BlogGames for Kids20 Best Minute-to-Win-It Games Kids: Ready, Set, Go

20 Best Minute-to-Win-It Games Kids: Ready, Set, Go

For those seeking a fun and engaging way to spend quality time with kids, “Minute to Win It” games offer a unique solution. These games, often crafted from everyday household items, provide a blend of challenge and excitement, making them a favorite among many.

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What is “Minute to Win It”?

Originating from a popular TV show, “Minute to Win It” games are a series of challenges that participants must complete within a 60-second timeframe. The beauty of these games lies in their simplicity and adaptability. They can be easily set up at home, requiring minimal equipment, often things you already have on hand. The objective is straightforward: complete the task within the allotted minute. Whether it’s balancing objects, transferring items from one place to another, or any other fun challenge, these games will surely bring laughter and excitement to any gathering.

In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into these quick and entertaining games specifically tailored for kids. From understanding the benefits of such activities to exploring a list of the fun “Minute to Win It” games for kids.

4 Benefits of Minute to Win It Games for Kids

Illustration of hourglass with a trophy

Engaging kids in activities that are both fun and beneficial can sometimes be a challenge. However, “Minute to Win It” games strike the perfect balance. Here’s why these minute games are more than just a fleeting moment of fun:

  1. Physical Activity and Coordination: Many “Minute to Win It” challenges require kids to move around, balance objects, or use their hands in specific ways. This not only gets them off the couch but also helps in improving their motor skills and coordination.
  2. Cognitive Development: These games aren’t just about speed. They often require thinking, strategizing, and problem-solving. Kids learn to approach challenges methodically, enhancing their cognitive skills.
  3. Teamwork and Social Skills: While some of the minute to win it challenges can be played solo, many are more fun in teams. This encourages kids to work together, communicate effectively, and understand the value of teamwork.
  4. Boosted Self-Esteem: Completing a task in just a minute can be a big confidence booster. Every time kids conquer one of these challenges, they feel a sense of accomplishment, which is great for their self-esteem.
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20 Best Minute to Win It Games for Kids

1. Balloon Pop

kids playing balloon pop
Source: @Momtastic

A classic among minute to win it games for school, Balloon Pop is both exciting and competitive. Kids will be on their toes, strategizing on how to protect their balloon while aiming for others.

Materials Required: Balloons (one for each player), Strings

How to Play: Tie a balloon to each player’s ankle. The objective is to pop other players’ balloons without getting yours popped. The last player with an intact balloon wins.

Kids with cookie on their face
Source: @Aaparty

A favorite minute to win it for kids, Cookie Face is both hilarious and challenging. It tests patience and facial muscle control as players try to get the cookie into their mouths.

Materials Required: Round cookies (one for each player)

How to Play: Players place a cookie on their forehead. Without using hands, they must move the cookie to their mouth using only facial movements.

3. Stack Attack

Perfect if you’re looking for easy minute to win it games for kids, Stack Attack is all about speed and precision. Kids will enjoy the thrill of building and deconstructing their cup towers.

Materials Required: Plastic cups (around 15-20 for each player)

How to Play: Players must stack cups into a pyramid and then de-stack them, forming a single column, all in under a minute.

4. Junk in the Trunk

A game that will have everyone laughing, Junk in the Trunk is a lively challenge. Players will jump, wiggle, and shake to get those ping pong balls out!

Materials Required: Empty tissue box (one for each player), Ping pong balls (around 6-8 for each box)

How to Play: Attach the tissue box (filled with ping pong balls) to the player’s back using a belt or string. Players must shake and move to get all the balls out of the box in under a minute.

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5. Penny Tower

A test of steadiness and focus, Penny Tower is among the more calm yet intense minute to win it games. Kids will carefully stack pennies, aiming for the highest tower.

Materials Required: Pennies (around 50-100 for each player)

How to Play: Players stack as many pennies as they can in one minute. The one with the tallest tower that doesn’t topple wins.

6. Feather Float

Kid playing with feather
Source: @TogetherBox

Inspired by the minute to win it show, Feather Float is a fun yet challenging game. It tests a player’s breath control and focus as they try to keep a feather airborne.

Materials Required: Feathers (one for each player)

How to Play: Players must keep a feather afloat in the air using only their breath for a minute. If the feather touches the ground, they must start over.

7. Ping Pong Bounce

A popular choice among minute to win it group games, Ping Pong Bounce is both competitive and fun. Players aim to get as many balls into cups as they can, sparking friendly competition.

Materials Required: Ping pong balls (5-10 for each player), Plastic cups (5-10 for each player)

How to Play: Set up the cups in a row or formation. Players bounce ping pong balls, trying to land them inside the cups. The one with the most balls in the cups at the end of a minute wins.

8. Spoon Frog

Cups and spoon on the table
Source: @Franciscoyang8485

A game that brings out the child in everyone, Spoon Frog is all about precision. Players use a spoon to catapult small objects, aiming for accuracy.

Materials Required: Spoons (one for each player), Small objects like marbles or buttons

How to Play: Players place an object on a spoon and use it as a catapult, aiming to land the object inside a target area or container.

9. Noodle Pickup

A quirky twist on traditional games, Noodle Pickup tests players’ mouth dexterity. Using just a spaghetti noodle, the challenge is to pick up penne pasta, making it a fun and unique activity.

Materials Required: Spaghetti noodles (one for each player), Penne pasta (5-10 pieces for each player)

How to Play: Holding a spaghetti noodle in their mouth, players must pick up and transfer penne pasta pieces from one plate to another without using their hands.

10. Bubble Pop

kids popping bubble wrap
Source: @PreschoolTheMeideas

Bubble Pop is a fun game for all ages. The simple act of popping bubble wrap becomes a race against time, offering both excitement and nostalgia.

