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30+ Best DIY Father’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

With Father’s Day approaching soon, it’s the perfect time to start brainstorming some creative and thoughtful Father’s Day crafts to make with your kids. Crafting is an engaging and enjoyable way for kids to express their love and appreciation for their dads, and in this article, we’ll be sharing 50 of the best Father’s Day craft ideas for kids. These crafts are easy, inexpensive, and perfect for kids of all ages. Moreover, they also help to improve creativity in kids. Let’s dive in and get inspired to create some unforgettable Father’s Day crafts!

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30+ Best Father’s Day Crafts Ideas

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1. Coffee Goodies in a Jar

Things You’ll Need: A clear jar, coffee beans, instant coffee packs, other coffee-flavored stuff, ribbons, etc.

How To Do: Take the kids to pick up coffee beans, liquid, instant coffee packs, and other coffee-flavored stuff (like chocolates) that their dad would love. Fill all these goodies in a jar and let the kids write a sweet note for their daddy to hang around the jar with a ribbon.

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2. Paper Mache Key Bowl

Things You’ll Need: a bowl, plastic wrap, glue, water, paper mache, and paint.

How To Do: To make a handmade bowl, first, take a mixing bowl and turn it over. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap to keep it safe from the glue. Prepare a mixture of equal parts of white glue and water, and then dip one-inch-wide strips of paper into it. Wrap the strips around the bowl, keeping in mind to place the strips face down for the inner bowl and face up for the outer shell. Once you’re done, remove the plastic wrap and allow the bowl to dry completely. Let the kids do this activity as you guide them and leave the painting to them in the end. 

3. Handpainted Flower Pot

Things You’ll Need: A flower pot, paint colors, and paint brushes

How To Do: Choose a flower pot to let the kids paint over. Hand them over some acrylic paints and let them paint them as they like. Make sure to fill the pot with some garden soil and plant some flowers or a plant in it before they surprise their dad with the gift. If their dad loves gardening, this will be one of the best Father’s Day crafts to choose from. 

4. Personalized Tie

Things You’ll Need: Tie, fabric markers, and cardboard

How To Do: Place a piece of cardboard inside the tie to prevent bleeding. Have your child use fabric markers to draw a design or write a message on the tie. Let it dry for several hours before wrapping it for gifting to Dad.

5. Homemade Pretzels

Things you’ll need: Sprinkles, chocolate, or syrup for dipping the pretzels

How to do: This is a great father’s day craft for preschoolers. Prepare a big batch of pretzels at home and get the kids involved in the process. The best and the most fun and engaging way to involve the kids is by asking them to dip the pretzels in chocolate or syrup and let them sprinkle the pretzels with their favorite sprinkles. Put the pretzels in a jar and let the kids decorate it with tags and wrapping paper, and have them gift it to their dad. 

6. DIY Memory Game

Things You’ll Need: Cardstock paper, markers, family photos, and scissors

How To Do: Instruct the kids to cut the cardstock paper into squares and fold them in half. Draw pictures or write words on the front of the cards with markers and glue family photos to the back of the cards. Play memory with Dad by asking him if he remembers where and when each of the pictures was taken. This is not just a great Father’s Day crafts idea but also a great way to spend some quality time together.

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7. Memories With Dad Picture Frame

Things You’ll Need: Picture frame, mat, marker, or pen

How To Do: Start by buying an inexpensive picture frame and matching mat from a local crafts store. Let the kids write their favorite things to do with Dad around the edges of the mat, making sure to leave enough space for a picture. Once the kids have finished writing, frame the mat with the picture and wrap it up as a gift for Dad to receive on Father’s Day.

8. Photo Cube with Handpicked Pictures

Things You’ll Need: A frame, pictures, old greeting cards, etc

How To Do: Make a photo cube and let the kids choose their favorite pictures of their dad, some old greeting cards they had gifted to him, old drawings, and an “I love you Dad” handwritten note. Gather this all in the photo cube and stick it nicely before letting the kids gift it to their dad. 

