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10 Best DIY Halloween Games For Kids

October 31st is Halloween, and we are sure your kids can’t wait for candy, costumes, scary movies, bright and shiny decorations, and so much more. There’s no doubt that Halloween is kids’ favorite time of the year. It’s the time they get their spook on!

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While there are many games for kids, easy DIY Halloween games for kids work best because they bring parents and children together, along with being super budget-friendly! 

Put on some good Halloween songs and howl your spirit into having a gala time with these fun Halloween games.

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11 Best DIY Halloween Games for Kids

1. Halloween ‘I Spy’ Game

Printable Halloween I Spy Game by SplashLearn Best DIY Halloween party games for kids

Material Required: printed “I Spy” Sheets (download), pens or pencils 

How To Play:

  • Distribute the Sheets: Provide each player with a copy of the “I Spy” sheet. If you’re playing with a group, ensure each person has their own sheet.
  • Explain the Rules: Explain to the players that they need to find and mark off each item on the list as they locate it in the scene.
  • Choose a “Spyer”: If playing in a group, you can choose one person to be the “spyer” who hides the items in the scene. If playing individually, this step is not necessary.
  • Search for Items: Players search for the items on the list within the visual scene. The items can be scattered around a printed sheet, a room, or a larger outdoor area, depending on the context. 
  • Mark Off Items: As players find each item, they mark it off on their sheet with a pen or pencil.
  • Finish and Discuss: The game ends when all the items on the list have been found and marked off. You can then discuss the results and see who found all the items first.


  • Adapt Difficulty: Adjust the difficulty level based on the age group of the players. For younger kids, you might choose larger and more straightforward images, while older kids and adults may enjoy a more challenging version.
  • Use a Timer: For added excitement, you can set a timer and see who can find all the items within a specified time limit.
  • Create Your Own Sheets: Get creative and make your own “I Spy” sheets with Halloween-themed items that are relevant to your location or the interests of the players.

The Halloween “I Spy” game is a versatile activity that can be tailored to different settings and age groups. It’s a great way to encourage observation skills and add a festive touch to Halloween celebrations.

2. Doughnut Bobbling

Kids eating hanging donut
Source: @DukesandDuchesses

Doughnut bobbling is one of the most exciting outdoor Halloween party games, a classic twist on apple bobbling; only this time we have to dig into these super-delish and sinful doughnuts.

Materials Required: one doughnut per player, string, support structure

Setup: Hang the Doughnuts: Tie a piece of string or twine through the hole in each doughnut and secure the other end to your chosen support structure. Make sure the doughnuts are hanging at about mouth level for the participants. Space them out evenly.

How To Play:

  • Participants Line Up: Have the participants line up before the hanging doughnuts. Make sure they understand the rules: they cannot use their hands to touch the doughnuts.
  • Start the Game: Start a timer or count down, and when you say “go,” the participants must try to eat the doughnuts without using their hands. They can only use their mouths to bite into the doughnuts.
  • Winning the Game: The first person to successfully eat their entire doughnut without it falling off the string wins the game. Alternatively, you can set a time limit (e.g., 2 minutes) and see how much of the doughnut each participant can eat within that time.

3. Halloween Musical Chairs

Children playing musical chairs in a halloween party
Source: @FairylandTrust 

What do you get when you mix musical chairs with some spooky horror music? Halloween musical chairs are here to bring a season-appropriate twist to an already popular group activity. It is an easy Halloween game that brings about cheer and fun for everyone, young or adult. All you need to get this game going are chairs, some spooky music, and for everyone to bring their best Halloween costume to the game, of course!

4. Pumpkin Bowling Bonanza

A little girl playing halloween pumpkin bowling game
Source: @Wunder-Mom

“Pumpkin Bowling Bonanza” is a creative and entertaining game that brings a Halloween twist to traditional bowling. Here’s a simple guide on how to play:

Material Required: small pumpkins, plastic or foam bowling pins


  • Arrange the Bowling Pins: Set up the plastic or foam bowling pins in a traditional triangular formation at the end of the playing surface. You can use as many pins as you like depending on the available space.
  •  Mark the Starting Line: Use tape or chalk to mark a starting line several feet away from the bowling pins. The exact distance will depend on the age and skill level of the players.

How To Play: 

  • Roll the Pumpkin: Each player takes turns rolling a small pumpkin from the starting line towards the bowling pins.
  • Score Points: Players score points based on the number of pins they knock down. If all the pins are knocked down, it’s a strike.
  • Re-Set Pins: After each player takes a turn, re-set the bowling pins for the next player.
  • Rotate Players: Continue taking turns until each player has had a chance to bowl. You can keep track of scores if you want to make it a competitive game.
  • Variations: Consider adding fun Halloween-themed twists, such as setting up the pins in the shape of a pumpkin or using glow-in-the-dark pumpkins for evening play
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5. Witch Hat Ring Toss

Witch hat with toss rings
Source: @ubuy

For those looking for fun indoor Halloween games, consider creating a bewitching ring toss game. 

