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    100+ Extracurricular Activities Examples for Kids: The Best List

    100+ Extracurricular Activities Examples Sorted by Different Categories 

    Here are 100+ examples extracurricular activities based on your kids’ area of interest!

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    Academic Extracurricular Activities 

    These extracurriculars are based on academic subjects that enhance your kids’ knowledge and academic qualifications.

    An image of a kid enjoying academic extracurricular activities
    • Architecture Club
    • Chemistry Club
    • Economics Club
    • Astronomy Club
    • Biology Club
    • Electronics Club
    • Engineering Club
    • English Club
    • Poetry Club 
    • Literary Magazine Club
    • American Mathematics Competitions
    • Chemistry Olympiad
    • American Regions Math League
    • Caribou Mathematics Competition
    • Writing Club 
    • FIRST Robotics Competition
    • High School Innovation Challenge
    • National Spelling Bee
    • Math League 

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    Cultural Extracurricular Activities 

    Cultural extracurricular activities help you teach different languages, cultures, and diverse values to your kids. For general knowledge and studying abroad, these activities are important for kids.

    An image of different flags of countries combined together
    • African American Student Clubs
    • American Sign Language Club
    • Volunteer for Local Community International 
    • Chinese Club
    • French Club
    • German Club
    • Food Club
    • Latin Club
    • Cooking Club
    • Pacific Islanders Club
    • Russian Club
    • South Asian Student Society

    Arts Extracurricular Activities

    These are artistic extracurriculars that stimulate creativity and imagination among your kids.

    Image of pottery - an example of 
extracurricular activities
    • Pottery 
    • Painting 
    • Cartooning
    • Art Club
    • Animation 
    • Fashion Club
    • Graphic Design 
    • Blacksmithing
    • Carpentering
    • Sculpture
    • Sewing
    • Drama Club
    • Theater
    • Photography 
    • Jewelry Making
    • Beautician 
    • Dancing
    • Singing 
    • Weaving 
    • Knitting 
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    Sports Extracurricular Activities 

    These activities are physical and sports-based that motivate your kids to exercise. Sports activities can develop mental and physical strengths among kids at an early age.

    An image of a football sports extracurricular activities
    • Swimming 
    • Football 
    • Badminton 
    • Rock Climbing
    • Martial Arts
    • Kickboxing 
    • Judo
    • Karate
    • Skating
    • Gymnastics
    • Yoga Club
    • Cycling 
    • Rowing 
    • Racing 
    • Tennis 
    • Volleyball 

    Community Exracurricular Activities 

    Community service is vital for building a compassionate and caring character in a child. When you involve your child with community work at a young age, they can learn to give back to society. Popular community activities for kids are:

    An image of a heart made of up hands signifying a community
    • 4-H
    • Host Festivals
    • JUNTOS
    • Key Club
    • Read to Elders
    • Kids Helping Kids
    • Leo Club
    • Do Something
    • Volunteering to Soup Kitchen 
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Mountaineers Club
    • Green Neighborhood
    • Sisters on the Runway

    Intellectual Extracurricular Activities 

    Some extracurricular activities challenge your kids’ intellectual strengths and exercise their brain muscles. Intellectual extracurricular activities are helpful for your child’s mental development.

    An image of chess as an example of extracurricular activity
    • Chess Club 
    • Coding
    • Puzzle Club
    • Board Games
    • Scavenger Hunt 
    • Book Club 
    • Debate Club 
    • Build with LEGO 
    • Make a Movie
    • Create a Video Game 
    • Quiz Tournament 
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    Government and Military Extracurricular Activities 

    Your kids can learn all about high-level government policies and military operations. If your kids show interest in bureaucratic, administrative, and military work, they can participate in the following extracurricular activities:

    • Community Youth Board
    • Student Council
    • Civil Air Patrol
    • Junior ROTC
    • Student Government
    • Community Government

    Performance Art Extracurricular Activities

    You can enhance confidence and self-esteem in your kids with performance art activities. These activities can help your kids demonstrate their feelings and emotions via dialogues and facial expressions.

    An image of globe and kids props in front of it
    • Comedy Club
    • Choreography
    • Film Production 
    • Voice Overs
    • Puppeteer 
    • Juggler 
    • Orchestra Player 
    • Chorus Singer 
    • Mimicking 
    • Clown 
    • Acting 
    • Marching Band
    • Jazz Band

    Religious Extracurricular Activities 

    If your kids show interest in religion and faith, you can motivate them to participate in the following extracurricular activities: 

    • Church Groups
    • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    • Sunday School
    • Jewish Student Union
    • Missionary work
    • Regular Mass Attendance 
    • Bible Study
    • Youth Groups

    Technology Extracurricular Activities 

    The technology-centric extracurricular activities are a new type of ECA that interests the young generation greatly. Using the internet and other tools, your kids can perform these extracurricular activities, such as:

    An image of a laptop showing technology extracurricular activities
    • Blogging 
    • Website Designing 
    • SEO
    • YouTube Marketing
    • Instagram Influencing 
    • Digital Marketing 
    • Running an E-magazine 
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    Volunteering Work as Extracurricular Activities

    Your kids can participate in several volunteering activities to build a better community based on their interests.

    An image of a girl doing volunteer work as an extracurricular activity
    • Animal Support 
    • Best Buddies International
    • Breast Cancer Awareness
    • Girls Learn International
    • Hospital volunteer
    • Cancer Foundation
    • International volunteer program
    • Mentoring
    • Red Cross Club
    • Environmental Club
    • Fair Trade Club
    • Gay-Straight Alliance
    • Tutoring
    • UNICEF High School Clubs
    • Volunteer Fire Department

    Just Select an Extracurricular Activity 

    No matter how small or big extracurricular activity you select for your kids – select one. It is important to participate in extracurriculars for your child’s mental, physical, emotional, and social growth. 

    We have already shared 100+ examples of extracurricular activities with you. So, now you need to discuss all these activities with your kids to utilize your kids’ free time in a better way.

    Explore more online educational resources and printable worksheets for kids that will help with their learning experience and make them smarter.

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    Do extracurricular activities help children?

    Yes, extracurricular activities help children and teens develop social and intellectual skills. Extracurricular activities minimize kids’ screen time and increase their involvement with other kids of their age groups. Plus, these activities better utilize a child’s free time to learn something new or give back to society. 

    What type of extracurricular activities do colleges look for?

    Usually, colleges look for extracurricular activities that demonstrate a child’s creativity, intelligence, work ethics, and academic knowledge. Some of the colleges’ preferred extracurricular activities are chess, debate, community outreach, volunteering, etc. 

    How many extracurricular activities are too much for your kids?

    There is not a set limit for extracurricular activities. Your child can participate in many extracurricular activities as long as they get sufficient time to do homework, play, eat and rest. As kids thrive in busy schedules, make sure to keep your kids busy without overwhelming them.

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