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    15 Best Kids Halloween Movies That Ensure A Boo-tiful Family Time

    Between Halloween parties, games, decorations, and costumes, we’re sure you have a lot going on for your kids on Halloween. Movies that are a perfect blend of fun and spooky can be that extra entertainment your family can enjoy together. 

    Although there’s a wide pool of kids’ Halloween movies available on different streaming platforms, finding the movies that don’t send your kids to bed screaming can sure be a task. 

    Are you looking for some spooky kids’ Halloween movies to watch together with the entire family? Look no further, as we have compiled this list of the best kids Halloween movies, bifurcated by age & streaming platforms. 

    Super Monsters Save Halloween

    This movie has all the world-famous monsters like Dracula & Frankenstein. In a nutshell, the super monsters make Halloween fun and take away a kid’s fear of the holiday. Kids, especially preschoolers, are scared of Halloween and this movie will take away their fear of the spooky festival and help them enjoy Halloween to the fullest! 

    Age 4+ 

    Watch trailer here

    Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest 

    This toddler-friendly movie is fun to watch for adults and kids alike. Curious George and his friends solve a naturalistic mystery set in a New England town. Filled with all the Halloween elements, this movie is an all-time classic that promises families heaps of fun! 

    Age 4+ 

    Watch trailer here

    Toy Story of Terror  

    Watch this kid-friendly mysterious Halloween special movie for a fun night with the kids. In the movie, the toys are on a road trip and that’s when one of the main characters goes missing. 

    Age 6+ 

    Watch trailer here 

    A Witches’ Ball 

    Watch a young witch clear out hurdles in her journey to learn magic. Inspired by the Harry Potter series, this movie is a treat for young kids. 

    Age 7+

    Watch trailer here

    Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween 

    The movie Goosebumps 2 follows the story of two boys who wreak havoc on their sleepless town on Halloween night. 

    Age 8+ 

    Watch trailer here

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    Liar, Liar, Vampire 

    When a popular girl in school mistakes a new kid for a vampire, he gains too much popularity. This movie promises tons of teen drama and takes kids into a gala of comedy! 

    Age 9+ 

    Watch trailer here

    Hocus Pocus 

    A curious teenager arrives in Salem and attempts to fit in before reawakening a trio of malicious witches who were killed in the 17th century.

    Age 10+ 

    Watch trailer here


    Nightbooks is the latest  American fantasy movie with many spooky touches. A boy, trapped by a witch in an apartment must tell a new spine-chilling story every night in order to survive. Nightbooks has an enticing plot and conveys a message to always embrace your weirdness. 

    Age 11+ 

    Watch trailer here

    Marvel’s Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell

    This is a must-watch Halloween movie for all superhero fans! Dr. Strange brings Hulk to New York City on Halloween night to help fight a monster’s wicked plan. This movie has a super imaginative plot that can be enjoyed by both parents and kids. 

    Age 11+

    Watch trailer here

    Young Frankenstein

    In a quest to prove that his grandfather was not as insane as people say, an American grandson of an esteemed scientist is invited to Transylvania, where he discovers the procedure of resurrecting a dead body. Young Frankenstein is an interesting movie that piques kids’ curiosities at many different levels. 

    Age 12+ 

    Watch trailer here

    The Addams Family (1991) 

    This quirky and witty film has diverse characters and storylines. In Addams Family (1991), con artists seek to defraud an eccentric family by posing as their long-lost uncle with the help of an accomplice.

    Age 12+ 

    Watch trailer here

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    Edward Scissorhands

    A lonesome life is lived by an artificial man who was not fully constructed and has scissors for hands. Then one day, he encounters a suburban lady who introduces him to her world. This movie is full of gothic elements and is a modern fairy tale that is equal parts dark and light. 

    Age 13+

    Watch trailer here


    An evil & shape-shifting monster emerges from the sewer and takes a kid into his trap. The kids’ friends fight the bloodthirsty clown to free their friend. This clown-as-the-villain-oriented tale is bound to send chills down your kids’ throats. 

    Age 15+ 

    Watch trailer here

    Children Of The Corn 

    This movie is actually terrifying and is definitely full of ghoul-ish feelings! A young couple finds themselves stuck in a secluded town where a deadly religious cult of minors thinks that anyone beyond the age of 18 must be killed.

    Age 16+ 

    Watch trailer here

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    The Haunted Mansion 

    A realtor, his wife, and their children are summoned to a mansion, which they soon realize is haunted. While attempting to flee, the realtor learns a vital lesson about his neglected family. This movie has dark secrets and involves many scenes which can be impressionable for young kids. It’s best for parents to watch this movie with their children.

    Age 16+ 

    Watch trailer here

    We hope you like our kids’ Halloween movie recommendations! SplashLearn wishes you and your family a very fun and spooky Halloween! 

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