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40 Best Scavenger Hunt Riddles For Kids [With Answers]

Looking for a fun way to keep your kids entertained? Check out these 40 best scavenger hunt riddles for kids! These riddles for scavenger hunts are perfect for indoor and outdoor adventures and will challenge their minds and make learning exciting. Get ready for some riddling fun!

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20 Best Indoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Indoor scavenger hunt riddle

1. I have hands but no arms. What am I?
Answer: Clock

2. I’m full of keys but can’t open any doors. What am I?
Answer: Piano

3. I get wetter the more I dry. What am I?
Answer: Towel

4. You use me when it’s sunny, but not when it rains. What am I?
Answer: Sunglasses

5. I’m round, full of fun, but you don’t eat me even if I’m called a bun. What am I?
Answer: Ball

6. I’m not a plant, but I’m green and I stay in the room all year round. What am I?
Answer: Carpet

7. I have pages, but I’m not a book. What am I?
Answer: Calendar

8. I have a face but no eyes, nose, or mouth. What am I?
Answer: Clock

9. I have four legs but can’t walk. What am I?
Answer: Table

10. You can write on me, and I’ll always remember. What am I?
Answer: Paper

11. I’m filled with feathers or other soft fluff. To sleep on me can be quite tough. What am I?
Answer: Pillow

12. You can open me, but you can’t lock me. What am I?
Answer: Door

13. You can use me to call friends, but I’m not a phone. What am I?
Answer: Computer

14. I can be long or short, but I’m not a snake. What am I?
Answer: Rope

15. I reflect your image, but I’m not a window. What am I?
Answer: Mirror

16. I’m something you can sit on comfortably, but I’m not a bed. What am I?
Answer: Chair

17. I have a spine but no bones. What am I?
Answer: Book

18. You can find me in a sock or a drawer, but I’m not a sock. What am I?
Answer: Coin

19. I scrub away plaque and brighten your smile, but I’m not toothpaste. What am I?
Answer: Toothbrush

20. I’m green and soft underfoot, but I’m not a carpet. What am I?
Answer: Grass

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20 Best Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Riddles for Kids

Outdoor riddle for kids

1. I lay eggs and cluck all day, but I’m not a duck. What am I?
Answer: Chicken

2. I have a shell but I’m not an egg. I can swim but I’m not a fish. What am I?
Answer: Turtle

3. I shine bright during the day, but you can’t look directly at me. What am I?
Answer: Sun

4. I’m red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, and I appear after the rain. What am I?
Answer: Rainbow

5. I’m green in the summer and turn yellow in the fall. What am I?
Answer: Leaf

6. I’m a body of water that’s smaller than a lake, but bigger than a pond. What am I?
Answer: River

7. I grow tall and strong in the forest, and sometimes people use me to make paper. What am I?
Answer: Tree

8. I fly high in the sky, but I’m not a bird. What am I?
Answer: Kite

9. I can be big or small, and I’m made of stone. People use me to build walls. What am I?
Answer: Rock

10. I buzz around flowers and make honey. What am I?
Answer: Bee

11. I’m a plant with thorns and a colorful bloom. What am I?
Answer: Rose

12. I’m soft and white and fall from the sky in winter. What am I?
Answer: Snow

13. I hop around and have long ears. What am I?
Answer: Rabbit

14. I’m a colorful insect with delicate wings. What am I?
Answer: Butterfly

15. I’m a small creature with eight legs, and I spin webs. What am I?
Answer: Spider

16. I twinkle in the night sky, but I’m not a planet. What am I?
Answer: Star

17. I’m tall and strong, used in furniture and homes. What am I?

Answer: Wood

18. I’m found in the garden and can be red, yellow, or green. What am I?
Answer: Pepper

19. I can be built up high with branches and leaves, and kids love to play in me. What am I?
Answer: Treehouse

20. I have wheels and take you places, but I’m not a bike. What am I?
Answer: Car

We hope you and your kids enjoyed these fun and challenging riddles! Whether you use them for a kids’ treasure hunt or just a quick game, these easy scavenger hunt riddles will bring lots of laughter and learning. Happy hunting!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What a good Indoor scavenger hunt clues for kids?

Good indoor scavenger hunt clues for kids are simple, rhyming riddles that lead them to common household items like a clock, book, or towel. They should be age-appropriate and fun to solve.

What are good scavenger hunt puzzles?

Good scavenger hunt puzzles include picture clues, jigsaw puzzles revealing the next location, or simple word scrambles. They should be engaging and suitable for the age group participating.

How to do a scavenger hunt with riddles?

To do a scavenger hunt with riddles, create a list of riddles that lead to various locations or items. Give the first riddle to start the hunt, and each correct answer should lead to the next clue until they reach the final prize.

How do you make clever clues for a scavenger hunt?

To make clever clues for a scavenger hunt, use rhymes, wordplay, or puns related to the items or locations. Ensure the clues are challenging but not too difficult, keeping them fun and engaging for the participants.

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