Material Required: witch hat cones, plastic rings


  • Place Witch Hat Cones: Arrange the witch hat cones in a group, placing them a few feet apart from each other. Ensure there is enough space between the cones to make the game challenging.
  • Mark the Tossing Line: Use tape or chalk to mark a tossing line several feet away from the witch hat cones. The distance will depend on the age and skill level of the players.

How To Play:

  • Toss the Rings: Players take turns tossing the plastic rings toward the witch hat cones from behind the tossing line.
  • Score Points: Players score points based on the witch hat they successfully ring. You can assign different point values to different witch hats, depending on their difficulty level. For example, the farther or smaller witch hats could be worth more points.
  • Retrieve Rings: After each player has tossed all of their rings, they retrieve them, and the next player takes their turn.
  • Play Multiple Rounds: Continue playing multiple rounds, and you can keep track of scores for a competitive element.
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6. Spider Race

Kids playing games
Source: @partygames4kids

A Halloween spider race is a lighthearted and enjoyable indoor halloween party game that combines the Halloween theme with a bit of friendly competition.

Materials: plastic or rubber spiders, straws

How To Play: 

  • Prepare the Race Track: Set up a designated race track on a flat surface. You can use a table, a smooth floor, or even a long piece of cardboard. Mark the starting line and finishing line clearly.
  • Place Spiders at the Starting Line: Put the plastic or rubber spiders at the starting line of the race track.
  • Explain the Rules: Gather the participants and explain that they will use straws to blow the spiders from the start to the finish line.
  • Position the Straws: Participants should position their straws near the spiders without touching them. They can use the straw to guide and blow the spiders along the race track gently.
  • Start the Race: On your signal, the participants blow their spiders across the race track using the straws. The goal is to reach the finishing line first.
  • Determine the Winner: The first spider to cross the finishing line is the winner. You can have multiple rounds to keep the fun going.
  • Cheering and Encouragement: Encourage cheering and friendly competition. You can even have a prize for the winners, such as Halloween-themed stickers or small treats.

7. Candy Corn Relay

Participants playing candy corn
Source: @Facebook

A Candy Corn Relay is a festive and energetic Halloween game that involves moving candy corn from one place to another in a relay-style race. Here’s a simple guide on how to set up and play the Candy Corn Relay:

Material Required: Candy corn in different colored bowls (one for each team), one spoon per participant, bowls or cups. 


  • Divide into Teams: Divide participants into teams. You can have two or more teams, depending on the number of participants.
  • Set Up Relay Course: Mark a starting line and place the bowls or cups at the opposite end of the playing area. This is where the candy corn will be deposited.

How To Play:

  • Start at the Starting Line: Each team lines up behind the starting line.
  • Hold the Spoon: Give the first participant on each team a spoon. They will use this spoon to carry the candy corn.
  • Place Candy Corn on Spoon: On “Go!” or a signal, the first participant must place candy corn on their spoon and carry it to the bowl or cup at the opposite end.
  • Deposit Candy Corn: Once in the bowl or cup, they must deposit the candy corn without using their hands. They can tilt the spoon to slide it off.
  • Tag the Next Player: After depositing the candy corn, the participant runs back to the starting line, tags the next person in line, and hands them the spoon.
  • Repeat the Relay: The next participant repeats the process until all team members have completed the relay.
  • Finish Line: The relay concludes when all team members have successfully carried and deposited their candy corn.
  • Winning Team: The team that finishes first or completes the relay with the most candy corn successfully deposited is the winner.

8. Zombie Freeze Dance

Halloween freeze dance
Source: @TeacherMisterAlonso

Zombie Freeze Dance is a Halloween twist on the classic freeze dance game. This activity adds a spooky and entertaining element to your Halloween celebrations. Here’s how to play:

Material Requirements: a playlist of Halloween-themed music and speakers

How To Play: 

Play Halloween music and have a dance party. When the music stops, everyone must freeze like a zombie. Anyone caught moving after the music stops is “out.” One who stays in the game till the end wins. 


  • Costumes: Encourage participants to wear Halloween costumes to enhance the spooky atmosphere.
  • Age-Appropriate Music: Choose music that is suitable for the age group of the participants.
  • Encourage Expression: Emphasize that the goal is to have fun and express creativity. Participants can choose their own unique zombie styles.

