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11 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids In 2024

Halloween is around the corner, and if you still haven’t yet picked a Halloween costume for your little one, don’t worry!

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By now, most kids halloween costumes have already been picked, or there are long queues ahead of costume stores waiting for you. 

But, we have got your back. You can quickly make different Halloween costumes for kids at home. 

DIY Halloween costume ideas for kids will save you from the trouble of hopping from one store to another in the search for the perfect Halloween costumes for your family. It will also give you an opportunity to dress up your kid innovatively without spending much. 

Check out these awesome kids’ Halloween costume ideas. 

21 Best DIY Kids Halloween Costumes 2024

1. Witch Halloween Costume

Image of a girl in witch costume for halloween

A witch costume is one of the most popular kids halloween costumes. Your daughter can make the cutest witch for Halloween without much effort. All you need is a black dress and one witch hat and your adorable witch is ready to hunt for candies. 

Things Needed: A black dress, a broomstick, and a witch hat. 


  • Grab an old broom from your cleaning closet and break it a little to adjust it to your kid’s height. 
  • If you allow your kids to use a little makeup, red lipstick will perfectly complete your little witch’s look.

2. Vampire Bat Halloween Costume

vampire bat halloween costume
Source Amazoncom

If making a DIY witch costume was easy, then making a DIY vampire bat costume is definitely a piece of cake. 

Things Needed: Umbrella, duct tape, black craft paper, and hairband.


  • Remove the fabric from your old umbrellas. Make sure to remove all the threads and metal pieces from the fabric as they can hurt your kid. 
  • After that, cut the fabric in half and then fold each piece in half to wrap around your kid’s arms using the black duct tape. 
  • Stick paper-made ears on a hairband for vampire’s ears, and your sweet little vampire batman is ready.
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3. Tooth Fairy Halloween Costume

Source Amber Faust mom blogger

If your kid is fascinated with the tooth fairy, you have come to the right place! You might have to do a little work, but you can easily make a DIY tooth fairy costume. 

Things Needed: Tulle fabric, broomstick, hairband, toothbrushes, hot glue, and cardboard.


  • First of all, you will need a tulle. Simply tie long cut-out pieces of tulle around a dress your kid no longer wears. 
  • For the big toothbrush, cut the end of a pool noodle to slip in a dustpan brush. You can use a broomstick in a center hole for better stability. 
  • Grab a hairband and hot glue some toothbrushes on it to make a tiara. 
  • Finally, cut out some cardboard wings, and your tooth fairy is all set to shine.

4. Frankenstein’s Monster Halloween Costume

Source Womans Day

If your kid is obsessed with Frankenstein’s Monster, then you can easily create an inspired costume. 

Things Needed: Empty milk cartons, a gunny sack, and green spray paint.


  • Using a milk carton, you can create a monster’s head and paint it green. 
  • Next, cut the gunny sack sides to form top-wear for your kid. 
  • Lastly, paint your kid’s face and hands green to create Dr. Frankenstein’s terrifying monster. 

5. Jar of Pickles and Pickle Halloween Costume

Source Country Living Magazine

For your pair of siblings, a jar of pickles and an individual pickle can be an Halloween costume ideas for kids for you.

Things Needed: Corrugated paper, cardboard, plastic sheeting for glass, green onesie, and long green twister balloons for the pickles.


  • Cut out two circles from cardboard and then cut an inner circle from them to fit your kid’s body. 
  • Glue plastic sheeting to the cardboard circles to form a pickle jar. 
  • For your little sweet kid to complement the jar, grab an old green onesie and create a romper with felt polka dots on it. 
  • Blow some twisted green balloons to put in the jar and give one balloon to your little pickle.

6. Hot-Air Balloon Halloween Costume

Source: @hgtv HGTV

A colorful hot-air balloon Halloween costume will perfectly suit your kid’s bubbly personality. 

Things Needed: A big cardboard box and lots of balloons.


  • Cut the cardboard box flaps and the bottom part to fit your kid in it. 
  • Next, attach two strong ribbons to the box for your kid to easily carry it. 
  • Finally, glue lots of colorful balloons on the top of the box to complete your costume.

7. Men In Black Halloween Costume

Source Halloween Costumes

This is the simplest DIY Halloween costume ideas for kids. For this costume, all you need is a black blazer, pants, tie, and cool sunglasses. That’s it! It will barely take a few minutes to dress up your kids in Men In Black Halloween costumes. 

Things Needed: Black suit, tie shoes and sunglasses


Just make your kid wear a suit, tie, and cool sunglasses and you are done. 

8. Raining Cats & Dogs Halloween Costume

Source Oriental Trading

The raining cats and dogs Halloween costume idea will definitely make people laugh, and your kid will be rich with candies and donuts in no time. 

