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10+ Best Online Art Games for Kids that are SUPER FUN!

Kids who are introduced to art and creativity at an early age develop innate creative skills that foster their imaginative powers and help them perceive the world in all its beauty. Technology may have replaced most of our conventional tasks, but it can be used to the advantage of our kids with art games for kids that introduce them to colorful, creative activities and fun color games. 

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In this modern era, we must remember to help our kids establish a meaningful relationship with art, nature, and history. In this article, we will go through the best art games for kids available online to help you present your little one to a world of visual graphics and colors where they can let their imagination play wildly and freely.

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Top 10 Art Games for Kids Online

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Art games online have gained immense popularity in recent years, offering a digital platform for children to engage in creative and interactive experiences. These games combine the elements of art, colors, and visuals with engaging gameplay, providing a unique avenue for kids to explore their artistic talents and express themselves. With their accessibility and educational value, these games have become a go-to choice for parents and educators seeking to encourage creativity and foster artistic development in children.

In this section, we will explore the top art online games specifically designed to engage and entertain kids. Whether your child is a preschooler or in elementary school, these art games offer diverse activities that cater to different age groups. Let’s dive into the exciting world of online art games for kids and discover the best ones to captivate their imaginations and foster their artistic skills.

1. SplashLearn

With captivating gameplay and interactive features that will keep them hooked, SplashLearn’s art games deliver a fun and educational experience like no other. From coloring masterpieces to culinary adventures, and musical melodies to captivating storytelling, there’s a game for every young artist to explore. Tailored to different age groups, SplashLearn ensures a seamless learning experience that will ignite their passion for art.

Suitable for: PreK- Kindergarteners
Cost: 7-day trial followed by various pricing plans (starting at $7.49/mo when billed annually)

2. Sesame Street

An absolute visual treat for preschool kids, Sesame Street, is one of the best sites if you are looking for free art games for kids. With a huge collection of canvases, kids can paint new canvases every day on this site. 

While most art games online have canvases with basic outlines, in the Sesame Street game, kids can choose and drag objects wherever they want to on the canvas and paint beautiful scenery. 

The website has distinct learning categories, where children can learn about art, science, or any other categories through interesting art games, videos, music clips, and so on. Free of cost and exclusively designed for preschoolers, Sesame Street is one of the best art game sites for kids online.

Suitable for: Preschoolers 

Cost: Free

3. Paint Online

Paint Online is a great digital platform for kids to paint and express their creativity fully; it has a fun art game for kids that helps them create masterpieces and become more spontaneous and confident with their painting skills. 

This great online art tool provides kids with all the digital resources to create fun art pieces. This site is a complete art package for kids, from paintbrushes, markers, crayons, and paint sprayers to erasers to erase and draw. 

If you are looking for interactive painting ideas for kids, Paint Online is your stop, and here’s the best part: it’s free and available on both iOS and Android devices! 

Suitable for: Grade 1– Grade 8

Cost: Free

4. Art Games PBS Kids

PBS Kids has interesting art games with cartoon creatures and is a great platform to introduce kids to colors and shapes. PBS Kids helps your kids connect with the artist inside them. Made exclusively for elementary kids, the art games on this site have a learning curve. 

Your child can scribble, paint with letters, and use art to explore their innovative capabilities through a series of scintillating art games. 

Designed for iOS and Android devices, this art game site is perfect for your little one!

Suitable for: Elementary School (Grade 1–Grade 6)

Cost: Free

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Imagine giving your kid all the resources to draw whatever they wish in as many shades as they want! Silver Games does precisely that on a digital platform. Its inbuilt collection of color books, color identifying games, and learning art games makes it a dynamic galore for the aspiring painter inside your kid. 

Silver Games website is designed intricately to help your child nurture their imaginations and paint with a free spirit! They have a free collection of pixel art games that help kids explore and make art with different shades and shapes. 

If you have been looking for art games to play with kids for quite some time now, Silver Games will help you spend quality time with your kids by indulging in creative activities with exciting art games!

Suitable for: Preschool-Grade 3

Cost: Free

6. Tate Kids Art Game

Help your kids find their art animal, color bedroom interiors, and make eye-catching street art designs on Tate Art, an elusive platform for kids to showcase their talent. Tate Art will keep your kids entertained and engaged with everything artsy and creative, from fun art-and-craft videos to interesting art quizzes!

Tate Kids makes art sessions fun and educational with its learning curve and innovative approach. How often do we come across art games that are upbeat and straight out of the box? Tate Art will exceed your expectations with interesting art games and fun quizzes to help your little ones play and have fun with art. 

Suitable for: Grade 5–Grade 8

Cost: Free

7. Kevin Games

Kevin Games is an art gaming website that has integrated the best of art games into its website and made them available to users free of cost. Art games for kids take a real leap in Kevin Games as they come with a wide range of art games, including coloring, painting, pixel art games, painting mandalas, etc. 

Each game has a timer that gives the impression of a countdown; however, it only calculates the time the player takes to complete each round. Moreover, some art games are infused with riddles, making them more intriguing and fun!