9. Colorful Paperweight

Things You’ll Need: Some round and smooth stones, colorful fabric scraps, stickers, and glue

How To Do: Collect some round and smooth pebbles and rocks for this Father’s Day crafts activity. Let the kids cover the rocks with their favorite fabric scrap and glue it nicely onto it. Finish the craft by sticking some colorful or glittery stickers on top before surprising their dad with a homemade paperweight!

10. Personalized Notebooks

Things You’ll Need: Notebook, alphabet stamps or alphabet stencil, and sketch pens or colored pens.

How To Do: This is one of the easiest Father’s Day crafts you’ll find on the internet. All you need to do is use the stamps and stamp out alphabets saying “Best Dad” or “Superhero” or any one-word adjective the kids want to write on the notebook. You can also use the stencil to do this. 

11. Colorful Handmade Plastic Bowl

Things You’ll Need: Plastic beads, oven, non-stick oil, and an oven-safe bowl. 

How To Do: Firstly, apply nonstick cooking spray to the inside of an oven-safe bowl. Next, cover the bowl with a single layer of plastic meltable beads. Bake the bowl in the oven until the plastic beads have melted. Once it’s cooled, take out the bowl carefully. Let the kids fill the bowl with little gifts and goodies for their dad. 

12. Bake At Home Pizza Kit

Things You’ll Need: Vegetables to put on a pizza, pizza base, sauces, and cheese

How To Do: This is one of the most fun Father’s Day crafts for kids. Take the kids out for grocery shopping and let them decide which vegetables to buy for the pizza kit. Buy the pizza base, sauces, and cheese, and let the kids pack all this up into a Make-At-Home Pizza kit for their dad. Let them enjoy some time together with their dad as they bake the pizza and enjoy the meal together. 

13. Message in a Bottle

Things You’ll Need: A glass bottle with a cork or a tightly sealing lid, decorative sand or small pebbles, assorted colored paper or cardstock, scissors, twine or ribbon, markers or pens

How To Do: Take the colored paper or cardstock and cut it into small, rectangular strips. Let the kids write messages on the strips using markers or pens. Once you have written all your messages, carefully roll each strip into a tight scroll, ensuring the message is visible from the outside. Pour decorative sand or small pebbles into the glass bottle, filling it about one-third of the way. This will serve as a beautiful base for your scrolls. Insert your message scrolls, one by one, into the bottle. You can arrange them in a neat row or let them fall naturally for a whimsical effect. If desired, add small seashells or trinkets to the bottle for extra decoration. Securely seal the bottle with a cork or a tightly sealing lid to ensure the messages stay inside. To finish the craft, tie a decorative twine or ribbon around the neck of the bottle, creating a bow or knot.

14. Jar Lid Medals

Things You’ll Need: Jar lid, dry clay of different colors, cookie cutters, glue, stiff colored paper, scissors, and safety pins

How To Do: Take a jar lid and let the kids fill the back of the lid with clay. Make the surface as smooth as possible to get a smooth surface to work on. Now, instruct the kids to create a word from the clay of another color or use the cookie cutter to make some shapes to put on the lid. These can be small words like “Best Dad” or “#1 Dad”. Stick these on the clay surface and let it dry. Finally, ask the kids to cut the stiff colored paper- let them cut tiny triangles from the bottom to make a ribbon out of the paper and stick them at the back of the lid. Add a safety pin for Dad to wear proudly!

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15. Six-Pack Decor

Things You’ll Need: Cork coasters, paint, threads, markers, ribbon, confetti

How To Do: If you’re looking for easy Father’s Day crafts, this is it. Let the kids paint or decorate the cork coasters as they like with the paint and markers. Once they’re done, use a needle to punch in a hole in the coasters and add a ribbon or a thread to tie it to the six-pack. Let the kids also add confetti in the box and surprise their dad on Father‘s Day!