Things Needed: Umbrella, ribbons, hot glue, cats and dogs cutouts.


  • Print out some cat and dog emojis and attach them to a thin ribbon. 
  • On your kid’s umbrella, hang all the emojis, and a cute version of cats and dogs raining is ready.

9. Piñata Halloween Costume 

Source WordPresscom

A piñata DIY Halloween costume is super easy and fun to make. It is the perfect costume idea for a toddler. 

Things Needed: Old PJs that your kid no longer wears, or you can get an inexpensive PJ from the store, and colorful fabrics.


  • Cut colorful felt into long rectangles and some fringes for about three-quarters up the side of each stripe. 
  • Get hot glue and then from bottom to top, attach fringes onto PJs. 
  • You can form a cone out of cardstock for ears, place a party blower in the middle, and cover it with fringes.

10. Librarian Halloween Costume

Source Educational Insights

Want to dress up your kid smartly for Halloween? Then, a librarian costume idea is the best. Conveniently, you will have all the items at your home to make a librarian costume.

Things Needed: A collared blouse, cardigan sweater, plaid skirt, and glasses.


For librarian costume, you can alter your skirt or blouse to make your kid’s costume. Don’t forget to add some books, a tight bun, and glasses to complete the stern librarian look.

11. Gumball Machine Halloween Costume

Source Jaclyn Cohen

Within just 25 cents, you can make one of the most unique halloween costumes. It is the perfect costume idea for babies. 

Things Needed: A cap, onesies, and colorful woolen threads.


  • Use woolen threads to make vibrant pom-poms and glue them to your kid’s cap. 
  • On onesies, you can draw a gumball machine structure, and your tiny baby is ready for Halloween! 

12. Cowboy and Cowgirl Halloween Costumes

Source: @ Google

This is one of the most fun kid halloween outfits. Your kids can steal the show at a Halloween party with their cowboy or cowgirl costume. In fact, your entire family can dress up as a farm family with matching Halloween costumes.

Things Needed: Cowboy or cowgirl boots, and hat


Just make your kid wear a cute dress with cowboy boots and a hat. And, your work is done.

13. Paper Bag Princess/Prince Halloween Costume

A girl wearing paper bag costume
Source mamasmusthaves

If you are looking for easy kid halloween costumes then this the best option for you. Create a charming DIY Halloween dress for your child with the Paper Bag Princess/Prince costume. Let their imagination run wild as they decorate a brown paper bag with markers and glitter. Perfect for both boys and girls, this unique and colorful Halloween costume idea allows them to become royalty in their own creative way.

Things Needed: Brown paper bag, Markers or paints, Decorative items (e.g., glitter, stickers)


  • Cut holes for arms and head in the paper bag.
  • Let your child decorate the bag with markers, paints, and decorations.
  • Add accessories like a crown or tiara for a paper bag prince or princess.
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14. Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost Halloween Costume

Kids in glow in the dark costume
Source potterybarnkids

Add a spooky twist to your child’s Halloween attire with a Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost costume. This budget-friendly option is great for both boys and girls, and it’s one of the popular kids’ Halloween costumes. Watch them light up the night as they don a white sheet adorned with eerie, glow-in-the-dark paint for a hauntingly fun look.

Things Needed: White sheet, Glow-in-the-dark paint


  • Drape the white sheet over your child, leaving space for the head.
  • Paint spooky ghost eyes and mouth on the sheet using glow-in-the-dark paint.
  • Charge the paint under bright light before heading out for an eerie glow.

15. LEGO Brick Halloween Costume

A kid wearing DIY lego costume
Source simplejoy

Wearing a lego-themed costume is one of the best ideas if you are looking for last minute kid halloween costume.  Turn your child into a walking LEGO masterpiece with this inventive costume idea. Boys and girls alike will enjoy crafting and wearing this colorful Halloween costume. Made from cardboard boxes painted to resemble LEGO bricks, it’s a unique and creative choice for young LEGO enthusiasts.

Things Needed: Cardboard boxes, Paints (in LEGO colors), Box cutter


  • Paint the cardboard boxes to resemble LEGO bricks.
  • Cut holes for the head and arms in one box to create a tunic.
  • Wear the box over your child’s clothes for a LEGO-inspired costume.
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16. Scarecrow Halloween Costume

A kid in scarecrow costume
Source goodhousekeeping

Bring the spirit of the harvest to life with a DIY Scarecrow Halloween costume. This charming costume idea is perfect for both boys and girls, and it’s a popular choice for kids’ Halloween costumes. Transform old clothes into a rustic scarecrow outfit by adding straw accents for a colorful and whimsical look.

