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    15 Best Fun Ball Games for Kids to Excite them

    Ball games are an essential part of childhood and are a great way for kids to have fun, stay active, and develop their physical skills. From simple games like catching ball games and red light, green light games to more organized sports like soccer and basketball, ball games for kids offer endless possibilities to enjoy. 

    Ball games also provide numerous benefits like physical and mental development in kids. Playing ball games can help improve hand-eye coordination, balance, overall physical fitness, and teach social skills to kids. These social skills can include teamwork, communication, and fair play. 

    Whether your kid wants to play in the park, the backyard, or in a gym, there are plenty of simple ball games that kids of all ages can enjoy. So grab a ball, get ball game ideas from this article, and get started with your kids!

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    15 Fun Ball Games for Kids

    Here are the best ball games that help to improve physical, mental, emotional and fitness in kids. The list includes some awesome outdoor games when the weather is pleasant, and indoor games when they do not want to go outside or whether is not that nice. These games will not only help them stay away from screens, but will also help them stay energetic.

    Outdoor Ball Games for Kids

    Kid playing with a ball in a park

    1. Through The Hoop

    What You’ll Need: A hula hoop and a ball

    How To Play: You can play this game in various ways. One way is to put the hula hoop on the ground and ask your kid to throw the ball in such a way that it lands in the hoop, or you can also hang the hula hoop on a pole or a tree and ask your kid to pass the ball through the hoop.

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    2. Monkey In The Middle

    What You’ll Need: A ball

    How To Play: This is one of the oldest and one of the most fun ball games for kids. It can be played with 3 and more players. One player stands in the middle while the other two play catch and throw with the ball. The player in the middle has to catch the ball somehow, and once that’s done, they get to play catch and throw while another player comes in the middle.

    3. Ball in the Basket

    What You’ll Need: A plastic bag and several balls

    How To Play: This is a group game for kids. Divide the group into two teams and assign a goalie to each team. Hand over the goalie a plastic bag each. Now the team players have to throw balls into the plastic bag in the hands of their goalie. The aim of the goalie is to make sure the most balls fall into the bag. The goalie is not allowed to move their feet and can only move their bodies while standing in the same place. 

    4. Throw, Catch and Say

    What You’ll Need: A ball

    How To Play: To play such ball throwing games, make the kids form a circle and throw the ball towards one kid. The kid that has the ball has to throw the ball to someone else in the circle and shout out loud a category. The kid that catches the ball has to name a thing from the category and name another category before passing on the ball to someone else in the circle. For example, the kid passes the ball to someone in the circle and announces the category “animals”. The kid catching the ball will have to name an animal right when they catch the ball. Let’s say they say “Dog”. Now this kid has to announce another category before passing the ball to someone else.

    5. Beach Ball

    What You’ll Need: A ball

    How To Play: If you’re looking for fun ball games for kids to play on the beach, this is for you. This is a classic game of catch and throw. When you’re on a beach, just hand over a ball to the kids and ask them to play catch and throw with each other on the sand and let them have some fun! This game can turn out to be one of the best activity for kids.

    6. Ball in the Spoon

    What You’ll Need: Spoons and small balls / lemons

    How To Play: Another one of the most fun playground ball games, this classic game is great for teaching balance and coordination. Draw a starting and finish line and hand over a small all to each kid along with a spoon. Kids have to hold the spoon handles in their mouths and balance the balls on the other end of the spoon and reach the finish line first to win. If they drop the ball, they need to pick it up and start again from the starting line. 

    7. Pool Ball Challenge

    What You’ll Need: A pool ball and a swimming pool

    How To Play: Give each of the kids a pool ball and set a start and finish line for a race. The kids have to push their respective pool balls till the finish line. The ball should not be in the air and should be touching the water at all times. The first one crossing the finish line with the ball wins. 

    8. SPUD

    What You’ll Need: A ball

    How To Play: This is one of the most interesting group ball games for kids. Select a kid that is “It”. This player has to count to ten while all the other players run away in different directions. As soon as the “It” finishes counting, they get to take four giant steps toward anyone of the players and hit them with the ball. If they’re able to hit them, the other player gets an “S” from the “SPUD” and if they fail, the “It” gets the “S”. If the other player gets hit, they are now “It” and have to repeat the process. The last player to get all the letters in SPUD wins. 

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    Indoor Ball Games for Kids

    Little boy bowling

    9. Table Hockey

    What You’ll Need: Ping pong balls, a table, straws, cups, and tape

    How To Play: Tape the two cups on opposite ends of the table. Now give the players straws with which they should blow and move the ping pong balls to their competitor’s side of the cup. This can with either be played in two or in two teams. Whoever scores the most goals wins.  

    10. Break The Pyramid

    What You’ll Need: A ball, glasses and a table

    How To Play: This is one of the best games to play with a ball. Stack the glasses in a pyramid shape at one end of the table. The player has to stand on the other end and throw the ball to knock out all the glasses at once. To make the game more challenging and fun, set a timer or ask them to knock out every glass in one go. Whoever knocks out all the glasses in one go or the fastest wins. 

