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    25 Best & Easy Activities for Preschoolers [With Tutorials]

    As parents, we always look for different activities to help keep our kids busy and motivated. It’s all about helping them grow, having fun, and educating them in the process. It is vital to keep kids active and try out activities for preschoolers to explore different things and interests.

    Having preschoolers participate in activities they enjoy can contribute to their creativity and extra-curricular development. The age group between three to five years is a critical time when kids can be exposed to various things and have fun. 

    Here is a list of the 25 easy and fun activities for preschoolers that parents can involve their kids in

    Hands-on Activities for Preschoolers 

    1. Play Dough Recipes

    The oldest trick in the book is to let kids be creative and build whatever they can think of to make it last forever and not be harmful in any manner.

    2. Calm down bottles

    Kids can be a handful and at times, having them sit down calmly is something almost all parents wish. Create these bottles that will help your kids relax & have fun with the sparkles! 

    3. Digging in the dirt

    Exploring different realms of creativity can only be achieved if the kid is in the outside environment and can learn around their surroundings. This gives them the skill of observation and broadens their view. Make sure to read the guidelines before you let your kids play in the dirt.  

    Image of a kid playing in dirt activities for preschoolers
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    4.Baking together

    Doing baking activities can help the parents bond with their children and spend some fun time with them. 

    Watch this two-year-old make a chocolate cake! 

    5. Build a house of cards

    This might be the most common activity but only because it’s the most fun! 

    6. Playing dress-up

    For all those mothers wanting to dress up their daughters and make them look magnificent in those beautiful dresses, this is undoubtedly the best activity for you to bond over with your daughters!

    Image of a mother daughter dressed up as fairies
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    7. Make an igloo

    Snow is one of the most fun things to play with, and what better way than to have your kid build a snowman and igloo with you to have a fun wintery day! The sense of achievement after the task finishes can also be a good booster for your child. 

    8. Blowing balloons with baking soda and vinegar

    Science can never get boring, and even the simplest and easiest things can be made into exciting, fun activities that can broaden your little one’s knowledge and imagination. 

    9. Playing Red Light, Green Light

    Simple games that you might have played as kids can also be attractive to the new-age preschoolers. 

    Art Activities for Preschoolers 

    10. Paper Towel Drip Painting

    This art activity helps preschoolers explore and experiment by expanding their boundaries of creativity and imagination.  

    11. Unicorn Fizz

    Science experiments can never get old, and what’s more interesting than using creativity and science to make something magical! 

    12. Ice Cube Painting

    This is an excellent activity for kids to enjoy their motor & creative skills while avoiding any distractions. 

    13. Creating a marble painting

    Painting is focus and enjoyment blended, and what is better than to have a toddler feel peace and calm while enjoying making their paintings?

    14. Pet Rocks

    Rock painting is widespread so let’s do this activity with a twist. How about painting those rocks as your choice of a pet? Well, that’s a whole lot more fun than just the usual.

    15. Finger Painting

    Ordinary painting can get a bit monotonous for your kids, and to add that extra bit of oomph, start experimenting with finger painting. Get their sensory nerves activated and open a world full of imagination.

    16. Drawing using chalk

    Chalk is a unique tool that interests a lot of kids. It can be used on almost all kinds of surfaces, and kids can draw and write anything using it. 

    17. Making a leaf collage

    Collages can be very interesting for kids as it allows them to focus and build around one topic using their imagination. This helps them learn new things and have fun at the same time.

    Educational Activities for Preschoolers 

    18. Connect the dots with letters

    Literacy activities can also be fun. The activity – connect the dots promises a fun learning transformation in kids by repeating letters in patterns. This helps in letter recognition and keeps it fun for preschoolers

    19. Alphabet pillow jumping

    Kid playing alphabet pillow jumping activities for preschoolers

    Want to put your toddler’s energy in a more practical way where they have fun and learn? Having your kids jump on alphabet pillows that make sounds can be the solution. 

    20. Playing a rhyming game

    Parents are keen on having their children gain knowledge while enjoying a fully immersed activity. Playing a rhyming game with your kid is an excellent literacy activity! 

    21. Fingerprint letters

    This new age activity will allow your child to recognize the shapes of the letters as they fingerprint the words written on the letter. It will also give them an idea of how each letter looks. 

    22. Letter Bingo

    We all know the traditional method of Bingo, but letter bingo is all about teaching letter recognition to kids while having fun at the same time!

    Image of letter bingo
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    23. Shape sorting activity

    This kind of activity allows your kids to learn the different shapes around them and keep them focused and busy. After completing it, the sense of achievement they feel is a fun bonus from this enjoyable activity.

    24. Letter Board Name Search

    Toddlers get excited to be involved in specific activities if they focus and use their creativity to complete the activity. If your preschooler is learning to spell their name, this activity will surely excite them & provide a fun learning experience. 

    Image of a letter board

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    25. Do a puzzle

    Puzzles are probably the oldest trick in the book to keep your kids engaged and busy, along with having many benefits. They build critical thinking skills in preschoolers & show them the value of teamwork!

    There are several such activities available for toddlers that help them learn something new and easy while having fun at the same time. It is important to remember that your child is in the learning age group, and they have yet to develop many skills. So, starting with some fun and easy activities will help preschoolers acquire some fundamental skills and have fun!

    We are bringing you more online educational resources and printable worksheets to get your kids practice effortlessly!

    Brian Lee
    Brian Lee is a writer and parent of 3 spirited children. He loves writing about his parenting experience, the lessons his kids teach him every day and parenting hacks and tricks he’s picked up along the way.

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