
  3. Cut brown pipe cleaners into small sizes to make stems and curl the green pipe cleaners around a pencil to make a leaf 
  4. Glue the stem and curly leaf, attach the eyes & your pumpkin with an apple stamp is ready

30. Spooky Lollipops

DIY Halloween themed lollipops

This halloween craft will definitely be a treat to your and your kids’ taste buds! Although your kids make this alone, you will have an awesome time making this with your little ones. 

Ideal Age Range: 6 years +
Things Needed: Lollipops, Lollipop sticks, googly eyes, parchment paper, baking sheet

Steps to Pumpkin Apple Stamp:  

  1. Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper 
  2. Place jolly next to each other so they are touching
  3. Add the sticks 
  4. Place in the oven for about 8-10 minutes which has been pre-heated at 250 degrees
  5. Remove from the oven and immediately add candy eyes and lollipop sticks. Place the sticks on the melted candies & twist them so it is completely covered
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It’s Time to Get Started!

Now that we’ve explored some of the best Halloween crafts, it is time to get started. By picking up supplies and mapping out what you want to do, you can make these activities that much more exciting. It’s important to keep your kids engaged and involved deeply throughout each activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I keep my kids busy at home during halloween?

One of the best ways to keep your kids engaged at home is to involve them in DIY decorations, festive activities, and Halloween crafts to do with kids.

How can I make halloween more fun for children?

The best way to make the festival more fun is to make it more communal. You can organize a party, arrange decorations, and make creative & unique costumes.

What supplies do I need for halloween crafts?

Some of the most common supplies are construction paper, hot glue, googly eyes, ribbons, glitter, and slime.

Can I reuse household items to make halloween crafts?

Yes, you can reuse paper plates, cardboard boxes, rolls, tissue paper, and other common objects for creative crafts.

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