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    15 Enjoyable Kids’ Activities for a Whoopee Time!

    Looking for activities to entertain kids while you are trying to finish your chores?  Kids’ activities will not only combat kids’ boredom, resulting in less grumbling, but will also test their minds and muscles, strengthening their bodies and releasing all that pent-up energy.

    Check out this list of kids’ activities that will keep them engaged while you finish your to-do list! 

    Indoor Kids’ Activities for a Fun & Cozy Time!  

    Playmats with a road design

    This activity requires very few items. If you already have a playmat with a road design, set it up and find any toy that can be used with it—cars and trucks, figures, planes, and so on. 

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    Children love to play games that include traveling around the town. If you don’t have a mat, you may buy one on Amazon and have it delivered the following day, or you can use painter’s tape to make your own set of roads on any floor surface. The capacity to have the tape travel up over tiny objects or chairs in numerous directions is the most pleasing thing about a homemade track.

    An image of a play mat with a road design kids' activities

    The rubbing art

    Lay down various tiny materials, like leaves, flat lego pieces, coins, or buttons, a stack of thin white paper, and crayons for rubbing art.

    Demonstrate to your kids how to place a piece of paper over an object and rub it with the side of a crayon until the item appears. Simply removing the paper from the sides of a pile of crayons will keep children occupied for a while.

    Watch how to make a leaf rubbing art here!

    The penguin walk

    For this game, all you need is a few balloons and make kids stick it between their legs and move around in the room.  Play as a team if you have a lot of youngsters. Once they get used to the game they can surely make it within a short span of time. This game is fun for kids of every age, and they will enjoy it.

    An image of kids playing the game of penguin walk kids' activities
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    Toilet paper funnels

    You’re likely to have some empty toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, or tubes lying around from the packaging of fragile things. Tape the scrolls to the wall with adhesive tape, then give your child little items to drop through the tunnels, such as cars, small balls, or dry pasta. To construct a longer tunnel, place additional rolls next to one other or aligned.

    An image of designed toilet paper rolls
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    Sticky Spider Web

    Create a web-like design on a doorway opening with painter’s tape. Give your kids some scrunched-up newspaper to throw at the spidey web and get it to stick. Alternatively, get creative and utilize other lightweight items like balloons. For extra credit, have kids count how many objects stick and how many don’t.

    An image of sticky spider web kids' activities
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    Hunting for hidden treasure

    Children enjoy looking for items that are concealed and this is where the game begins. All you have to do is hide the treasure, which might be chocolate, a box, or any other household item.

    Start the game by writing some intriguing hints and hiding them. The ultimate aim of the game is to find the hidden treasure. To accomplish so, they must first locate and decipher each clue. Make the game last for a long time, prepare many hints and clues for the kids to decipher.

    Painting the rocks

    For the forthcoming warm season, try rock painting to add color to your yard or balcony. Allow your children to get creative with washable paint, paintbrushes, and rocks.

    Items like googly eyes, feathers, and pom-poms can be used. Older children can paint words of optimism and leave them for people to read in their neighborhood. Along with being a fun indoor activity, it also requires your children to be creative.

    An image of a painted rock
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    Outdoor Kids’ Activities for Some Open & Fresh Fun!

    Keep balloons above the ground

    Children adore this timeless game. This is a fun outdoor game to play with the kids in the park or the backyard.

    The rules are simple: Launch the balloon into the air while avoiding contact with the ground. Make it more difficult for older children by having them juggle many balloons or tie one hand behind their back. Time them to see how long they can do it for, or have them count how many times they can hit it back and forth. Then see if they can beat their time or score!

    This game is terrific for strengthening arms and improving hand-eye coordination.

    An image of balloons above the ground an activity for kids
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    Bubble fun

    Blow, chase, and pop bubbles. Bubbles are favorite among children. If you don’t have any, make your bubble solution with 4 cups of warm water, half cup dish soap, and half cup sucrose.
    Want to make your own bubble wands? Use cookie cutters, apple slicers, or spatulas from your kitchen, or twist pipe cleaners into wand forms. Or else, watch this video!

    Movement chain

    This interactive game requires at least two participants, with the first person doing a specific movement — this could be as easy as leaping two times or as sophisticated as holding a plank for 30 seconds.

    The following individual must repeat the last movement before adding another to complete a chain. The next kid will then repeat the previous two motions and add their own. Continue in this manner until the chain sequence is broken, at which point the person who breaks the chain is eliminated.

    The winner is the last person standing. Although this game does not have to be played outside, it is usually preferable to play games that require physical activity in an open environment.

    Locate the ball

    This ball-related pastime will provide hours of entertainment for your children. For this outdoor sport, all you’ll need is a ping-pong ball or any small ball that won’t be easily seen. You may tell your youngsters to invite their friends.

    One player is picked to be the captain, and they are tasked with hiding the ball and returning to the exact location. The others must locate the missing ball.

    The captain must shout ‘HOT’ as they draw closer to the ball and ‘COLD’ as they go away. The player who finds the ball is the next to hide it.

    Ghostly hide and seek

    One of the children will play the role of the ghost and will remain hidden. Give kids some torches if the game is being played at night.

    The other players will count numbers to find a place for the ghost to hide. The other youngsters will link arms and walk once the ghost has been safely buried to find prey. The players will chant something to add to the atmosphere. “Starlight, star bright, hope I see a ghost tonight,” or something along those lines would work. This chant indicates that the ghost is about to attack.

    The ghost can appear at any time, and it’s then a simple game of tagging. The kids must run back as soon as they spot the ghost to avoid being tagged. Before they all escape, the ghost will have to tag someone to be the next ghost.

    An image of a boy playing hide and seek
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    Dig it up all the way

    Bring out the shovels and pails if you have access to a garden bed or a grass-free area, and see what your kids can discover.

    Are there any stones with unusual shapes or colors? Is there no ground to dig in? For a treasure hunt, get out the sandbox or the handmade sandbox stated above, fill it with rice, and conceal some items in the sand.

    Get in the sack

    Give each participant a sack. They must remain within the sack while holding the edges. When you say ‘start’, they must leap forward while maintaining the sack as close to their waist as possible. The player will be disqualified if it falls below the knees at any point. The kid to reach the end line first is declared the winner of the game.

    An image of kids playing jump in the sack
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    Chalk it up

    Sidewalk chalk can be used to put up various activities for your children. Make a hopscotch pattern on the ground, then give your kids bean bags or rocks to hop around with. Make a maze out of loops, lines, and curves, and see if your children can go forward and backward through it.

    An image of a kid playing on a hopscotch pattern
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    We hope now that you have enough ideas to keep your kids busy while you work. These activities will also leave you with healthier, albeit sweaty kids who will not resist you when it’s time to go to bed. 

    Sometimes, it’s both fun and essential to participate in these games with your kids. This gives you quality time and helps you create memories that you can cherish forever. So make sure to have fun with your kids with these super creative kids’ activities!

    Let’s find more online educational resources and printable worksheets for kids that will help with their learning experience and make them smarter.

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