    11. Box Bowling

    What You’ll Need: A large cardboard box and several balls

    How To Play: This is one of the most interesting and creative ball games for kids. Cut a semicircle or circle large enough to fit the ball at hand. Challenge your kid to throw as many balls as they can through this hole and into the box in a minute. The one with the biggest number of balls inside wins. You can also ask them to color the box and create it into a spaceship, a boat or anything else they like. 

    12. Segregate the Balls

    What You’ll Need: Lots of balls in different colors and a tub

    How To Play: Fill the tub with all the balls and instruct the kids to either sit in the tub and play or sit outside and play the game. The players have to segregate the balls according to their colors. The player with the most balls in the end and can name all colors wins. 

    13. Ball In The Maze

    What You’ll Need: Ping pong balls, straws, and a maze

    How To Play: Build a maze with obstacles like Jenga blocks or lego blocks. Give a ping pong ball to each player and label them with colors or markers to differentiate. Give each kid a straw and ask the kids to blow through it and move the balls through the maze by blowing. Whoever gets their ball out of the maze on the other end first wins. This can be a great classroom game for kids!

    14. Balls Through The Tunnels

    What You’ll Need: Tennis balls, cardboard boxes and cutters

    How To Play: If you’re looking for some fun ball games for kids to play at home, this is perfect for you. Gather some old boxes and cut small holes on one end. Tack these cardboard boxes and place them at the end of the hallway. These will now form sort of tunnels. Ask the kids to pass as many balls through these tunnels as they can. The player to pass the most number of balls wins. 

    15. Bowling

    What You’ll Need: A ball, bottles or a bowling kit

    How To Play: You can either go out to a bowling arena with your kid for this or bring a bowling at-home kit. Teach your kids to hold the bowling ball correctly and at the right angles to bowl to knock out the maximum number of bottles in one go. 

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    Benefits Of Ball Games For Kids

    Kids playing football

    Playing ball games can be incredibly beneficial for children for a variety of reasons. These games can help kids develop physical, mental and social skills that will help them well throughout their lives. Here are some benefits of ball games for kids:

    1. Ball games for kids are an excellent way for kids to get regular exercise. Physical activity is crucial for maintaining good health, and playing ball games can help kids stay active and develop their motor skills. Whether they’re playing a game of catch, basketball, or soccer, kids are constantly moving and engaging their muscles, which can help them build strength and improve their coordination. According to raising children, catching, throwing, kicking and rolling balls work the leg and arm muscles improve hand-eye coordination and increase fitness in kids.
    2. Playing ball games also allows kids to develop teamwork and social skills. Many ball games require players to work together to achieve a common goal, whether scoring a goal or getting a ball to a specific spot on the field. Through these collaborative efforts, kids learn how to communicate effectively with others, problem-solve, and negotiate. It also helps to build teamwork, trust and sportsmanship.
    3. Ball games for kids can help children develop important cognitive skills, such as spatial awareness and strategy. When kids play games like basketball or soccer, they have to think critically about where they are on the court or field and where their teammates and opponents are. They have to think fast on their feet and making quick decisions based on the action around them. This can be an excellent way to improve cognitive skills such as attention, perception, and decision-making.
    4. Many ball games also require kids to develop good sportsmanship and discipline. Whether they’re playing in a league or just pick-up games with friends, children need to learn how to play by the rules and respect the authority of the referees or coaches. Through this experience, they learn how to be competitive without being aggressive and how to accept both victories and defeats with grace. This can be an important lesson for children, as it teaches them that winning is not everything and that they should respect both the rules and their opponents.
    5. Lastly, ball games are also a great way for kids to have fun! Playing games with friends can be a great way for children to bond and make new friends. And when kids have fun and enjoy themselves, they’re more likely to stay active and continue playing the game, reaping its benefits. According to School Holiday Programs, ball games also help develop emotional skills in kids like handling defeats and victories and working towards a common goal with a team or group of friends. 
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    With screens present everywhere, it’s easy for kids to play games in the screens and lose the joy of playing in the real world. Ball games are a great way to get your kids active, build their confidence, improve their fine motor skills and get them social. So get them a ball, send them for ball activities and see them become a better and stronger version of themselves. It gets even better if you get some time and play with them, as it will improve your bonding almost instantly.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Which kind of balls should be avoided when playing with kids?

    Balls that are extremely hard may end up injuring kids. Smaller balls like crazy balls or can be swallowed and must thus be avoided when playing with kids. These can also end up hurting kids if thrown a little too hard. When playing with younger kids, balls made of sponge (like smiley balls) should be given when adults are around them, as such balls can be chewed and swallowed.

    What are the things parents should be careful about when playing outdoor ball games with kids?

    When playing with balls outdoors, parents should take care that the surface is not too slippery, rocky or harsh. If kids are playing in the snow, stay with them as they may easily trip and fall. Similarly, if the kids are playing outdoor ball games on harsh surfaces or terraces, keep an eye on them at all times to avoid them from hurting themselves.

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