Suitable for: Grade 5–Grade 8

Cost: Free

8. Toy Theatre

Elementary school art classes epitome creativity and help kids foster their imaginative powers in sketchbooks. Toy Theatre is an excellent free online art game that tutors can incorporate into their art classes. 

Toy Theatre helps kids understand how symmetry and balance work through entertaining drawing tools! This interactive gaming site also has doodle pads to help kids increase their attention span and make creative doodle art!  A brilliant art game for kids in the classroom, Toy Theatre helps kids learn while engagingly practicing art.

Suitable for: Grade 1–Grade 8

Cost: Free

9. Drawing Games

Drawing Games is a free art gaming website for kids, making it even more so helpful. It has a vast collection of popular art games, from princess coloring books to pixel art games. 

With a large audience and an even larger galore of art games, Drawing Games makes art gaming fun with their creative and captivating visuals. 

Suitable for: Preschool–Grade 3

Cost: Free

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10. Quick, Draw!

Google’s new AI experiment with this fun art game with a twenty-second timer has been hitting the charts lately amongst the top ten online art-based games for kids. Quick Draw is a doodling platform that is highly engaging and will give your kids a chance to draw objects within twenty seconds, and after five attempts, Google will share the game results. 

Fun and exciting, Quick Draw will help you understand how well your toddlers remember what an object looks like and scribble it right away!

Suitable for: Preschool kids

Cost: Free

11.  Crazy Games

Kids love to color and sometimes stumble on notebooks, textbooks, and almost any interesting surface. With Crazy Games, you can let your kids color as much as they want, minus the mess!

The collections of coloring books include Disney, Moana, and many more. Crazy Games is a top-notch art gaming platform for kids!

Suitable for: Preschool–Grade 3

Cost: Free

Rejuvenate a spark of creativity in your kids with these free art games online, and watch them create masterpieces that are simply alluring and beautiful! Screen time is becoming a significant issue in most households; it is always a better idea to allocate screen time to kids in a way that helps them grow and learn to be more themselves. 

5 Benefits of Fun Art Games for Kids

A child coloring with crayons

Art has always been a powerful means of expression and creativity, especially for children. Engaging in art games not only provides endless entertainment but also offers numerous benefits for kids’ development. Art games are an excellent tool for holistic growth, from building motor skills to enhancing learning abilities. This section will explore the various advantages of fun art games for kids and how they contribute to their overall development.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

1. Building Motor Skills

Art is the most valid form of creative expression, and as kids indulge themselves in art games, it helps them improve their motor skills. A child’s scribbles may not make sense to us, but they are trying to connect to something they have seen before using their imaginations.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) highlights the importance of art activities that develop essential life skills such as writing, typing, and playing musical instruments. These activities also contribute to developing fine motor skills, enabling children to become more independent in tasks like eating and dressing themselves.

2. It’s a great way to introduce kids to shapes, patterns, and colors

Several interesting art games online introduce children to different shapes, sizes, and colors with captivating audio-visual images. This way of learning helps them remember better and learn faster.

3. Help kids to express themselves

Kids often struggle with the right words to express their feelings; in such cases, art can always be a beautiful medium of expression. Art games enable kids to express themselves through different colors and drawings, helping them explore their inner worlds!

Yes, you got it right! Art is therapeutic for kids, too!

4. Helps children deal with social anxiety

Most children are at ease around their loved ones at home but may have trouble breaking out of their shells while in school. Art is a beautiful medium for helping these children reach out to their peers and tutors. 

The art games for kids in the classroom will push them to ask for help from their peers, tutors, or parents and socialize with others. 

5. Enhanced learning skills

While art is commonly associated with creative faculties and expression, it is a great way to incorporate learning for kids. Art games online are built around dynamic 3D visuals, imagery, and audio that help kids remember what they see and hear in a fun, interactive way. 

The gaming medium keeps their attention on hold, while the art game content serves an educational purpose. 

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Help Develop Your Child’s Creative Outlet!

Smiling parent teaching a child to draw

Art games for kids have revolutionized how children engage with creativity and learning in the digital age. These online platforms provide various interactive experiences that stimulate imagination, foster artistic skills, and offer numerous benefits for children’s development.

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse

Parents and educators alike have embraced art games as a means to encourage creativity, foster artistic development, and provide a productive screen time option for children. These games offer a unique blend of entertainment and education, allowing children to simultaneously learn, grow, and have fun.

In a world where technology plays an increasingly significant role, art games for kids provide a digital platform that nurtures their artistic talents, boosts their cognitive skills, and promotes holistic growth. So, let your children immerse themselves in the exciting world of art games, and watch as their creativity flourishes and their love for art grows.
Explore more online educational resources and printable worksheets for kids that will aid in their learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to draw games for kids?

Drawing games for kids are a fun way to develop drawing skills. Look for age-appropriate games online or on mobile apps. Provide the necessary tools and encourage creativity and experimentation. Practice regularly to improve your drawing abilities.

What are the best digital art games?

The best digital art games for kids can vary depending on personal preferences and age groups. However, some popular options include SplashLearn, Sesame Street, Paint Online, Art Games PBS Kids, Tate Kids Art Game.

How do I teach my 11 year old to draw?

You can start with basic shapes, teach proportion and perspective, demonstrate techniques, and encourage practice.

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