9. Spider Web Walk

A girl walking on the spider web created on the floor
Source: @kiwico

The Spider Web Walk is a fun and challenging Halloween activity that involves navigating through a “spider web” made of tape without touching the “web.” Here’s how you can set up and play the Spider Web Walk:

Material Required: painter’s tape or masking tape

How To Play: 

  • Create the Spider Web: Use the tape to create a spider web pattern on the floor. Start by making a large circle in the center, and then extend lines outward from the center to create a web-like pattern. 
  • Explain the Rules: The challenge is to navigate through the spider web without touching the tape. Emphasize that they must find a way to get from one side of the web to the other.
  • Demonstrate: Demonstrate the task by walking through a part of the spider web without touching the tape. Show that participants need to think creatively about maneuvering through the “web.”
  • Begin the Spider Web Walk: Allow participants to take turns attempting the Spider Web Walk. They can start from one side of the web and try to reach the other side without touching the tape.
  • Encourage Creativity: Encourage participants to find ways to step over, crawl under, or navigate around the tape to get through the spider web.
  • Time Challenges: For added fun, you can time participants to see how quickly they can navigate through the spider web. 
  • Variations: To make it more challenging, you can create different difficulty levels in the spider web design or make the openings smaller.

10. Pumpkin Twister Game

A little girl playing twister
Source: @pintsizedtreasures

Creating a pumpkin twister game is a fun and easy DIY project for Halloween. Here’s a simple guide to making a pumpkin twister game:

Material Required: Large pumpkin templates (create or print out large pumpkin shapes. You’ll need at least 16 pumpkins – four for each color: red, blue, yellow, and green), colored construction paper or cardstock (red, blue, yellow, and green), black marker, scissors, glue or tape,  large white sheet or plastic tablecloth

How To Play:

  • Prepare Pumpkin Shapes: Draw or print out large pumpkin shapes on sturdy paper or cardstock. Each pumpkin should have eight sections.
  • Cut Out Colored Circles: Cut out colored circles from construction paper or cardstock for each section of the pumpkins. You should have four circles for each color (red, blue, yellow, and green).
  • Label the Circles: Write “Right Hand,” “Left Hand,” “Right Foot,” and “Left Foot” on each colored circle, one on each pumpkin section.
  • Glue or Tape Circles to Pumpkins: Attach the colored circles to the corresponding sections on the pumpkins. Each pumpkin should now have four colored circles, one of each color.
  • Create the Twister Mat: Lay out a large white sheet or plastic tablecloth on the ground. This will be your Twister game mat.
  • Arrange the Pumpkins: Place the pumpkins in a random pattern on the Twister mat. Make sure they are spread out enough to allow players to reach them.
  • Play the Game: Follow the traditional Twister rules, with a spinner or a designated person calling out instructions. Players will place their hands or feet on the colored circles as directed.
  • Continue Until a Winner: The game continues until only one person is remaining without falling or touching the mat with the wrong body part. That person is the winner.

This DIY pumpkin Twister game is an entertaining way to celebrate Halloween with friends and family. It adds a festive twist to a classic game that everyone can enjoy.

11. Pumpkin Pop

A girl holding a dart to play pumpkin pop
Source: @polkadotsandpicketfences

Material Required: orange balloons, black markers

How To Play:

  • Prepare the Balloons: Blow up the orange balloons and draw pumpkin faces on them using the black markers. You can get creative with various expressions and designs.
  • Set Up the Pumpkin Patch: Designate an area as the “pumpkin patch.” This can be an open space indoors or outdoors.
  • Rules Explanation: Gather the players and explain the rules. The objective is to “pop” the pumpkins in a fun and creative way.
  • Pumpkin Pop Techniques: Participants can pop the balloons in various ways, depending on your rules. Here are a few ideas:
  • Popping with Hands: Participants can pop the balloons by stomping on them, sitting on them, or popping them with their hands. 
  • Popping with Darts: If you have a safe area and appropriate equipment, participants can pop the balloons by throwing darts at them. In this case, ensure that participants follow safety guidelines, and provide supervision.
  • Start Popping: Begin the game by having participants pop the balloons using the chosen method. If you’re playing with teams, you can set a time limit or determine a certain number of balloons each team needs to pop.
  • Pumpkin Points: Assign points for each popped balloon. You can also have special points for creative pops or for popping balloons with specific faces.
  • Winners and Prizes: Declare winners based on the points earned or the number of balloons popped. You can award small prizes to the winners or have a fun celebration.

You can also play Halloween-themed music in the background to create a festive mood.

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Halloween games add a spirited and entertaining dimension to festive celebrations. Whether it’s the laughter-inducing Spider Web Walk, the competitive spirit of Candy Corn Relay, or the creative fun of Pumpkin Pop, these Halloween games bring people together, fostering a spooktacular atmosphere and creating memorable moments during the festive season.

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