16. Scrappy Portrait of Dad

Things You’ll Need: Leftover paper, paper from magazines, newspapers, heavy paper, glue, and scissors

How To Do: Instruct the kids to cut paper from newspapers or magazines that match the dad’s skin tone, eye color, etc, and have them make a portrait of dad with this scrap paper. Glue these pieces together on heavy paper and make a card out of it. 

17. Ruler Pen Stand

Things You’ll Need: Old wooden rulers, glue, and anything to decorate the stand

How To Do: Cut the ruler into four equal halves and stick them on the edges to make a pencil cup. Cover the bottom part with a plastic sheet and decorate the cup with stickers, or paint it completely. Let the kids make this super easy craft for their dad and gift it to him on Father’s Day!

18. String Art

Things You’ll Need: Paper, plywood, paint, nails, hammer, string or embroidery floss

How To Do: Instruct the kids to cut paper into letters in the size they like and place them on a piece of painted plywood. Tap nails every 1⁄2 inch around the perimeter of each letter, then remove the paper letters. Do this step yourself to avoid any injuries to kids. Using thin string or embroidery floss, tie a triple knot around one nail and let kids begin weaving string diagonally from nail to nail to fill in the centers of the letters. Instruct them to keep weaving until the inside of each letter is fully covered with string. Knot at the end when finished and trim off any excess string.

19. Cork Coasters

Things You’ll Need: Cork coasters, acrylic paint, and paint brushes or stencils

How To Do: Give the cork coasters to the kids and ask them to paint them as they like. You can also give them geometric stencils to make sure there is uniformity in the coasters. Wrap the coasters in wrapping paper and decorate them with a ribbon and personalized message for the kids to surprise their dad. 

20. Bottle Cap Magnets

Things You’ll Need: Peel off magnets, and old bottle caps

How To Do: Let the kids pick out vintage bottle caps from a vintage store or let them take out their dad’s bottle cap collection and stick peel-off magnets at the back of each of them to make cute fridge magnet gifts for their dad. 

21. “Best Dad Ever” Trophy

Things You’ll Need: Paper or plastic cup, gold spray paint, cardboard or foam sheet, scissors, glue, and markers

How To Do: This is one of the most fun DIY Father’s Day crafts. Spray paint the cup with gold paint and let it dry. Let the kids cut a circle out of the cardboard or foam sheet slightly larger than the bottom of the cup. Now, cut out two strips of cardboard or foam sheet to create handles for the trophy. Glue the circle to the bottom of the cup and glue the handles on the sides and write “Best Dad Ever” on the cup with markers.

22. Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Things You’ll Need: White T-shirt, tie-dye kit, plastic gloves, and rubber bands

How To Do: Instruct the kids to wet the T-shirt and wring out the excess water. Pinch and twist sections of the fabric and wrap rubber bands around them- this step might need your handling. Mix the tie-dye according to the instructions and apply it to the T-shirt and let the dye sit on the fabric for a few hours. Let the kids rinse the T-shirt in cold water until the water runs clear, then wash and dry it.

23. Handprint BBQ Apron

Things You’ll Need: Plain white apron, fabric paint, and paintbrush

How To Do: Pour a small amount of fabric paint onto a paper plate or palette. Have your child dip their hand into the paint and then press it firmly onto the apron. Repeat with different colors of paint until you have multiple handprints on the apron. Allow the paint to dry completely before wrapping it for their dad.

24. Clay Bowl for Keys

Things You’ll Need: Clay, stamp

How To Do: Make a clay bowl and let the kids color it in their favorite colors. Once the paint dries, let the kids stamp out “Dad” at the bottom of the bowl and wrap it for their dad to surprise him on Father’s Day. 

25. Movie Night Jar

Things You’ll Need: A jar, different flavored microwavable popcorn, chocolates, snacks, a movie name, a ribbon, and a tag

How To Do: Make the kids fill a jar with all of their dad’s favorite popcorn, snacks, and chocolates, and make them add a movie name to the jar as well. Close the jar and decorate it with a ribbon and a tag with a handwritten note by the kids wishing him a happy Father’s Day!