Materials Required: Bubble wrap sheets

How to Play: Lay out a sheet of bubble wrap on the floor. Players must pop as many bubbles as they can by stepping on them in one minute.

11. Chopstick Transfer

One of the classic minute to win it games for kids, Chopstick Transfer tests both patience and dexterity. It’s a fun way to introduce kids to the art of using chopsticks while racing against the clock.

Materials Required: Chopsticks (a pair for each player), Small objects like marshmallows or beads

How to Play: Using only chopsticks, players transfer the small objects from one bowl to another. The player who transfers the most objects in a minute wins.

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12. Cotton Ball Scoop

A gentle yet challenging game, Cotton Ball Scoop is among those minute to win it games for kids that require a delicate touch. Blindfolded players will find it both amusing and tricky as they navigate this tactile challenge.

Materials Required: Cotton balls, Two bowls for each player, Blindfolds, Spoons

How to Play: Blindfolded players transfer cotton balls from one bowl to another using a spoon. The catch? Cotton balls are so light they might not even realize they’ve scooped any!

13. Paper Dragon

Drawing inspiration from the festive nature of streamers, the Paper Dragon challenge tests a player’s dexterity and speed. In this game, participants must rapidly unspool two rolls of party streamers using only their hands. It’s a fantastic addition to any list of minute to win it games for kids.

Materials Required: Two rolls of party streamers (typically the crepe paper kind)

How to Play: Set up two stands or have two assistants hold the rolls of streamers, ensuring they can freely unroll. When the timer starts, the player grabs the end of each streamer, winding them around their hands or arms as quickly as possible. The objective is to empty both rolls completely within the 60-second time limit.

14. Hoopla Ring

A demonstration of hoopla ring concept
Source: @JioMart

Hoopla Ring is a test of aim and precision. As one of the more traditional minute to win it games for kids, it’s a game that never goes out of style and offers endless fun.

Materials Required: Rings or hoops, Pegs or objects to loop them over

How to Play: Players throw rings aiming to loop them over pegs or objects. The more rings they loop, the higher their score.

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15. Marble Toe

A kids feet and a marble

A game that’s both hilarious and challenging, Marble Toe is all about foot dexterity. It’s a unique twist on the usual hand-based minute to win it games for kids.

Materials Required: Marbles, Containers

How to Play: Players transfer marbles from one container to another using only their toes. It’s a toe-tapping good time!

16. Egg Roll

A game that requires both finesse and strategy, Egg Roll is one of those 60 second games where players must be gentle yet quick. The challenge is to roll an egg to a target area using unconventional methods.

Materials Required: Eggs, Pizza boxes or flat cardboard pieces

How to Play: Players use the pizza box or cardboard to roll an egg into a target area without breaking it. The aim is to get the egg to the target in under a minute.

17. Sticky Note Race

Kids with strictly notes on their body
Source: @Ylhelp

Sticky Note Race is a colorful and energetic addition to any list of minute to win it games for kids. It’s all about speed and agility as players race against the clock.

Materials Required: Sticky notes (multiple colors preferred), Stopwatch or timer

How to Play: Players must stick and then remove a set number of sticky notes from their body as quickly as possible. The goal is to complete the task in under 60 seconds.

18. Straw Suction

A game of breath control and precision, Straw Suction challenges players to transfer small items using only the power of their breath. It’s a fun way to test lung capacity and control.

Materials Required: Straws, Small lightweight items like candies or pom-poms, Plates or bowls

How to Play: Using only the suction from the straw, players transfer items from one plate or bowl to another. The player who transfers the most items in a minute wins.

19. Card Ninja

Illustration of card ninja game

Drawing inspiration from the stealth and precision of ninjas, Card Ninja is a game of aim and technique. Players throw cards aiming for a target, making it a favorite among 60 second games.

Materials Required: Playing cards, Watermelon slices or sturdy targets

How to Play: Players throw playing cards, trying to land them inside or stick them onto a watermelon slice or another sturdy target.

20. Tissue Pull

A game that’s both simple and frantic, Tissue Pull is all about speed. As one of the more straightforward minute to win it games for kids, it offers a race against time as players pull tissues from a box.

Materials Required: Tissue boxes (one for each player)

How to Play: Players must pull out all tissues from a tissue box one by one using only one hand. The aim is to empty the box in under a minute.

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As we wrap up our exploration of these engaging minute to win it games for kids, it’s evident that fun doesn’t always require elaborate setups or hours of commitment. These 60-second challenges offer a delightful blend of excitement, laughter, and skill-building, making them perfect for parties, school events, or just an ordinary day at home. Not only do they entertain, but they also foster teamwork, coordination, and quick thinking. So the next time you’re looking for a way to inject some fun into a gathering or simply want to bond with your kids, remember these games. They’re sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do the "minute to win it games for kids" differ from the "7 second challenge for kids"?

While both are time-based challenges, the “minute to win it” games typically last 60 seconds and often involve physical tasks or coordination. In contrast, the “7 second challenge for kids” is a quicker game, often testing quick thinking or rapid responses in just 7 seconds. Both are fun and engaging in their own right!

Are these games suitable for all age groups?

While these games are designed primarily for kids, they can be adjusted for difficulty, making them suitable for both younger children and older participants.

How can I ensure safety while playing these games?

Always supervise kids during play, ensure the play area is free from hazards, and choose games appropriate for the age and skill level of the participants.

Can these games be played outdoors?

Yes, many of these 60-second challenges can be played outdoors. Just ensure the outdoor environment is suitable and safe for the chosen game.

How can I make the games more competitive?

To amp up the competition, consider keeping score, setting up a leaderboard, or offering small prizes for game winners or top performers.

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