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    How To Celebrate World Teacher’s Day 2023

    World Teacher’s Day is celebrated on October 5. As we move closer towards the special day, let’s look at some of the ways we can honor and celebrate our educators:

    Ways to celebrate educators on World Teacher’s Day 2023

    Say ‘Thank You’ to your teacher

    Students can give their teacher a card or gift, write a poem or create a piece of artwork. Teachers feel happy when they know that their students are learning something and their work is not in vain. The key here is to get as much creative as possible and give a sweet surprise to your teachers!

    Interact with them personally

    Consider reaching out to your favorite teachers and let them know how they had a powerful effect on your life and career choice. Let the teacher know why his or her past interactions were so meaningful.

    Throw a party for them

    Parents at the local school can get together to thank educators by throwing them a special reception or party. Ideas might include offering refreshments, holding a special program (songs, poems, or other recitals made by students), and offering each teacher a gift made by the students.

    Express love and respect to them

    Tell them honestly how they contributed to your success.

    • Flaunt messages on a white t-shirt that admire teachers and their teaching. 
    • Treat them with what they love to eat 
    • Present them with things like cute memo pads, well-made organizers or a super-special pen.
    • Parents can also give their child’s teacher a note that lets them know how much they appreciate their kindness, warmth and patience.

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    Express gratitude through social media

    Students and their families can create videos expressing gratitude for teachers and post them on social media, or hold a virtual town hall for the teachers.

    Plan a role reversal activity

    Students can plan an activity for the teachers specially dedicated to them. They can become teachers for some time and pretend to teach like their favorite teachers. This can be a school activity and is sure to promise heaps of fun and laughter.

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    Role playing activity for teacher's day

    Ask teachers if they need your help

    It will make them happy. Try to help them in the best possible way.

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    World Teachers’ Day: Theme for 2023

    COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruption to education across the world, posing many challenges to the teaching community. Keeping this in view, the United Nations has decided to celebrate World Teachers’ Day on the theme “Teachers at the heart of education recovery”. 

    “International Teachers Day provides the occasion to celebrate the teaching profession worldwide and draw attention to the voices of teachers. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly added to the challenges faced by already over-extended education systems throughout the world,” the UNESCO website reads. 

    “The issue of teacher leadership in relation to crisis responses is not just timely, but critical in terms of the contributions teachers have made to provide remote learning, support vulnerable populations, reopen schools, and ensure that learning gaps have been mitigated. The discussions surrounding WTD will also address the role of teachers in building resilience and shaping the future of education and the teaching profession,” it adds.

    World teacher's day 2021
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    Under the theme, the United Nations has planned many programs. A five-day series of global and regional events will showcase the effect that the pandemic has had on the teaching profession.

    It will also highlight effective and promising policy responses. Besides, it will aim to establish the measures that need to be taken to ensure that teaching personnel develops their full potential.

    To conclude,

    Getting involved with World Teachers’ Day is super fun and can be pretty simple too! Take some time this October to thank the educators that have worked so hard throughout the challenges of these last few years. We can honor those teachers that invested in us, and in some cases, changed the course of our lives.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Why do we celebrate World Teachers Day?

    The day is celebrated to recognize the rights and responsibilities of teachers and to focus on appreciating, assessing, and improving the educators of the world.

    Why is World Teacher's Day celebrated on October 5?

    On October 5, 1966, a special intergovernmental conference was convened by UNESCO in Paris to adopt the recommendations concerning the status of teachers worldwide. The recommendations were made by UNESCO in cooperation with the ILO. Later, on October 5, 1994, UNESCO proclaimed that the day will be observed as World Teachers’ Day every year.

    How will UNESCO celebrate the day in Covid times?

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, World Teachers’ Day celebration this year will be entirely virtual. Virtual what to do will be celebrated through a week-long series of online interactive events beginning October 5.

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