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    6 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Principal’s Month 2023

    October is National Principal’s Month for 2023!

    “You can have great teachers, but if you don’t have a good principal, you won’t have a good school.” — Eli Broad

    Principals are visionaries who work hard to build a progressive learning environment. They set the academic foundation to create the best educational framework for students. So it’s important that we celebrate them!

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    Many appreciation events are hosted in October for principals at the local, state, and federal levels. If you also wish to do something special this month for your principal, we have shortlisted a few ideas for you:

    1. Video record a thank you message 

    Due to the prevailing pandemic restrictions across states, it isn’t feasible to organize a big celebration for principals. But you can leverage the digital methods to thank your principal this month. 

    Teachers across schools can organize a video contest where students and parents have to record thank you messages for principals. Teachers and other admin staff can also take part in the contest to thank their boss. 

    Later at the end of the month, the principal and teachers together can select the best video and reward it. 

    2. Give a shoutout on social media 

    Social media is the best way to reach the masses today. So, parents and teachers can use the #ThankAPrincipal hashtag to honor principals. 

    Here’s how you can use social media to celebrate national principal’s month: 

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    Principal's Month 2021
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    • Post thank you letters on social media platforms to appreciate principals.
    • Create a photo slideshow to honour the principal’s great work.
    • Parents can share cards or other art pieces created by their children for their school principals on social media.
    • Teachers can host online celebrations to honor the efforts made by principals.

    3. Call for a car parade 

    Car parades are the best way to celebrate while maintaining the rules of social distancing. Parents and teachers can organize a small car parade in front of the principal’s house to thank them. 

    Students can create banners to decorate to put on their parents’ cars. 

    A tip for students: Don’t forget to give a round of applause to your principal & celebrate their great work. 

    4. A small token of appreciation 

    Gifts are always the best way to honor someone. So, students and teachers can give a small gift as a token of appreciation to their principals. 

    There is absolutely no need to spend a fortune on a gift because it’s the thought that counts the most. In fact, DIY gifts will make principals happier than any materialistic item. 

    Teachers and parents can help kids to create special DIY gifts for the principals, such as: 

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    • DIY coffee mugs: Coffee and tea are the two constant energy sources for principals. So, students  can create DIY coffee mugs with some special quotes or drawings for their principal. 
    • Personalised clipboard: Students  can get a plain clipboard and personalise it.
    • Cookie jar: Parents can bake some fresh cookies with their kids and put them in a mason jar to gift principals. 
    • Umbrella with a poem: A simple principal’s month gift would be to turn an umbrella into something thoughtful. You can write a poem on an umbrella and give it to your principals . 

    5. Organise show and tell program 

    If your school principal has done something exceptional to create a good learning institution, it deserves some coverage. Here, you can ask students to prepare an art piece like banners, posters, etc, to showcase the great work their principal has done.

    Students can also simply prepare a speech to narrate the principal’s efforts to make their school a safe place to learn and thrive.  

    6. Digital fun month 

    Yes, you can turn the national principal’s month into a fun month. Throughout the month, teachers and parents can organize different virtual interactions and events to honor the principals. 

    This will also allow principals to better bond with teachers, parents, and students.

    Some virtual fun events that can be organized in the month of October are:

    • For teachers and parents, organise virtual seminars and one on one interaction events.
    • With high and elementary school students, principals can share their life lessons.

    Thanking Principals! 

    It doesn’t matter whether you organize a car parade or video contest. The bottom line is to do something to honor your school principals. You can simply send a thank you note to your principals or give them a call to pay your respects. 

    Principals often put on an admin hat to run the school’s internal affairs. They also guide parents and teachers from time to time. All in all, principals are hard-working people who deserve all the respect in this world. So, if you say plain thank you to your principal, that will be also enough. 

    At SplashLearn, we believe in scaling up learning for the entire school. So teachers and principals, if you’d like to use our program, see school-wide progress, and know all about the admin dashboard, then pick a time here!  

    All in all, principals are hard-working people who deserve all the respect in this world. So, if you say plain thank you to your principal, that will be also enough. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What day is Principal Appreciation Day?

    The U.S. School Principals’ Day falls on May 1 every year. All the principals from elementary to high schools are recognized on this day. 

    How do you write appreciation comments for principals?

    Often short appreciation notes work the best, such as Thank you for the hard work, Thank you for helping us, I appreciate you, etc. 

    How to address a principal? 

    The principal has a high-ranking position in the school, so one should address principals with full respect. The principals should always be addressed as Mr./Ms./Mrs/Dr./Mam, etc.


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