Things Needed: Old clothes (plaid shirt, jeans, hat), Straw or raffia


  • Dress your child in the old clothes.
  • Attach straw or raffia to cuffs, collar, and pockets for the scarecrow look.
  • Use makeup to create a stitched mouth and rosy cheeks.

17. Bumblebee Halloween Costume

A kid wearing bumble bee costume
Source maskerix

Buzz into Halloween with a vibrant Bumblebee costume, suitable for both boys and girls. Decked out in black and yellow stripes, your child will stand out in this colorful Halloween costume. Craft wings from wire and stockings and top it off with adorable antennae for an adorable insect-inspired look.

Things Needed: Black and yellow striped clothing, Wire and stockings (for wings), Headband (for antennae)


  • Dress your child in black and yellow striped clothing.
  • Create wings by bending wire into a wing shape and attaching stockings.
  • Make antennae using a headband and black pompoms.

18. Mummy Halloween Costume

Family dressed in mummy costume
Source bluegraygal

Wrap your child in eerie fun with a DIY Mummy Halloween costume. Perfect for both boys and girls, this costume transforms white sheets or gauze bandages into a spooky outfit. Add dark makeup for an authentic mummy look, making it a popular choice among kids’ Halloween costumes.

Things Needed: White sheets or gauze bandages, Safety pins or fabric glue


  • Wrap your child in white sheets or gauze bandages, leaving gaps for eyes and mouth.
  • Secure the wraps with safety pins or fabric glue.
  • Add dark makeup around the eyes for a spooky effect.

19. Pirate Halloween Costume

A boy in pirate costume
Source lifewithbeans

Sail the high seas of Halloween with a Pirate costume, ideal for both boys and girls. This costume combines old clothes with classic pirate accessories, making it a colorful and adventurous choice for kids’ Halloween costumes. Craft a cardboard cutlass to complete the swashbuckling look.

Things Needed: Old clothes, Bandana, Eyepatch, Cardboard sword


  • Dress your child in old clothes and accessorize with a bandana and eyepatch.
  • Create a cardboard sword and paint it to look like a pirate cutlass.

20. Minion Halloween Costume

Kids dressed as minion
Source fabeveryday

Turn your child into a lovable Minion from “Despicable Me” with this DIY costume idea. Suitable for both boys and girls, this costume features a yellow shirt and quirky goggles made from jar lids and black pipe cleaners. It’s a popular choice among kids’ Halloween costumes and is sure to bring smiles to everyone.

Things Needed: Yellow shirt, Cardboard, Paints, Jar lids and black pipe cleaners (for goggles)


  • Paint the yellow shirt with denim overalls.
  • Make goggles using jar lids and black pipe cleaners, then attach them to the shirt.
  • Finish with a pair of jeans and black shoes.

21. Safari Explorer Halloween Costume

Kid wearing a safari costume
Source amazon

This khaki-clad outfit, complete with a pith helmet or wide-brimmed hat, captures the spirit of exploration. Don’t forget to include a stuffed animal companion for added authenticity in this colorful Halloween costume.

Things Needed: Khaki clothing, Pith helmet or wide-brimmed hat, Stuffed animal (for safari companion)


  • Dress your child in khaki clothing.
  • Top it off with a pith helmet or wide-brimmed hat.
  • Carry a stuffed animal as a safari companion to complete the look.
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Let’s Get Ready for Halloween!

There you have it, parents! These easy kids Halloween costumes are fun and you can make them in no time. Use your creativity because most of these Halloween costume elements are present in your home

You can also turn your DIY Halloween costume-making process into a fun family activity and celebrate your Halloween with loads of laughs.

On parting notes, SplashLearn would like to wish Happy Halloween to all the parents and their little pranksters. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the most popular children's Halloween costumes of all time?

Over the years, many Halloween dresses have become popular among children, such as costumes of characters like Scooby-Doo, Thor, Batman, and Snow White.

How can I dress up for halloween without a costume?

To accompany your kids for Halloween, you can dress for the festival without a costume as well. Women can wear dark lipstick and makeup, add a festive headband. Men can wear a pumpkin tie, put some blood on the face (through the lipstick), etc.

What are classic halloween costumes?

Today, you can experiment with different Halloween costumes ideas for kids to make your kid look different. But there are a few Halloween costume ideas for kids that never go out of style are costumes of witches, clowns, devils, zombies, etc.

What are some boys halloween costumes to wear?

For boys, popular Halloween costume options include dressing up as superheroes, no face costume, clown costume, zombies, pirates, or classic monsters like vampires and werewolves.

What are some girls halloween costumes to wear?

Girls often opt for colorful halloween costumes like princesses, witches, fairies, or iconic characters from movies or TV shows to celebrate Halloween.

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