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26. Personalized Coupon Book

Things You’ll Need: Cardstock paper, scissors, markers or crayons, and ribbon

How To Do: Instruct the kids to cut the cardstock paper into small rectangular pieces. On each piece, have the kids write down a special task or activity they can do for their dad, such as “Wash the car”, “Make Dad breakfast in bed”, “Clean up the garage”, etc. Decorate each coupon with markers or crayons and stack the coupons together and staple them or tie them with a ribbon to make a booklet.

27. Customized Candy Jar

Things You’ll Need: Different types of candies and chocolates, a jar, ribbon, etc to decorate the jar

How To Do: Let the kids choose their favorite candy and chocolates to fill the jar. Layer the candies and chocolates carefully and fill them. Close the jar and decorate it to surprise Dad!

28. Personalized Mug

Things You’ll Need: White ceramic mug, sharpie markers, and oven

How To Do: Instruct the kids to use the Sharpie markers to write and draw on the mug with their Father’s Day message and designs. Let the ink dry for a few minutes, then bake the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 350°F to set the design. Let the mug cool before wrapping it and adding a tag for their Dad.

29 Candy Bow Tie

Things You’ll Need: Rubber band, candy bag, colored paper, colored pens, candies, and tape

How To Do: This Father’s Day art project is a super easy one. Let the kids fill a candy bag with all of their dad’s favorite candies and tape the bag from the middle. Now let the kids make a bow tie from the colored paper big enough to cover the candy bag. Let them decorate the bow tie and stick it on top of the candy bag.

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30. Paper Roll Dads

Things You’ll Need: Empty paper rolls, paint, marker, googly eyes, buttons, bowties, ties, and a mustache made of colored paper

How To Do: Let the kids run this activity. Instruct them to start painting the rolls. Paint the rolls in three sections- the hair, the face, and the shirt. Use only three colors. Next, instruct them to add the googly eyes and the bowtie, tie, or mustache. Finally, let them make a smile with the marker and add other accessories like buttons on the shirt. 

31. Bubble Wrap Card & Snack

Things You’ll Need: Dad’s favorite snack, card paper, colors, pen, bubble wrap, scissors, and glue

How To Do: Let the kids make a card for Father’s Day and glue a patch of bubble wrap in the middle inside the card. Now let them glue another patch of bubble wrap on the top of the card right in the middle and glue the word “Pop” on top of it. Make the kids add their messages inside the card. Similarly, add some bubble wrap around their dad’s favorite snack and get both the gifts ready for a Father’s Day surprise by the kids.

32. Dad Rocks

Things You’ll Need: Smooth pebbles, paint, paintbrush, paper, glue, colored pens or marker

How To Do: Make the kids collect tiny smooth pebbles for this craft and gather them together to make the body, head, legs, and arms of their dad on paper. Make them color each of these and add eyes and a smile with a Sharpie or colored pen. Stick these pebbles on a piece of paper and make them add a personalized message on the paper for their dad.

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Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the special bond between a father and child. Creating handmade gifts with love and care is a great way for children to show their appreciation and gratitude for all the love and support their fathers have given them. Further, art and craft can also help kids build their creativity. Use these Father’s Day craft ideas to make Father’s Day memorable for the kids and their dads both!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the easiest Father’s Day craft for young kids?

Some of the easiest Father’s Day crafts for younger kids are handprinted cards, painted rocks, and picture frames with personalized messages for their Dad.

Can I use recycled materials to make Father's Day crafts?

Absolutely! Using recycled materials is a great way to create eco-friendly and unique Father’s Day crafts. Some ideas include creating a wind chime from old utensils, making a keychain from a discarded bike chain, or using old magazines to create a collage.

What are some benefits of art and crafts for kids?

Art and craft foster creativity, builds fine motor skills, and provides a sense of accomplishment in kids. In fact, there are several studies and reports proving the same. One report published in 2018, in the journal “Art Therapy,” found that engaging in creative activities can have positive effects on children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Another relevant study is a 2017 article in the “Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences Education,” which argued that arts and crafts can be a valuable tool for enhancing family relationships and communication.

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