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    10 Best DIY Halloween Games For Kids

    October 31st is Halloween and we are sure your kids can’t wait for candy costumes, scary movies, bright and shiny decorations, and so much more. There’s no doubt that Halloween is kids’ favorite time of the year. It’s the time they get their spooky on!

    While there are many Halloween games for kids, DIY games work best because they bring parents and children together, along with being super budget-friendly! 

    Put on some good Halloween songs and howl your spirit into having a gala time with these DIY Halloween games.

    Best DIY Halloween Games for Kids

    Halloween I Spy Game

    All you have to do is create a sheet of paper and list different things associated with Halloween on it. Ask your kids to tick off all the things they see as they step out for trick or treat on Halloween night! 

    Printable Halloween I Spy Game by SplashLearn - Best DIY Halloween party games for kids

    Download and print this awesome I Spy image below:

    Create a Spooky Photo Booth

    Bring together different Halloween elements like candies, pumpkins, zombies, witches, ghosts, etc. in a fashionably decorated Halloween photo booth. Turn this into a game like the kid with the best decoration gets extra sweets. Your kids and their friends will have a clickable time! 

    DIY Pumpkin Buddies 

    A safe & simple activity that will promise kids heaps of fun! All you have to do is set out decoration items for your little ones like stickers, glitters, craft papers, etc. Your kids will decorate the pumpkins with their friends and get a wholesome Halloween feel. 

    Wrap Up your Pal as a Mummy 

    This simple game is a team activity that ensures crazy laughter. Divide your kids and their friends into groups of 2 or 3. One kid becomes the mummy and the rest will have to wrap them up with toilet paper. The group that finishes first and is able to wrap a kid as a mummy from head to toe, wins! 

    Doughnuts on a String 

    Kids can’t use their hands in this game and will have to retrieve doughnuts hanging on a string with their mouths. This is a classic Halloween game that makes for a tasty fun time! 

    Eyeball Pong

    This is exactly like beer pong (without the beer, of course!). Kids will take turns bouncing plastic eyeballs on the table and into the cup. If the eyeball lands into the middle of the cup, they win! 

    The Halloween Hunt

    Get creative and create a Halloween scavenger hunt for your kids and their friends. Hide clues all over your neighborhood in between the Halloween decorations and keep a prize for the winning team. 

    The Spider Race

    Your kids will create their own spiders in this game and the spider that crosses the yard first wins! 

    Decorate the Donuts

    You can get glazed donuts for your little ones and give them sprinkles to decorate the donuts. This activity is bound to make the kids happy & full! 

    Pumpkin Twister Game 

    Modify your twister board and create a pumpkin twister game! Create a board with multi-colored pumpkins and play this fun Halloween game with your kids! 

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