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7 Best Ideas of Summer Craft for Preschool Kids

Kids love playing with art supplies, crafts, and paint, allowing them to express themselves creatively. Art is also critical for kids to explore new ideas, concepts, and aesthetics. You can channel their need to express themselves with good ideas for a summer craft for preschool kids that can keep them engaged.

Your kids can learn about organizing, meta-learning, and creativity through detailed summer craft ideas. They can explore different painting styles and enjoy an immersive art session without feeling rushed. You can also use some recyclable supplies at home and turn them into something fun by giving them an artistic twist.    

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7 Summer Craft Ideas for Preschool Kids

Art and craft supplies for Summer Craft Ideas for Preschool

These summer craft ideas are perfect for kids who love hands-on with their material. It can also excite visual learners as they draw out various animals, objects, and emotions.

1. CD Redecoration

One of the best ways to upcycle old technology at home is to make something unique. You can bring your old CDs, buttons, chart paper, crayons, and googly eyes. You can make all types of cute animals and bugs from the combination of the CD’s shape and the chart paper’s versatility.

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You can stick buttons on the CD and create cutouts of turtles, snails, and hamsters while giving them googly eyes. You can finish the design by adding a cute smile on the face of the animal while mesmerizing them with different shiny objects found around the house.

2. Boat on a Plate

You can make cute pirate boats with paper, ice-cream sticks, velvet, and glue. You can start by having your preschool kid color some paper black, blue, red, and green. The next step is to cut the pieces into different shapes that can make up parts of the ship.

You can cut out a bowl shape from the blue-colored paper to represent the ocean and add a few lines of waves. You can also cut out the pirate flag from the black sheet of paper to stick onto the ice cream stick. You can make a rich and exciting story from the craft activity and have your preschooler narrate.

3. A Smiling Sun

This is an excellent summer preschool crafts idea involving designing the sun. You can start with a yellow sheet of paper and cut out a circle. You can add googly eyes to give it some personality and a happy smile with its tongue out.

The next step is to cut out long strips of sun rays of different colors. You can loop them to add a three-dimensional appearance to them and stick both ends to the back of the sun. Add about twenty loops and have your sunshine positivity throughout the house.

4. Painted Hot Air Balloon

You can craft a papier mâché style hot air balloon, with the base of the balloon engineered to be strong and stable. Your preschooler can fill up a real balloon and add colors, frills, and extensions. Your little one can also add a few cutouts of people inside the balloon for added effect.

You can then cut out a flame-shaped piece from the cardboard and paint it yellow for a realistic look. The hot air balloon can be added to any room as a great mantle piece or an achievement décor for kids to keep in their rooms. Another way of designing hot air balloons is below.

5. Summer Themed Art Pieces

You can make a summer-themed preschool DIY craft scene with ice cream trucks, flowers, rainbows, and children playing outside. You can use green chart paper and cardboard as the scene’s base, with rainbow-colored sheets folded above the lawn. You can also ask your preschoolers to think of new things they want to see during summer.

You can paint the children playing, add cotton balls to represent basketballs and soccer balls, and cut out cars and people from newspapers. You can extend their imagination with this summer craft for preschool kids, as it involves them hunting for the correct visual elements to add to their masterpieces.

6. Paper Plate Ice Creams

You can color paper plates to resemble ice-cream flavors and stack them on top of each other to make a double-scoop special. The cone can be made from folded chart paper, colored brown, and stripped with a paintbrush.

You can also make a sundae treat with materials around the house. A mix of red apple slices, bananas, cherries, and other representations can be made with colored paper, erasers, and other objects.

7. Cardboard Binoculars

You can make cardboard binoculars from old packaging sheets, newspapers, and chart paper. You can staple them together by rolling up the form to make two sides of the binoculars to hold them correctly. Adding colors, camouflage, and cases will help bring out the realism within the subject.

Your kids can also use this summer craft for preschool levels and have a great time spotting birds and finding new objects within their yard. You can make binoculars even more enjoyable by letting kids design them with different styles, such as unicorns, ice creams, butterflies, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are good art activities?

Animal crafts, paper crafts, DIY activities, egg carton crafts, and solar system crafts are perfect for kids who want to create. These crafts also help children explore their sense of self-expression and aesthetics at a young age.     

How do I make summer crafts for preschool fun?

You can make summer craft activities more engaging and inclusive with the right types of colors, paints, supplies, and props. Kids also enjoy group-based activities, so settling them into teams is another way to make them fun.  

What are some great DIY activities for kids?

A. Kids enjoy DIY activities that involve hands-on effort. You can make stick men, fairy houses, nature bug holes, flower decorations, and other unique crafts that can involve them for hours.

How do I plan a preschool summer craft class?

The best approach is always to be stocked up on art supplies, especially those consumed faster than others. You can also add multimedia formats, such as fun learning games, animated characters, videos, and online classes.      

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